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Chapter: 13A -

3b:13A-1: Definitions

3b:13A-2: Civil action to appoint conservator

3b:13A-3: Appointment of counsel to represent conservatee

3b:13A-4: Conservatee to be present at hearing; court ordered investigation if conservatee unable to attend

3b:13A-5: By whom action for appointment of conservator in behalf of conservatee may be brought

3b:13A-6: Service of notice to appoint conservator

3b:13A-7: Right of persons to be heard

3b:13A-8: Designation of conservator

3b:13A-9: Acceptance of appointment

3b:13A-10: Power of attorney; filing; contents

3b:13A-11: Service of process

3b:13A-12: "Process" defined

3b:13A-13: Bond

3b:13A-14: Conditions of bond

3b:13A-15: Bond premium

3b:13A-16: Limitations on appointment of conservator

3b:13A-17: Inventory

3b:13A-18: Expenditures to be made by conservator out of conservatee's estate

3b:13A-19: Recommendations to be considered by conservator in making expenditures

3b:13A-20: Other factors to be considered by conservator in making expenditures

3b:13A-21: Persons for whose benefit expenditures may be made

3b:13A-22: Persons to whom funds may be paid

3b:13A-23: Powers conferred upon conservator

3b:13A-24: Expansion or limitation of conservator's powers

3b:13A-25: Formal accounting

3b:13A-26: Effect of judgment allowing intermediate account

3b:13A-27: Annual informal report or accounting

3b:13A-28: Personal liability of conservator on contracts

3b:13A-29: Personal liability of conservator for obligations arising from control of estate

3b:13A-30: Asserting claims against estate

3b:13A-31: Determining issues of liability between estate and conservator

3b:13A-32: Liability of conservator for improper exercise of power concerning estate

3b:13A-33: Termination of conservatorship by conservatee

3b:13A-34: Termination of conservatorship upon death or incompetency of conservatee

3b:13A-35: Substituted conservator

3b:13A-36: Conservator's compensation