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Chapter: 14 - Survivorship and succession among cofiduciaries; duties and powers

3b:14-1: Survivorship and succession among cofiduciaries; duties and powers

3b:14-2: Appointment of substituted fiduciary in place of one deceased or removed

3b:14-3: Powers and duties of substituted fiduciary

3b:14-4: Actions of succeeding or substituted fiduciary to recover assets misapplied by predecessor

3b:14-5: Removed or discharged fiduciary to deliver assets to successor

3b:14-6: Penalty for failure of removed or discharged fiduciary to account or deliver assets

3b:14-7: Account of removed or discharged fiduciary

3b:14-8: "Engaged in war service" defined

3b:14-9: Appointment of substitute for fiduciary engaged in war service

3b:14-10: Cofiduciaries; terms of instrument

3b:14-11: Substituted fiduciary; bond

3b:14-12: Substituted fiduciary; powers and duties

3b:14-13: Reinstatement of original fiduciary

3b:14-14: Termination of substituted fiduciary's powers and duties; accounting and delivery of assets

3b:14-15: Powers and duties of reinstated fiduciary

3b:14-16: Commissions; apportionment

3b:14-17: More than one substituted fiduciary

3b:14-18: Discharge from office of fiduciary; account; allowances

3b:14-19: Discharge from particular trust; effect

3b:14-20: Discharge of one or more joint fiduciaries

3b:14-21: Removal for cause

3b:14-22: Discharge or removal not to release fiduciary or sureties from certain liabilities

3b:14-23: Powers.

3b:14-24: Authorization to exercise other powers.

3b:14-25: Payment of debt or delivery of certain personal property; requirements

3b:14-26: Release upon payment or delivery in good faith

3b:14-27: When payment or delivery may not be made

3b:14-28: Filing proof of domiciliary foreign fiduciary's authority

3b:14-29: Exercise of powers by domiciliary foreign fiduciary; security for costs

3b:14-30: Termination of domiciliary foreign fiduciary's powers; protection of third persons; exercise of powers binding on local fiduciary

3b:14-31: Personal liability of fiduciary on contracts

3b:14-32: Personal liability for obligations arising from ownership or control of estate; torts

3b:14-33: Asserting claims against estate

3b:14-34: Determining issues of liability between estate and fiduciary

3b:14-35: Liability of fiduciary for improper exercise of power concerning estate

3b:14-36: Voidable sales, encumbrances or transactions; exceptions

3b:14-37: Protection of persons assisting or dealing with fiduciary

3b:14-38: Actions by fiduciaries

3b:14-39: Several fiduciaries sued; judgment and execution

3b:14-40: No actions against personal representatives within 6 months of grants of letters; exceptions; execution

3b:14-41: Actions against fiduciaries; proof of proper administration

3b:14-42: Recovery of damages for injury to property subsequently transferred

3b:14-43: Adjudication binding on local fiduciary

3b:14-44: Discovery of assets in action by fiduciary

3b:14-45: Discovery of assets in action against the fiduciary

3b:14-46: "Process" defined

3b:14-47: Fiduciary to file power of attorney; requisites of power

3b:14-48: Service of process

3b:14-49: Submission to jurisdiction of courts

3b:14-50: Jurisdiction by act of decedent

3b:14-51: Service of process

3b:14-52: Short title

3b:14-53: Definitions

3b:14-54: Application of payments of money or transfer of property made to fiduciaries

3b:14-55: Check drawn by and payable to fiduciary

3b:14-56: Deposit in name of fiduciary; checks; when bank liable

3b:14-57: Checks drawn by fiduciary upon principal's account

3b:14-58: Deposit in fiduciary's personal account; liability of bank receiving deposit and paying checks

3b:14-59: Deposit in names of two or more trustees; liability of payee, holder or bank

3b:14-60: Cases not provided for in article

3b:14-61: Uniformity of interpretation

3b:14-61.1: Short title.

3b:14-61.2: Definitions.

3b:14-61.3: User's residence in State, inapplicability of act to employers' digital assets.

3b:14-61.4: User direction for disclosure of digital assets.

3b:14-61.5: Terms-of-service agreement.

3b:14-61.6: Procedure for disclosing digital assets.

3b:14-61.7: Disclosure of content of electronic communications of deceased user.

3b:14-61.8: Disclosure of other digital assets of deceased user.

3b:14-61.9: Disclosure of content of electronic communications of principal.

3b:14-61.10: Disclosure of other digital assets of principal.

3b:14-61.11: Disclosure of digital assets held in trust when trustee is original user.

3b:14-61.12: Disclosure of contents of electronic communications held in trust when trustee not original user.

3b:14-61.13: Disclosure of other digital assets held in trust when trustee not original user.

3b:14-61.14: Disclosure of digital assets to guardian of incapacitated person.

3b:14-61.15: Fiduciary and designated recipient duty and authority.

3b:14-61.16: Custodian compliance and immunity.

3b:14-61.17: Uniformity of application and construction.

3b:14-61.18: Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.

3b:14-62: Abandonment of real property may be authorized

3b:14-63: Directions of court when abandonment ordered

3b:14-64: Order approving abandonment of real property by fiduciary and authorizing conveyance of title

3b:14-65: Public liability after abandonment but before being divested of title