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Chapter: 15 - Bonds of fiduciaries; exceptions.

3b:15-1: Bonds of fiduciaries; exceptions.

3b:15-2: Bonds not to be approved unless prescribed conditions are included

3b:15-3: Bond where will requires bond and fails to name obligee; prosecution

3b:15-4: Bond when property unsafe or in danger of waste

3b:15-5: Conditions of bond on grant of intestate administration

3b:15-6: Conditions of bonds on certain grants of administration

3b:15-7: Conditions of bonds of guardians of minors and mental incompetents

3b:15-8: Allowance of expense of procuring surety bond of fiduciary, receiver or assignee

3b:15-9: Additional surety when original sureties and bond insufficient

3b:15-10: When fiduciary required to account and give separate security to surety

3b:15-11: When deposit permitted

3b:15-12: Bond after deposit

3b:15-13: How deposits made and withdrawn

3b:15-14: Additional bond upon withdrawals

3b:15-15: Depository to issue duplicate deposit certificates

3b:15-16: Deposit and investment.

3b:15-17: Investment by surrogate

3b:15-17.1: Payment at age 18

3b:15-18: Discharge of surety from liability for future acts of fiduciary, receiver or assignee

3b:15-19: Discharge of surety for fiduciary or assignee after final account

3b:15-20: Effect of discharge of surety

3b:15-21: Reduction of fiduciary's bond; discharge of original sureties

3b:15-22: Discharge of fiduciary from liability on bond without surety

3b:15-23: Proof of order to limit creditors required in certain cases.

3b:15-24: Prosecution of fiduciaries' bonds

3b:15-25: Court in which to bring proceedings to assess damages, to satisfy judgment or to discontinue action

3b:15-26: Proceedings to satisfy judgment on bond; notice to claimants

3b:15-27: Presentation of claims

3b:15-28: Exceptions; trial

3b:15-29: Satisfaction of judgment

3b:15-30: Application to have action on bond discontinued

3b:15-31: Discontinuance of action on bond

3b:15-32: Unsatisfied claims

3b:15-33: Bonds not invalidated because of abolition of certain offices or courts