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Chapter: 19B -

3b:19B-1: Short title

3b:19B-2: Definitions

3b:19B-3: Fiduciary duties; general principles

3b:19B-4: Trustee's power to adjust.

3b:19B-5: Determination and distribution of net income

3b:19B-6: Distribution to residuary and remainder beneficiaries

3b:19B-7: When right to income begins and ends

3b:19B-8: Apportionment of receipts and disbursements when decedent dies or income interest begins

3b:19B-9: Apportionment when income interest ends

3b:19B-10: Character of receipts

3b:19B-11: Distribution from trust or estate

3b:19B-12: Business and other activities conducted by trustee

3b:19B-13: Principal receipts

3b:19B-14: Rental property

3b:19B-15: Obligation to pay money

3b:19B-16: Insurance policies and similar contracts

3b:19B-17: Deferred compensation, retirement benefits, annuities, and similar payments

3b:19B-18: Liquidating asset

3b:19B-19: Minerals, water and other natural resources

3b:19B-20: Timber

3b:19B-21: Property not productive of income

3b:19B-22: Derivatives and options

3b:19B-23: Asset-backed securities

3b:19B-24: Disbursements from income

3b:19B-25: Disbursements from principal

3b:19B-26: Transfers from income to principal for depreciation

3b:19B-27: Transfer from income to reimburse principal

3b:19B-28: Income taxes

3b:19B-29: Uniformity of application and construction

3b:19B-30: Application of act to existing and future trusts and estates

3b:19B-31: Judicial control of discretionary powers