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Chapter: 20 -

3b:20-1: Definitions

3b:20-3: Corporate fiduciary may register securities in name of nominee without disclosing fiduciary capacity

3b:20-4: Corporate fiduciary liable for loss caused by acts of nominee

3b:20-5: Limitation on authority to register securities in name of nominee

3b:20-7: Directions of court concerning the sale, conversion or retention of investments

3b:20-8: Protection afforded fiduciary continuing investments under court order

3b:20-9: Application to court upon change in conditions

3b:20-10: Investments by court order upon change in conditions

3b:20-11.1: Short title

3b:20-11.2: Compliance by fiduciary with prudent investor rule

3b:20-11.3: Investments, management of trust assets by fiduciary

3b:20-11.4: Diversification of investments

3b:20-11.5: Assets to be managed in interest of beneficiaries

3b:20-11.6: Impartiality of fiduciary

3b:20-11.7: Review of trust assets

3b:20-11.8: Incurrence of costs by fiduciary

3b:20-11.9: Rule expresses standard of conduct

3b:20-11.10: Delegation of investment, management functions by fiduciary

3b:20-11.11: Construction of terms

3b:20-11.12: Applicability of act

3b:20-18: Authority to exchange or convert securities

3b:20-19: Fiduciary as issuing corporation

3b:20-21: Definitions

3b:20-22: Authority to exchange or convert

3b:20-23: Banking institution acting as fiduciary

3b:20-25: Application of article

3b:20-26: Short title

3b:20-27: Definitions

3b:20-28: Deposit of securities by fiduciary

3b:20-29: Merger of certificates deposited

3b:20-30: Records of securities deposited

3b:20-31: Transfer of ownership in securities deposited

3b:20-32: Rules and regulations governing banking institutions

3b:20-33: Certification of securities deposited

3b:20-34: Application of article

3b:20-35: Construction of article