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Chapter: 22 - Waiver of statutes of limitations

3b:22-1: Waiver of statutes of limitations

3b:22-2: Order of priority of claims when assets insufficient.

3b:22-3: Abatement for purpose of paying claims and debts.

3b:22-4: Limitation of time to present claims of creditors to personal representative; discharge of personal representative where claim is not duly presented b

3b:22-5: Liquidated claims payable in future

3b:22-6: Payment of claim not legally presented; effect; allowance in personal representative's account

3b:22-7: Allowance or rejection of claims within 3 months

3b:22-8: Commencement of action by creditor on disputed claim within 3 months after notice

3b:22-10: Presentation of claim

3b:22-11: Acceptance or rejection of claim

3b:22-12: Action on unrejected claim

3b:22-13: Failure to sue after notice to perfect claim; claim debarred

3b:22-14: Direction of court before paying claims not presented within 9-month period.

3b:22-15: Failure to file refunding bond; presumption that devise or distributive share remains unpaid

3b:22-16: Action upon refunding bond of devisee or heir

3b:22-17: Defense to action on fiduciary's bond in certain cases

3b:22-18: Action on refunding bond of ultimate devisee or heir

3b:22-19: Assets being administered here subject to claims established wherever personal representative appointed

3b:22-20: Payment of claims where assets insufficient

3b:22-21: Payment of claims allowed in this State out of local assets; delivery of surplus assets to domiciliary personal representative

3b:22-22: Real property liable only 1 year for debts

3b:22-23: Time not extended by general words in will

3b:22-24: Article not to affect liability of heirs or devisees

3b:22-25: Sale of property subject to escheat to pay debts

3b:22-26: Direction of court as to sale

3b:22-27: Estate passed by sale or conveyance

3b:22-28: Effect of confirmation

3b:22-29: Accounting; surplus from sale payable to State Treasurer

3b:22-30: Distribution by State Treasurer; proof of claim required of claimants

3b:22-31: Payment of share to established claimant; State Treasurer released as to subsequent claimants; recovery by claimant from distributee

3b:22-32: Distribution among creditors to be pro rata; preferred debts excepted

3b:22-33: Claims not presented in time barred; exception; extension of time

3b:22-34: Authority of court to pass upon claims against the estate and upon amount and value of estate

3b:22-35: Judgment of insolvency; sale of assets

3b:22-36: Proceeds; distribution

3b:22-37: Residue after debts to go to heirs or devisees

3b:22-38: Certain actions against personal representative saved

3b:22-39: "Heirs and devisees" defined.

3b:22-40: Heirs and devisees liable for debt of decedent

3b:22-41: Joinder of parties

3b:22-42: General judgment; special judgment

3b:22-43: Liability in case of sale or transfer of estate

3b:22-44: Contribution between heirs and devisees liable