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Chapter: 23 - Distribution of assets in kind

3b:23-1: Distribution of assets in kind

3b:23-2: Valuation of assets

3b:23-3: Method of distribution

3b:23-4: Proposal of distribution; contents; time to object

3b:23-5: Instrument of distribution

3b:23-6: Proof of delivery of instrument of distribution conclusive evidence of distributee's receipt of assets; exception

3b:23-7: Protection of purchaser from or lender to distributee

3b:23-8: Partition for purpose of distribution

3b:23-9: Agreement among successors binding on personal representative

3b:23-10: Distribution to guardian

3b:23-11: Interest on general pecuniary devise

3b:23-12: Abatement generally.

3b:23-13: General devise charged upon specific property or fund

3b:23-14: Where will expresses order of abatement

3b:23-15: Abatement where subject of specific devise sold

3b:23-16: Distribution by order of court

3b:23-17: Judgment for distribution

3b:23-18: Distribution; when made

3b:23-19: Order for filing claims of unknown distributees

3b:23-21: Unclaimed estate assets

3b:23-22: Deposit in court of money or other property of devisee, heir or beneficiary of trust in certain cases

3b:23-23: Letters of trusteeship required before transfer to trustee

3b:23-24: Refunding bond of devisee or distributee

3b:23-25: Amount of bond; form

3b:23-26: Condition of devisee's bond

3b:23-27: Condition of distributee's bond

3b:23-28: Bonds required of holders of determinable interests; in general

3b:23-29: Bond when remainderman is lineal descendant of holder of determinable estate

3b:23-30: Bond when the personal representative is holder of a determinable estate

3b:23-31: Actions for distributive shares

3b:23-32: Limitations on enforcement of devise

3b:23-33: Action for devise

3b:23-34: Conditions precedent to suit for devise

3b:23-35: Extent of recovery

3b:23-36: Plea of want of assets; procedure

3b:23-37: Apportionment of certain real estate to pay devise

3b:23-38: Effect of apportionment; filing and recording papers

3b:23-39: Deposit with court; effect

3b:23-40: Payment of interest on moneys deposited

3b:23-41: Return of devise pro rata

3b:23-42: Distribution of nonresident decedent's estate

3b:23-43: Right of retainer