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Chapter: 69A - Election on question whether charter commission shall be elected

40:69a-1: Election on question whether charter commission shall be elected

40:69a-2: Election of charter commission members at same time public question is submitted

40:69a-3: Candidates for charter commission

40:69a-4: Canvass of election

40:69a-5: Organization of charter commission; quorum; majority required for effective recommendations

40:69a-6: Vacancies in charter commission

40:69a-7: Duties of charter commission

40:69a-8: No compensation; expenses of commission members; consultants and assistants

40:69a-9: Hearings; public forums

40:69a-10: Report of charter commission; copies

40:69a-11: Discharge of charter commission; change of recommendation; amended report

40:69a-12: Report and recommendations

40:69a-13: Number of council members and wards; recommendations

40:69a-14: Form of question submitted to voters

40:69a-15: Ballots; submission of question of adoption of optional plan of government

40:69a-16: Special charter or specific amendments of charters; petition to legislature

40:69a-17: Other proceedings pending; no new resolution or petition within 4 years

40:69a-18: Adoption of optional plan without charter commission

40:69a-19: Petition for election upon adoption of optional plan of government

40:69a-20: Submission of question

40:69a-21: Other proceedings pending; no new petition within 4 years

40:69a-22: Vote in favor of change in form of government

40:69a-23: Optional form of government; adoption, no vote for 10 years thereafter to change.

40:69a-24: Each optional plan declared complete form of government

40:69a-25: Reversion to prior law.

40:69a-25.1: Amendment of charter to include alternative under plan of government; referendum; ballot; form of question

40:69a-25.2: Alternative under 40:69A-25.1, transition provisions

40:69a-25.3: Group C alternative; adoption; transitional provisions

40:69a-25.4: Group D alternative; adoption; transitional provisions

40:69a-25.5: Group E alternative; adoption; transitional provisions

40:69a-26: Laws governing after adoption of optional form of government

40:69a-27: Municipality remains body corporate and politic; name

40:69a-28: "General law" defined

40:69a-29: Powers of municipality.

40:69a-30: Power of local self-government conferred; construction of grants of power

40:69a-31: Applicable laws

40:69a-32: Mayor-council plan

40:69a-33: Mayor; election; term

40:69a-34: Council members; number; term

40:69a-34.1: Mayor-council plan; election of mayor and council; regular municipal or general election

40:69a-34.2: Council members; election at large or by ward

40:69a-34.3: First council members; terms of office

40:69a-36: Legislative power

40:69a-37: Investigative, removal powers

40:69a-37.1: Mayoral control of administration

40:69a-38: Municipal clerk; duties

40:69a-39: Executive power

40:69a-40: Mayoral duties

40:69a-41: Approval or veto of ordinances; attending meetings

40:69a-42: Acting mayor

40:69a-43: Municipal departments, number.

40:69a-43a: Administrative department salaries

40:69a-43.1: Deputy director of department

40:69a-43.2: Powers and duties of deputy

40:69a-44: Department of administration; director; qualifications; powers and duties

40:69a-45: Preparation of budget

40:69a-46: Budget submitted to council

40:69a-46.1: Mayor-council plan deadline

40:69a-47: System of work programs and quarterly allotments

40:69a-48: Control functions

40:69a-60.1: Mayoral appointees

40:69a-60.2: Powers and duties of deputies, secretaries and aides

40:69a-60.3: Municipalities over 300,000; department of administration; assistant business administrator

40:69a-60.4: Powers and duties of assistant business administrator

40:69a-60.5: Appointment of executive secretary, aides for council member; terms; compensation

40:69a-60.6: Powers and duties of aides

40:69a-60.7: City of first class under Mayor-Council Plan C; police chief; appointment; term of office; removal

40:69a-67.1: Municipality with Mayor-Council Plan D; housing counsellor; duties

40:69a-67.2: Appointment; removal; salary

40:69a-81: Applicable laws

40:69a-82: Government by elected council and appointed manager and other officers and employees

40:69a-83: Council

40:69a-83.1: Council-manager plan; charter provision; regular municipal or general election; term of office

40:69a-83.2: Election at large or by wards

40:69a-83.3: Terms of first council members

40:69a-86: Mayor; election by council or by voters; charter provision

40:69a-87: Duties of mayor

40:69a-88: Powers of municipality vested in council; exceptions

40:69a-89: Appointment of municipal manager and clerk and others

40:69a-90: Departments, boards and offices; deputy manager

40:69a-91: Municipal council to act as a body; administrative service to be performed through manager; committees or commissions

40:69a-92: Qualifications of municipal manager

40:69a-93: Term of municipal manager; removal; suspension

40:69a-94: Absence or disability of manager

40:69a-95: Powers and duties of manager

40:69a-96: Budget; preparation by manager

40:69a-97: Submission of budget to council

40:69a-97.1: Council-manager plan deadline

40:69a-98: Laws conferring powers upon mayor or other executive head construed as meaning municipal manager

40:69a-115: Adoption by municipalities under 12,000; applicable laws

40:69a-116: Government by elected council and mayor and appointed officers

40:69a-117: Composition of council

40:69a-117.1: Small municipality plan; members of council; election at regular municipal or general election

40:69a-117.2: First members of council; terms of office

40:69a-117.3: Mayor; election by council or by voters; charter provision

40:69a-120: Legislative power; quorum; mayor's duties; president of council

40:69a-121: Executive power; mayor's duties

40:69a-122: Assessor; tax collector; attorney; clerk; treasurer; other officers; appointment

40:69a-123: Finance committee and other committees of council

40:69a-124: Appointment of officers and employees by mayor

40:69a-125: Residence in municipality not required

40:69a-126: Municipal clerk

40:69a-127: Duties of municipal clerk

40:69a-128: Annual budget

40:69a-129: Treasurer's duties

40:69a-130: Disbursement of municipal funds

40:69a-131: Tax collector; duties

40:69a-132: Bond of treasurer and collector

40:69a-149.1: Adoption by voters; applicable laws

40:69a-149.2: Government by elected mayor and council, and appointed municipal administrator and other officers and employees

40:69a-149.3: Council; composition; mayor and councilmen; election; terms of office

40:69a-149.4: Election at large; terms of office of first elected

40:69a-149.5: Council; legislative power; status of mayor; quorum; president; special meetings

40:69a-149.6: Mayor; powers and duties

40:69a-149.7: Ordinances; approval by mayor

40:69a-149.8: Mayoral appointments; municipal departments

40:69a-149.8a: Ordinances validated

40:69a-149.9: Municipal administrator

40:69a-149.10: Officers and employees; appointment and recruitment by mayor

40:69a-149.11: Clerk

40:69a-149.12: Annual budget; preparation

40:69a-149.13: Treasurer

40:69a-149.14: Municipal funds; disbursement

40:69a-149.15: Tax collector

40:69a-149.16: Bond; treasurer and collector

40:69a-150: Municipal elections; time.

40:69a-152: Terms of municipal officers

40:69a-153.1: Dual candidacy; prohibition

40:69a-162: Candidates elected in municipalities adopting article 13 or 14

40:69a-163: Interest in contracts or jobs forbidden

40:69a-164: Franks, free passes, tickets or services; acceptance forbidden

40:69a-165: Promise of office, position, employment or benefits forbidden

40:69a-167: Failure to appear or testify before court, legislative committee or Governor

40:69a-168: Elective officers; removal by recall petition and vote

40:69a-169: Recall petition

40:69a-170: Signatures to recall petition

40:69a-171: Notice to officer; recall election; notice of filing of petition

40:69a-172: Ballots

40:69a-173: Removal of more than one officer

40:69a-174: Election of successor; use of recall ballot

40:69a-175: Laws governing recall elections; selection of candidate for successor of recalled incumbent

40:69a-176: Publication of notices of arrangements for recall elections; conduct

40:69a-177: Results of election

40:69a-178: Successor where incumbent resigns or is recalled

40:69a-179: Meetings of council; journal

40:69a-180: Rules of procedure; quorum; ordinances and resolutions; presiding officer; compensation

40:69a-181: Adoption and publication of ordinances; effective date

40:69a-182: Recording of ordinances and resolutions

40:69a-183: Rules and regulations; filing; publication

40:69a-184: Petition; percentage of legal voters required

40:69a-185: Power of referendum; time for filing petition

40:69a-186: Petition papers; affidavits

40:69a-187: Filing of petition papers; examination; certification of result

40:69a-188: Amendment of initiative or referendum petition

40:69a-189: Suspension of ordinance

40:69a-190: Submission to municipal council

40:69a-191: Submission of ordinance to voters; withdrawal of petition

40:69a-192: Timing of election at which submitted to voters

40:69a-192.1: Question submitted, county clerk, no later than 74th day preceding election.

40:69a-193: Number of proposed ordinances voted upon; time between special elections

40:69a-194: Publication of ordinance

40:69a-195: Ballots

40:69a-196: Repeal, amendment of ordinances.

40:69a-205: Adoption of schedule of installation of optional plan.

40:69a-206: Charters, amendments and supplements superseded; existing ordinances and resolutions remain in force where not inconsistent

40:69a-207: Offices abolished on effective date of plan; administrative code

40:69a-207.1: Local industrial commissions; continuance or reestablishment

40:69a-208: Appointments between election and time of taking office under optional plan; pending actions and proceedings

40:69a-208.1: Continuance of charter adopted prior to Jan. 9, 1982 of municipality with mayor-council plan

40:69a-208.2: Continuance of charter adopted prior to Jan. 9, 1982 of municipality with council-manager plan

40:69a-208.3: Continuance of charter adopted prior to Jan. 9, 1982 of municipality with small municipality plan

40:69a-209: Partial invalidity

40:69a-210: Short title