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Chapter: 13 - Filling vacancies in trustees of certain trust funds; resignation of trustees

43:13-1: Filling vacancies in trustees of certain trust funds; resignation of trustees

43:13-1.1: Cities of first class; acceptance of employment after age 40 but prior to age 55; eligibility for membership

43:13-1.2: Credit for prior service; payment of arrears

43:13-1.3: Employees deemed permanent

43:13-2: "Municipal employee" or "employee" defined

43:13-3: Retirement for service and age

43:13-4: Payments to certain dependents

43:13-5: Payments to dependents of employee who served five years or more

43:13-6: Dependency condition of payment; determination of

43:13-7: Retirement for disability

43:13-8: Examinations of employee of first-class city after retirement

43:13-9: Pension fund; exemption from taxation and process

43:13-9.1: Deduction of premiums for group hospitalization and medical-surgical insurance

43:13-10: Sums paid into pension fund returned in certain cases

43:13-11: Beneficiaries under other laws excepted from this article

43:13-12: Refusal of membership in fund

43:13-13: Pension commission in cities of the first class

43:13-15: Management of fund; receipts and payments

43:13-16: Deposit and investment of fund; income

43:13-17: Execution of releases, receipts or discharges

43:13-18: Annual report

43:13-19: When payments begin

43:13-20: Unlawful action a bar to pension

43:13-21: Physical examination of employee of city of the first class

43:13-21.1: First class city pension fund members becoming officers or employees of school district

43:13-22: Existing funds and pension associations not affected

43:13-22.1: Employees who may become members of pension fund on payment of arrears

43:13-22.2: First class cities; employees who may become members of pension fund on payment of arrears

43:13-22.3: Definitions

43:13-22.4: Employees' retirement systems created in first class cities over 400,000

43:13-22.5: Pension commission; membership; vacancies; elections

43:13-22.6: Vacancy of elected member of pension commission

43:13-22.7: Annual meeting of commission; officers; duties; attorney; actuary

43:13-22.8: Employees

43:13-22.9: Control and management of funds; rules and regulations; information

43:13-22.10: Statements of employees

43:13-22.11: Power of subpoena, witness fees, administering oaths, contempt

43:13-22.12: Name of pension commission

43:13-22.13: Treasurer; bond; receipt and disbursement of moneys

43:13-22.14: Deposit of funds; investment

43:13-22.15: Members and conditions of membership in retirement system

43:13-22.15a: Time for making application for membership upon written declaration of intention

43:13-22.15b: Revision of agreements for payment of arrears in installments

43:13-22.15c: Payment in full of assessments for arrears and interest prior to retirement of member for disability

43:13-22.15d: Declaration of intention to become a member; credit; eligibility for retirement or disability pension

43:13-22.16: Credits; prior agreements

43:13-22.16a: Credit for active service in United States armed forces; payments to fund

43:13-22.16b: Application for purchase of credit; manner and time of filing

43:13-22.16c: Amount payable by city

43:13-22.16d: Rules and regulations

43:13-22.16f: Applications for purchase of prior credit

43:13-22.16g: Purchase of prior service credit by members of the board of education, housing authority, police or fire departments

43:13-22.17: Retirement system hereunder supersedes existing pension funds; exceptions

43:13-22.18: Merger of pension funds into retirement system

43:13-22.19: Retirement for age and service; maximum pensions

43:13-22.19a: Pensions for members voluntarily or involuntarily separated from service

43:13-22.20: Pension to dependents of employee or pensioner after death

43:13-22.21: Disability not arising out of employment; retirement pension; pension to dependents after death

43:13-22.22: Disability arising out of employment; retirement pension

43:13-22.23: Determination of permanent disability and whether disability or death arose out of employment

43:13-22.24: Medical examination yearly of persons retired for disability

43:13-22.25: Death benefits to widow or dependents

43:13-22.26: Manner of priority payments to survivors

43:13-22.28: Dependency of surviving spouse; no beneficiary; election between two pensions; workmen's compensation; persons convicted; payments; eligibility of wid

43:13-22.29: Creation and maintenance of fund

43:13-22.29a: Increased contributions by city

43:13-22.29b: Newark City Employees Retirement System--Actuarial investigation and report

43:13-22.30: Administrative expenses

43:13-22.31: Withdrawal not allowed; separation from service; refunds

43:13-22.32: Widow of employee

43:13-22.33: Transfer of membership from existing funds

43:13-22.34: Annual reports; exemptions; assignments

43:13-22.35: Fraud; errors

43:13-22.36: Yearly payments by city of $100,000 raised by taxation

43:13-22.37: New members; retirement for age and service

43:13-22.38: Affiliation with similar organizations

43:13-22.39: Partial invalidity

43:13-22.40: Affidavits as to status

43:13-22.41: Laws not affected by this act

43:13-22.42: Definitions

43:13-22.43: Increase in pension

43:13-22.44: Ratio of increase

43:13-22.45: Payment of cost of increase by employer; appropriation of amounts certified; necessity

43:13-22.46: Waiver; withdrawal

43:13-22.47: Annual adjustment in pensions pursuant to percentum of change in index

43:13-22.48: Blanket increase in original or minimum pensions; adjustment of payments under this act

43:13-22.49: Director of division of pensions; rules and regulations; reports

43:13-22.49a: Elected officials; special retirement benefits; ordinance

43:13-22.49b: Separate account for each elected official; credits; contributions

43:13-22.49c: Credit for prior service; purchase

43:13-22.49d: Member of PERS; remittance and adjustment of accumulated deductions and employer's obligation to retirement system of city

43:13-22.49e: Retirement after 60; benefits

43:13-22.49f: Termination of service as elected official after 10 years before age 60 and all other public service; benefits

43:13-22.49g: Termination of service as elected official; ineligibility for special benefits; refund or credit of contributions; election of pensions; dual pensions

43:13-22.49h: Repeal of ordinance; disposition of contributions and effect on benefits

43:13-22.49i: Repeal of ordinance; receipt of refund of contributions; membership in PERS and purchase of prior service credits

43:13-22.49j: Enactment or repeal of ordinance; forwarding copy to division of pensions

43:13-22.50: Definitions

43:13-22.51: Retirement system

43:13-22.52: Members and conditions for membership

43:13-22.52a: Temporary employees; membership as condition of employment

43:13-22.53: Retirement for age and service after age 60

43:13-22.54a: Retirement for service prior to age 60; survivors' benefits.

43:13-22.54b: Increases in pension

43:13-22.54c: Liability for payment of increase by employer

43:13-22.54d: Rules and regulations

43:13-22.55: Retirement for disability

43:13-22.56: Death benefits

43:13-22.56a: Widow's pension

43:13-22.57: Priority of payments to survivors

43:13-22.58: Refund of contributions

43:13-22.59: Fund and contributions thereto

43:13-22.59a: Temporary employees; previous service credit

43:13-22.59b: Filing of detailed statement of public employment.

43:13-22.59c: Additional payment to retirement system.

43:13-22.60: Exemption of fund from taxation and process

43:13-22.61: Existing pension fund superseded by and merged into retirement system

43:13-22.62: Pension commission

43:13-22.63: Powers and duties of pension commission

43:13-22.64: Appointment of attorney, physician and actuary

43:13-22.65: Unlawful action--bar to pension

43:13-22.67: Loans from retirement system.

43:13-22.68: Repayment

43:13-22.69: Terms defined

43:13-22.70: Adjustment to monthly retirement allowance or pension

43:13-22.71: Adjustment cost to employer; appropriation to be made

43:13-22.72: Written notice of waiver

43:13-22.73: Calculation of pension adjustment.

43:13-22.74: Termination of increases if blanket increase in benefits adopted

43:13-22.75: Rules, regulations

43:13-23: Definitions

43:13-24: Retirement for service and age

43:13-25: Retirement for disability

43:13-26: Widow's, children's or dependent's pension

43:13-27: Pension fund

43:13-28: Pension commission

43:13-29: Management and control of fund; treasurer; investments; payments

43:13-30: Retirement for service and age

43:13-31: Retirement for disability

43:13-32: Widow of employee

43:13-33: Widow of retired employee

43:13-34: Pension fund

43:13-35: Pension commission; organization

43:13-36: Rules and regulations; treasurer; payments

43:13-37: Referendum

43:13-37.1: Pension fund in certain towns in counties of first class; pension fund commission; membership; meetings

43:13-37.2: Powers and duties of pension fund commission

43:13-37.3: Execution of releases, acquittances or discharges of indebtedness; deposits; interest and income

43:13-37.4: Annual reports

43:13-37.5: Fund created; deductions from compensation; contributions by town; temporary loans where funds inadequate; exemption of pensions; no refunds

43:13-37.6: "Town employee" and "employee" defined; persons entitled to participate in benefits

43:13-37.7: Persons not entitled to receive benefits of act

43:13-37.8: Retirement on half pay; dependents after death

43:13-37.9: Death of employee after 20 years of service; pensions to dependents

43:13-37.10: Death of employee after 5 years of service; pensions to dependents

43:13-37.11: Maximum pensions; maximum deductions

43:13-37.12: Death of employee leaving no widow; benefits to dependent children

43:13-37.13: Disability from illness or injury resulting from employment; retirement on pension; determination of disability; death; benefits to dependents

43:13-37.14: Disability from injury, accident or sickness incurred at any time after employment for 5 years; retirement on pension; death; benefits to dependents

43:13-37.15: Certain widows not covered by act

43:13-37.16: "Beneficiaries" defined

43:13-37.17: "His" defined

43:13-37.18: Partial invalidity; repeal

43:13-38: "Municipal employee" and "employee or officer" defined

43:13-38.1: "Salary" and "half pay" defined; maximum pension

43:13-39: Retirement for service and age

43:13-40: Payments to certain dependents

43:13-41: Payments to dependents of employee or officer who served five years or more

43:13-42: Dependency condition of payment; determination of

43:13-43: Retirement for disability

43:13-44: Pension fund; exemption from taxation and process

43:13-45: Sums paid into pension fund returned in certain cases

43:13-46: Beneficiaries under other pension laws excepted; workmen's compensation to be deducted

43:13-47: Refusal of membership in fund

43:13-48: Pension commission in villages in counties of the first class

43:13-49: Management of fund; receipts and payments

43:13-50: Deposit and investment of fund; income

43:13-51: Execution of releases, receipts or discharges

43:13-52: Annual report

43:13-53: When payments begin

43:13-54: Unlawful action a bar to pension