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Chapter: 15A - Extension to governmental units having no retirement system

43:15A-1: Extension to governmental units having no retirement system

43:15A-2: Extension to employers of former members of State Employees' Retirement System

43:15A-3: Effective date of agreements

43:15A-4: Repeal of acts establishing State Employees' Retirement System

43:15A-5: Disposition of funds, benefits, etc.

43:15A-6: Definitions.

43:15A-6.1: Veteran status determined for retirement allowance.

43:15A-7: Public Employees' Retirement System, established; membership.

43:15A-7.1: Delinquent enrollment for compulsory membership; payment by employee and employer.

43:15A-7.2: Ineligibility for PERS under professional services contract.

43:15A-7.3: Appeal for person denied membership in PERS.

43:15A-7.4: Inapplicability of certain statutes relative to certain transferred service credits.

43:15A-7.5: Reenrollment in PERS for certain persons holding elective public office.

43:15A-8: Restoration of members discontinued from service; conditions

43:15A-9: Nonmember State employee may join at any time; option

43:15A-10: State employees inducted into military or naval service before applying for enrollment

43:15A-11: Contributions covering temporary service

43:15A-12.1: State police; service credit for military duty

43:15A-13: Special benefits continued

43:15A-14: Transfer or purchase of credit for service in other systems.

43:15A-15: Information required from department heads

43:15A-16: Classification of members

43:15A-16.1: Increase in PERS retirement allowance.

43:15A-17: Board of trustees, committees.

43:15A-18: Officers, actuary, legal adviser, secretary.

43:15A-19: Actuarial information and investigation; tables; rates of contribution

43:15A-19.1: Annuity values; determination without reference to sex

43:15A-20: Powers of public corporation; status of realty

43:15A-21: Annual report

43:15A-22: Funds.

43:15A-23: Expense fund

43:15A-24: Contingent reserve fund.

43:15A-24a: State liable for increased cost to government employers for veterans of Lebanon crisis

43:15A-24b: State liable for increased cost to government employers for veterans of operations Restore Hope, Joint Endeavor and Joint Guard

43:15A-24.1: Payment of pension adjustment benefits.

43:15A-24.2: Refunding bonds of public agency, instrumentality relative to early retirement incentives.

43:15A-25: Annuity savings fund, members' contributions.

43:15A-25.1: Periodic benefits payable under Workers' Compensation Law; salary deductions paid by employer; retirement benefits application

43:15A-25.2: PERS members, eligibility based on one position.

43:15A-26: Excess refundable; shortage deducted

43:15A-27: Retirement reserve fund

43:15A-28: Special reserve fund

43:15A-29: Relation of new employees to fund

43:15A-30: Deductions certified to fund

43:15A-31: Records kept by State departments

43:15A-32: Management of funds.

43:15A-33: Interest on fund balances.

43:15A-33.1: Investment in New Jersey realty; erection of buildings and structures; lease or sale to state

43:15A-33.2: Total authorized investment

43:15A-33.3: Investment as asset of fund

43:15A-33.4: Rental or lease terms; purpose of section

43:15A-33.5: Sale of realty to state during occupancy as tenant; purchase price; credits

43:15A-33.6: Payment of costs and expenses by state for operation, maintenance, repair, etc.; capital improvements

43:15A-33.7: Authority to execute and deliver leases, contracts or agreements

43:15A-33.8: Construction of buildings on state lands and transfer of title to Public Employees' Retirement System

43:15A-33.9: Responsibility for selection of site, planning of building, etc.; co-ordination of location and plans with master plans

43:15A-33.10: Partial invalidity

43:15A-34: Borrowing from fund by members, interest rates.

43:15A-34.1: Repayment of loans after retirement of members of PERS.

43:15A-35: Custodian of fund; payments; vouchers

43:15A-36: Interest in fund by trustee or employee prohibited

43:15A-37: Obligations of State; basis of State's appropriation

43:15A-38: Vesting of PERS members.

43:15A-39: Computing service.

43:15A-39.1: Credit in retirement system for members on approved leave of absence.

43:15A-41: Withdrawal from service; early retirement; death benefits.

43:15A-41.1: Eligibility for death benefit; evidence of insurability

43:15A-42: Ordinary disability retirement.

43:15A-42.1: Disability insurance for certain PERS members; "Public Employees Group Disability Insurance Premium Fund."

43:15A-42.2: Inapplicability relative to certain transferred service credit.

43:15A-43: Public employees' disability retirement.

43:15A-43.1: "Law enforcement officer."

43:15A-44: Annual examination of disability beneficiary; alteration of pension; refusal to be examined; reemployment; subsequent retirement

43:15A-45: Allowance for ordinary disability retirement.

43:15A-45.1: Increase in retirement allowance under C.43:15A-45 and C.43:15A-50.

43:15A-46: Allowance for retirement for accidental disability.

43:15A-46.1: Increase in retirement allowance under C.43:15A-46 and C.43:15A-50.

43:15A-46.2: Payment of normal contribution for increased benefits for active members under C.43:15A-45 and C.43:15A-46.

43:15A-47: Retirement based on age.

43:15A-47.3: Volunteer services by certain retirees under PERS permitted.

43:15A-48: Retirement allowance for service.

43:15A-49: Accidental death benefit.

43:15A-49.1: "Law enforcement officer."

43:15A-50: Public employee pension options

43:15A-50a: Public employee's election of lifetime pension

43:15A-50.1: Member over 70 with 50 years of service; death prior to approval of application for retirement; retirement allowance

43:15A-50.2: Applicability of C.43:15A-50

43:15A-51: Monthly payments

43:15A-53: Benefits under chapter exempt from taxation and process; exception; assignment of group insurance policy rights and benefits

43:15A-54: Correction of errors; approval of application for prior service credit or credit for all previous service

43:15A-55: Fraud against system a misdemeanor

43:15A-56: Ineligibility of veterans for certain retirement benefits

43:15A-57: Additional death benefit coverage

43:15A-57.1: Designation of beneficiary; form; filing; failure to designate; payment

43:15A-57.2: Reemployment of retired former member.

43:15A-57.3: Reactivation of retirement system account

43:15A-59.5: Repeals; effect

43:15A-60: Contributions and credits of veteran members

43:15A-60.2: Permission for member to cancel purchase of credit

43:15A-61: Public employee veterans' pensions.

43:15A-61.1: Veterans' retirement allowance

43:15A-61.2: Increase of retirement allowance under subsection b. of C.43:15A-61 and C.43:15A-50.

43:15A-61.3: Payment of normal contribution for increased benefits for active members under C.43:15A-61.

43:15A-62: Effect upon political subdivisions previously under State Employees' Retirement System

43:15A-63: Membership of certain veteran public employees

43:15A-64: Effect of lack of Social Security coverage and insufficient service credit

43:15A-65: State employee membership.

43:15A-66: Effective date of participation

43:15A-67: Duties of employer's chief fiscal officer

43:15A-68: Information certified to chief fiscal officer; payment of charge and contributions

43:15A-68.1: Accrued liability contribution of public employer adopting system after July 1, 1971; payment

43:15A-69: Member of any other governmental retirement system may not participate; default of employer; discontinuance of membership; application of reserve

43:15A-70: Limitation on liability of retirement system

43:15A-71: "Public agency or organization" defined

43:15A-72: Deductions from retirement allowance for PERS members.

43:15A-73: Eligible employees of certain governmental entities, enrollment in Public Employees' Retirement System.

43:15A-73.1: Credit for employment in other states, federal government or military service; limitation; payments; pro rata credit upon retirement.

43:15A-73.2: Participation of State autonomous authority in PERS

43:15A-73.3: Purchase of credit for prior service

43:15A-73.4: Purchase of credit for service in a local system

43:15A-74: Extension of act to employees of county, board of education or municipality not previously under state employees' retirement system; referendum; prior

43:15A-75: Local employee membership.

43:15A-75.1: Municipal or county member with prior service in county or other county; prior service credit; purchase

43:15A-75.2: PERS member, purchase of credit for temporary service; permitted

43:15A-76: County or municipal employees entering air, military or naval service before applying for enrollment

43:15A-77: Employees of school district coterminous with municipality adopting law in first-class counties

43:15A-79: State employees paid by county or municipality; membership in Public Employees' Retirement System

43:15A-80: Information required

43:15A-81: Rates of contributions; budget requirements; payments to State Treasurer

43:15A-82: Benefits

43:15A-83: Other pension laws not affected

43:15A-84: Short title

43:15A-85: Effect of invalidity

43:15A-86: Effective dates

43:15A-88: Authorization to purchase group life insurance

43:15A-89: Requirements of insurance company

43:15A-90: Purchase of coverage in discretion of state treasurer and board

43:15A-91: Noncontributory death benefits; optional contributory death benefits; payment of premiums

43:15A-92: Additional death benefits; contributions; adjustment

43:15A-93: Conversion privilege

43:15A-94: Payment of benefits; payees

43:15A-95: Lump sum or installment payments

43:15A-96: Reduced premiums in lieu of brokerage commissions

43:15A-97: "Law enforcement officer" definition

43:15A-98: Law enforcement officers within Division of Motor Vehicles; membership in System; waiver of credits

43:15A-99: Retirement

43:15A-100: Amount of retirement allowance for law enforcement officer.

43:15A-100.1: Supplementary "special" retirement allowance to certain retired law enforcement officers

43:15A-101: Retirement allowance for certain members not qualifying for retirement as law enforcement officers

43:15A-102: Ordinary disability retirement; eligibility

43:15A-103: Payment upon death of member who had retired on accidental disability retirement allowance

43:15A-104: Contribution rate.

43:15A-105: Contributions by veterans; withdrawal

43:15A-106: Applicability of Act to members of other pensions

43:15A-107: Effective date

43:15A-108: Persons considered active members while disabled or on leave of absence; contributions; death benefits

43:15A-110: Transfer of Fund C to Retirement Reserve Fund; transfer of authority to Retirement System

43:15A-111: Extension of Public Employees' Retirement System to members of another pension; date operative.

43:15A-112: Termination of fund; transfer of securities, assets and records

43:15A-112.1: Pension, two divisions

43:15A-113: Membership in Public Employees Retirement System; credits

43:15A-114: Other employees not in positions covered by a pension fund; membership

43:15A-115: Persons becoming employees after termination; membership as condition of employment

43:15A-116: Rate of member contribution

43:15A-117: Previously granted pensions or benefits continued

43:15A-118: Employer liability

43:15A-119: Certification of obligations

43:15A-127: Repeals

43:15A-129: Enrollment of veterans and nonveterans who elected not to enroll in 1955; purchase of credit

43:15A-130: Retirement of member holding multiple positions in public employment

43:15A-131: National guard technicians; participation in system; election

43:15A-132: Continuation in system; effect

43:15A-133: Termination of membership in system; effect

43:15A-134: Appointment of retirement system member to Judiciary; options

43:15A-135: Members of Legislature; membership in retirement system, service dates.

43:15A-136: Accounts in annuity savings fund; contributions.

43:15A-137: Purchase of service credit; adjustment of contributions.

43:15A-138: Age of retirement; retirement allowance

43:15A-139: Member of legislature for 8 years or more but not at age 60; retirement allowances and other benefits

43:15A-140: Return of contributions; election to maximize benefits; ineligibility for retirement allowance under other state law

43:15A-141: Death benefits for legislators

43:15A-142: Definitions relative to retirement benefits for workers compensation judges.

43:15A-143: Membership in Workers Compensation Judges Part; service dates.

43:15A-144: Separate accounts, contributions.

43:15A-145: Date of retirement; continued service permitted, certain circumstances

43:15A-146: Conditions for receipt of retirement allowance of three-quarters of final salary

43:15A-147: Conditions for receipt of one-half of final salary

43:15A-148: "Early" retirement; formula, conditions

43:15A-149: Deferred retirement; formula, conditions

43:15A-150: Benefits to survivors of judges on active service

43:15A-151: Benefits to survivors of retired judges

43:15A-152: Credit for previous service; purchase, conditions

43:15A-153: Return of accumulated contributions; election of retirement allowance

43:15A-154: Determination of unfunded accrued liability

43:15A-155: Definitions relative to Prosecutors Part in PERS

43:15A-156: Prosecutors, membership in Prosecutors Part, PERS credit.

43:15A-157: Separate account for each prosecutor, rate.

43:15A-158: Retirement on service retirement allowance, formula

43:15A-159: "Special retirement" after 25 years of creditable service. formula

43:15A-160: Payments for separation after 10 years of service before age 55; deferred retirement

43:15A-161: State liability for increased county pension costs