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Chapter: 16 - Retirement for age and service

43:16-1: Retirement for age and service

43:16-1.1: Executive officers; retention in service until 70 years old

43:16-1.2: Effective date and payment of pension

43:16-2: Retirement for disability

43:16-2.1: Applicability of increases

43:16-3: Pension to dependents

43:16-4: Pension to dependents for loss of life while on duty

43:16-4c: Pension to widow who married member after 50 years of age

43:16-5: Consolidated Police and Firemen's Pension Fund

43:16-6.1: Consolidated Police and Firemen's Pension Fund Commission

43:16-6.2: Annual meeting of commission; chairman, records, legal adviser, actuary

43:16-7: Trustees of funds; rules and regulations; payment of moneys and assets to state treasurer; exemptions for pension payments; investments

43:16-7.1: Local commissions to transfer money and assets to state commission

43:16-7.2: Effective date

43:16-8: Existing boards vacated; fund placed under this subtitle

43:16-9: State firemen's fund and association unaffected

43:16-10: Effective date

43:16-12: Determining years of service for firemen as members of pension fund

43:16-13: Member with twenty years' service not to be deprived of pension privileges; fine, reprimand or discharge

43:16-17: Definitions.

43:16-17.2: Service in administrative or supervisory capacity; service as an active member

43:16-18: Effective date of act

43:16-19: Waiver of portion of benefits by written request

43:16-20: Payment of reduced benefits until waiver withdrawn or revoked by subsequent request

43:16-21: No refund or credit of waived moneys