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Chapter: 16A -

43:16A-1: Definitions relative to Police and Firemen's Retirement System.

43:16A-1.1: Reclassified members

43:16A-1.2: Review of positions of all members; eligibility, enrollment

43:16A-1.3: Report on titles covered, number of members affected, actuarial status

43:16A-1.4: Enrollment of parole officers.

43:16A-1.5: Membership in PFRS for certain jail wardens.

43:16A-1.6: Inapplicability of C.43:16A-1.

43:16A-2: Retirement system established

43:16A-3: Membership; termination; return of contributions; continuance on return

43:16A-3.1: Service defined

43:16A-3.2: Purchase of prior service credit

43:16A-3.3: Payment by employer

43:16A-3.4: Election to public office; contributions

43:16A-3.5: Member who becomes sheriff or undersheriff; election to remain member

43:16A-3.6: County sheriff; ineligibility for benefits of L.1983, c. 439, if 37 or older

43:16A-3.7: County sheriff enrolled in public employees' retirement system or county pension fund; transfer and membership on payments

43:16A-3.8: Eligibility for membership in PFRS, transfers from PERS

43:16A-3.9: Enrollment required

43:16A-3.10: Credit for transferred service

43:16A-3.11: Liability of State, municipality for certain employer contributions

43:16A-3.12: Noneligibility for additional benefits

43:16A-3.13: Liability of State for contributions on members for PFRS adopted after 1991 and before August 9, 1993

43:16A-3.14: Full credit toward PFRS benefits for transferred PERS service

43:16A-3.15: Certain firemen eligible for enrollment in PFRS; credit for PERS service, certain.

43:16A-4: Creditable service within act.

43:16A-4.1: Borough of Barrington; contributions

43:16A-4.2: Policeman member of retirement system; credit for service as chanceman application

43:16A-4.3: Disposition of application by board; credit for service; liability of employer

43:16A-5: Members 55 years old; 65 years old; 68 years old, certain; allowance; death benefits.

43:16A-5.2: Volunteer services by certain retirees under PFRS permitted.

43:16A-6: Members with four years of service, ordinary disability allowance, death benefits.

43:16A-6.1: Special disability retirement allowance

43:16A-7: Retirement for accidental disability; allowance; death benefits

43:16A-7.1: Applicability of increases

43:16A-7.2: Benefits provided to police officer who performs duties in another department

43:16A-7.3: Applicability of increased accidental disability retirement.

43:16A-7.4: Permanent and total disability.

43:16A-8: Medical exam; report of medical board; restoration to active service.

43:16A-9: Death of member in active service.

43:16A-9.4: Deeming of retirement before death of terminally ill member

43:16A-9.5: Certain PFRS members deemed retirees at time of death

43:16A-9.6: PFRS members, certain, deemed retired, certain circumstances

43:16A-9.7: Applicability of adjustment in benefit.

43:16A-10: Accidental death benefits.

43:16A-10.2: Adjustment to benefit.

43:16A-10.3: Attribution of death to COVID-19.

43:16A-11: Members ceasing to be firemen or policemen otherwise than by death or retirement; payment

43:16A-11.1: Special retirement; allowance; death benefits.

43:16A-11.2: Separation from service before 55 with 10 years of creditable service; election of retirement allowance, restoration to service.

43:16A-11.3: Members of police and firemen's retirement system; coverage of death benefits; evidence of insurability

43:16A-11.4: Reenrollment; purchase of credit for previous membership service

43:16A-11.5: Application of act

43:16A-11.6: Transfer or purchase of credit for service in other systems

43:16A-11.7: Definition of veteran.

43:16A-11.7a: Veteran status determined for military service credit.

43:16A-11.9: Purchase of retirement system credit

43:16A-11.10: Purchase of credit during official leave without pay

43:16A-11.11: Members of Police and Firemen's Retirement System may purchase credit

43:16A-11.12: Service credit in PFRS for local service; purchase

43:16A-11.13: Purchase of credit in PFRS

43:16A-11.14: Purchase of credit in PFRS after member is laid off then rehired

43:16A-12.1: Survivors' benefits.

43:16A-12.2: Pension, annuity or retirement allowance effective date; amount limitations; payment of unpaid benefits upon death of retirant

43:16A-12.3: Designation of beneficiary; payment of benefits

43:16A-12.4: Requirements for receipt of death benefits; minimum amount of benefit payable

43:16A-13: Police and Firemen's Retirement System, trustees, committees.

43:16A-13a: Transfer of certain powers, functions, duties.

43:16A-13.1: Deputy State Treasurer; sitting as member of board

43:16A-14: Management of funds.

43:16A-15: Contributions, expenses of administration.

43:16A-15a: State liable for increased cost to government employers for veterans of operations Restore Hope, Joint Endeavor and Joint Guard

43:16A-15.1: Compulsory enrollment in retirement system; purchase of membership credit; contributions

43:16A-15.2: Periodic benefits payable under Workers' Compensation Law; salary deductions paid by employer; retirement benefits application

43:16A-15.3: Reemployment of retiree; cancellation of benefits; reenrollment.

43:16A-15.4: Accrued liability contribution of employer; payment

43:16A-15.6: Pension adjustment benefits; funding

43:16A-15.7: Liability for increased pension and adjustments

43:16A-16: Funds to be established.

43:16A-16.1: Loan to members, interest rates, repayment.

43:16A-16.2: Repayment of loans after retirement of member of PFRS.

43:16A-16.9: Definitions

43:16A-16.10: Authority of Director of the Division of Investment

43:16A-16.11: Eligibility for mortgage loans, conditions of repayment.

43:16A-16.12: Administration of mortgage loan program

43:16A-16.13: Mortgage loan standards, guidelines

43:16A-16.14: Loan recipients to occupy residence

43:16A-16.15: Availability of funds for mortgage loans

43:16A-16.16: Rules, regulations

43:16A-17: Exemption from taxes, garnishment, etc.; assignment of group insurance policy rights and benefits

43:16A-17.1: Deductions for group health insurance plan or state health benefits program

43:16A-18: False statements or records; punishment; correction of errors

43:16A-19: Other laws inapplicable

43:16A-20: Application of act

43:16A-22: Other laws not affected

43:16A-23: Violation of departmental regulations; convictions

43:16A-24: Partial invalidity

43:16A-25: Effective date of act

43:16A-26: Referendum; notice of adoption

43:16A-27: Duties of chief financial officer and of board of trustees as to referendum; fiscal statement

43:16A-28: Publication of fiscal statement; notice; hearing; resolution as to method of payment

43:16A-29: Election to become member; prior service certificate

43:16A-30: Costs for accrued liability on prior service certificates

43:16A-31: Certification of normal contribution and contribution for accrued liability for prior service credits

43:16A-32: Information transmitted to board

43:16A-33: County police departments; application for membership

43:16A-34: Fiscal statement; publication; hearing on application

43:16A-35: Election to become member; statement and certificate of prior service

43:16A-36: Liability of county on prior service certificates

43:16A-37: Contributions certified to county

43:16A-38: Chief financial officer of county; information to board of trustees

43:16A-39: First or second class counties--Police employees of county park commission; admission

43:16A-40: First or second class counties over 300,000; admission of park police as members; fiscal statement

43:16A-41: Publication of fiscal statement; hearing

43:16A-42: Election to become member; statement; prior service certificate

43:16A-43: Accrued liability for service credited on prior service certificates, costs for

43:16A-44: Certification to secretary of park commission of its contributions

43:16A-45: Information, secretary to transmit

43:16A-46: Transfer from State Employees' Retirement System to Police and Firemen's Retirement System in certain counties

43:16A-47: Adoption of act by county or municipality; notice to boards of trustees; certification of names of persons to be transferred

43:16A-47.1: Retirement system for fire fighters

43:16A-48: Procedure to effect transfer of membership; accumulated deductions; deductions thereafter

43:16A-48.1: Officers of county police department, county park police department, or county park commission; membership

43:16A-48.2: Transfer or retention of membership; waiver of rights and benefits; filing of forms; new officers; officers with pensions under other plans

43:16A-48.3: Remission of prior credits to police and firemen's retirement system by former funds; credits to employee and employer

43:16A-48.4: Transferred employees; deduction; contributions; rate; rights and benefits; credits

43:16A-48.5: Transferred employees; group life insurance benefits; qualifications

43:16A-48.6: Liability of employers; calculation; certification; contributions

43:16A-48.7: Transmittal of information by fiscal officers of each employer

43:16A-48.8: Police officers in municipalities establishing police departments; transfer of membership and contributions in retirement systems

43:16A-48.9: Police officers in municipalities establishing police departments; contributions, credits, rights and benefits

43:16A-50: Waiver of portion of benefits by written request

43:16A-51: Payment of reduced benefits until waiver withdrawn or revoked by subsequent request

43:16A-52: No refund or credit of waived moneys

43:16A-53: Purchase of group life insurance coverage by state treasurer to provide for death benefits

43:16A-54: Qualifications of life insurance companies

43:16A-55: Purchase by state treasurer of group insurance for death benefits

43:16A-56: Group insurance premium fund

43:16A-57: Transfer of reserves and moneys held by insurance carrier under group life insurance contracts

43:16A-58: Group policies; conversion privileges

43:16A-59: Payment of benefits under group policies

43:16A-60: Settlement arrangements

43:16A-61: Credits for savings by companies

43:16A-62: State firemen and police; membership

43:16A-62.1: Industrial trade instructors and identification officers; Essex County; transfer of membership; membership as requirement for employment

43:16A-62.2: Transfer to police and firemen's retirement system; employment requirement of new officer

43:16A-62.3: County approval; transfer procedure

43:16A-63: Transfer from or continuation in public employees' retirement system or county pension fund; membership of new employees

43:16A-64: Transfer of funds and credits from public employees' retirement system or county pension fund

43:16A-65: Deductions; contributions; credits

43:16A-66: Group life insurance benefits for employee over 55

43:16A-67: Liability of employer; computation; contributions

43:16A-68: Transmittal of information by employer to retirement system