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Chapter: 17 - Incorporation

43:17-1: Incorporation

43:17-2: Incorporation certificate; filing; powers.

43:17-3: Objects of association.

43:17-4: Reorganization, reincorporation of associations existing prior to March 25, 1885

43:17-5: Certificate of incorporation of certain associations

43:17-6: Corrected certificates of incorporation or reincorporation

43:17-7: Number of associations, limited; municipal consolidation

43:17-8: Transfer of money, etc. to new associations

43:17-9: Membership qualifications.

43:17-10: Adoption of constitution, by-laws, rules

43:17-11: Board of representatives

43:17-12: Rotation of terms of members of board

43:17-13: Officers, trustees, election

43:17-14: Oath of officers

43:17-15: Bond of treasurer, officers; custodian

43:17-16: Failure to hold required elections at times specified; effect

43:17-17: Quorum

43:17-18: Simultaneous service prohibited.

43:17-19: Annual election of chair, secretary

43:17-20: Meetings

43:17-21: Office of representative, filling vacancies

43:17-22: Other officers, filling vacancies

43:17-23: Secretary, treasurer; reports.

43:17-24: Assistance applications

43:17-25: Management of business, affairs

43:17-26: Inquiry of applications; control of funds; violations

43:17-27: Violations, proceedings

43:17-28: Funds not to be used for banking purposes

43:17-29: Convention of State Association; attendance, expenses

43:17-30: Certain papers filed with secretary of state association; approval by executive committee

43:17-31: Annual statements; filing, examination.

43:17-33: Investment of funds.

43:17-34: Unlawful investments; crime of fourth degree

43:17-35: Use of funds

43:17-36: Paid firemen participating in relief association organized by volunteers

43:17-37: Local association, dissolution

43:17-38: Power to alter, suspend or repeal charters of associations

43:17-39: Associations unaffected

43:17-40: "Local firemen's relief associations" defined

43:17-41: State association continued; conduct of affairs; expenses

43:17-42: Delegates, representatives of local firemen's relief associations.

43:17-43: Delegates of exempt firemen's association.

43:17-44: Annual convention; election of officers

43:17-45: Executive committee powers; annual report

43:17-46: Field examiner, examination of books

43:17-47: Annual certificate, filing; share in relief fund