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Chapter: 3B -

43:3B-1: Definitions; short title

43:3B-2: Adjustment of monthly retirement allowance, pension or survivorship benefit.

43:3B-3: Percentage of adjustment; calculation

43:3B-4: Certification, appropriation and payment of cost of adjustment by employer; employer's failure to pay; penalty; collection

43:3B-4a: Pension adjustment benefits paid by retirement system

43:3B-4.1: Failure to appropriate money for increases; effect

43:3B-4.2: Benefits under "Pension Adjustment Act"; funding

43:3B-4.3: Pension adjustment benefits to be paid by PERS

43:3B-4.4: Payment of benefits by Judicial Retirement System

43:3B-4.5: Payment of benefits by Retirement System

43:3B-5: Commencement of adjustment of retirement allowance, pension or survivorship benefit payments; duration

43:3B-6: Waiver of right to increased retirement allowance, survivorship benefit or pension

43:3B-7: Review of index; determination of percentum of change; retirant defined

43:3B-8: Blanket increase; termination of other increases; review of amounts

43:3B-8.1: Calculation of annual adjustment

43:3B-8.2: Cost of living adjustment

43:3B-8.3: Applicability of COLA

43:3B-8.4: Calculation of annual adjustment

43:3B-8.5: Nonapplicability of C.43:3B-8 to P.L.1997, c.281

43:3B-8.6: Inapplicability of C.43:3B-8 to P.L.2001, c.4

43:3B-9: Rules and regulations

43:3B-10: Increase in expenditures required by act; mandated costs not subject to expenditure limitations