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Chapter: 3C - Pensioners in public employment

43:3C-1: Pensioners in public employment

43:3C-2: Repeal

43:3C-3: Reemployment in elected public office; option for benefits

43:3C-4: Depository institution defined

43:3C-5: Agreement for direct deposit of monthly payment for retirant or beneficiary

43:3C-6: Retirant, defined

43:3C-7: Minimum retirement allowance

43:3C-8: Rules and regulations

43:3C-9: Employer pickup of employee contributions.

43:3C-9.1: Limitations on contributions, benefits.

43:3C-9.2: Limitations on contributions, benefits.

43:3C-9.3: TPAF, JRS, PERS, PFRS, SPRS compensation limitation not to be exceeded

43:3C-9.4: Alternate Benefit Program, Defined Contribution Retirement Program, compensation limitation not to be exceeded.

43:3C-9.5: "Non-forfeitable right to receive benefits."

43:3C-9.6: Accrued benefits, rights of members.

43:3C-10: Approval of change in retirement or deferred compensation plan by State Treasurer

43:3C-11: Benefits of present, future retirees unaffected

43:3C-12: Investigation of certain increases in annual compensation for members of retirement systems.

43:3C-13: Use of actuarial standards for retirement systems; disclosure, certain.

43:3C-14: State contributions.

43:3C-15: State-administered pension systems, requirements for employers.

43:3C-16: "Target funded ratio."

43:3C-17: Utilization of super conciliator.

43:3C-18: Qualified governmental defined benefit plans.

43:3C-19: Member fully vested in accumulated contributions.

43:3C-20: Administration in accordance with rollover requirements.

43:3C-21: Qualified military service.

43:3C-22: Prohibited transactions.

43:3C-23: Participation in qualified group trust.

43:3C-24: Funding, payment of other post-employment benefits.

43:3C-25: Notification of change in beneficiary.

43:3C-26: Adoption of uniform method to conduct, report regular stress test analyses of State-administered retirement systems.