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Chapter: 6A -

43:6A-1: Short title

43:6A-2: Severability

43:6A-3: Definitions.

43:6A-3.1: Final salary; retirement after January 1, 1982

43:6A-4: Establishment; powers and privileges; purpose

43:6A-5: Membership

43:6A-6: Computation of years of service

43:6A-7: Mandatory age of retirement; early retirement; application

43:6A-8: Eligibility for retirement; 10 years or more of service; amount of pension

43:6A-9: Eligibility for retirement; 5 years or more of service with additional public service; amount of pension

43:6A-9.1: Five years as judge with 15 years additional public service at age 60

43:6A-9.2: Judge serving at age 60

43:6A-9.3: Judges of county court; entitlement to qualify for maximum pension if entitled to maximum pension under prior law

43:6A-9.4: Judge's widow; pension

43:6A-9.5: Inapplicability of act to judge or surviving widow; retirement prior to July 1, 1976

43:6A-9.6: Eligibility for retirement; age 70 with 25 years of public service

43:6A-10: Early retirement; 5 or more years of service with additional public service of 20 or more years; amount of pension

43:6A-11: Resignation or failure of reappointment after 5 successive years and 10 years in aggregate; election of benefit

43:6A-11.1: Certain members of Judicial Retirement System; deferment.

43:6A-12: Disability retirement

43:6A-13: Retired judge not to engage in practice of law; assignment to sit in court

43:6A-14: Membership in other retirement system under state law

43:6A-14.1: Election to terminate membership in other retirement system or waiver of joinder in judicial retirement system; credit for public service

43:6A-14.2: Credit for previous service in office, position or employment of state or governmental entity; application; purchase; employer's accrued liability obl

43:6A-15: Veterans; ineligibility for retirement benefits as public employee

43:6A-16: Pensions and retirement allowances in monthly installments

43:6A-16.1: Options for payment of survivor benefits in Judicial Retirement System

43:6A-16.2: Form required when member chooses certain option; notification to spouse

43:6A-17: Death in active service; payments to beneficiaries

43:6A-17.1: Additional death benefit for members of Judicial Retirement System.

43:6A-18: Death after retirement; payments to beneficiaries

43:6A-19: Death of retirant on pension or retirement allowance based on age and service or early retirement; payments to beneficiary

43:6A-20: Death of disability retirant; payments to beneficiary

43:6A-21: Group life insurance coverage; authorization to purchase; benefits in lieu of death benefits

43:6A-22: Qualifications for life insurance company

43:6A-23: Option on purchase of group life insurance coverage for death benefit provisions

43:6A-24: Group life insurance coverage; payment of premiums; group insurance premium fund

43:6A-25: Terms of policy

43:6A-26: Payment of benefits

43:6A-27: Settlement options

43:6A-28: Reduction of premiums for non payment of commissions; authorization

43:6A-29: State House Commission, operation of system.

43:6A-30: Trustee of funds; custodian of funds; administration of program

43:6A-31: Actuarial investigation and valuation; adoption of tables for mortality, service, etc.

43:6A-32: Contingent reserve, annuity savings and retirement reserve funds; establishment

43:6A-33: Computation of contributions; valuation of assets; contingent reserve fund.

43:6A-33.1: Payment of pension adjustment benefits, funding

43:6A-34: Retirement reserve fund; source of funds for payment of pensions

43:6A-34.1: Annuity savings fund, payroll deductions.

43:6A-34.2: State house commission; interest on balance in annuity savings, contingent reserve and retirement reserve funds

43:6A-34.3: Borrowing by members from retirement system, interest rates.

43:6A-34.4: Repayment of loans after retirement of members of JRS.

43:6A-35: Retirement system; interest on balance in contingent reserve, annuity savings and retirement reserve funds

43:6A-36: Obligations of act as obligations of state; budget and appropriation of amounts to meet obligations

43:6A-37: Inapplicability of other laws on pensions or retirement benefits to members or beneficiaries; nonliability of system it reserves nonexistent

43:6A-38: Error in records; correction

43:6A-39: Waiver of payment of portion of payment of pension, retirement allowance or benefit

43:6A-40: Deductions to pay premiums; authorization by written request

43:6A-41: Right to pension, retirement allowance or benefit and moneys in various funds; exemption from taxes and legal process; unassignability

43:6A-42: Designation of beneficiary; writing; filing; change; rights of beneficiaries; election of payment of death benefits

43:6A-43: Active membership while on official leave of absence; qualifications for payment of death benefit

43:6A-44: Ineligibility for death benefits for retirant with less than 10 years of service credit; minimum amount of benefit to qualify

43:6A-45: Repeals

43:6A-46: Provisos to repeals

43:6A-47: Provisos applicable to L.1981, c. 470