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Chapter: 7 - Retirement of certain prison officers; amount

43:7-7: Retirement of certain prison officers; amount

43:7-7.1: Special retirement after 25 years of creditable service

43:7-8: Definitions

43:7-9: Widow, children or dependent parents; pension to.

43:7-10.1: Death before retirement; payment of member's contributions

43:7-11: Pension commission to allow pensions

43:7-11.1: Payment of pensions

43:7-12: Permanent disability

43:7-13: Creation of pension fund

43:7-14: Death within five years after passage of act

43:7-15: Suspension or discharge

43:7-15.1: Prison officers' pension fund; withdrawal by veterans

43:7-15.2: Withdrawal by veterans hereafter joining fund

43:7-15.3: Withdrawal application; notice; refund of payments

43:7-16: Other pensions

43:7-17: Refusal to accept provisions of act; notice

43:7-18: Prison Officers Pension Commission

43:7-18.1: Operation of pension fund by pension commission; rules and regulations

43:7-19: Pension fund; rules and regulations; receipts and disbursements

43:7-19.1: Medical board

43:7-20: Deposit and investment of fund

43:7-21: Releases; acquittances; receipts or discharges

43:7-22: Annual report

43:7-23: Unlawful acts, incapacitation or death while performing

43:7-24: Effect of act

43:7-25: Members of State Employees' Retirement System; right to accumulated deductions with interest

43:7-26: Effective date

43:7-27: Benefit payments based on temporary service; continuation