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Chapter: 8A -

43:8A-1: Definitions

43:8A-2: Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Officers Pension Fund

43:8A-3: Persons entitled to become members of pension fund; transfer of contributions; termination of membership

43:8A-4: Service of law enforcement officer considered creditable

43:8A-5: Supervision of operation of retirement system; board of trustees; powers and duties; legal adviser; supervision of funds

43:8A-6: Retirement of new entrant member on service retirement allowance

43:8A-7: Retirement of present entrant member on service retirement allowance; death benefit

43:8A-8: Ordinary disability retirement allowance; death benefit

43:8A-8.1: Purchase of annuity credits for periods prior to membership in fund

43:8A-9: Accidental disability retirement allowance; death benefit

43:8A-10: Application for disability retirement allowance; medical examinations of persons retired on disability retirement allowance

43:8A-11: Death benefit upon death of member in service

43:8A-12: Accidental death of member before retirement; death benefit

43:8A-13: Additional death benefit coverage; additional contributions not returnable

43:8A-14: Termination of service as State law enforcement officer; refund or transfer of contributions

43:8A-15: Beneficiaries ineligible for benefits under sections 43:4-1 to 43:4-3

43:8A-16: Election to convert retirement allowance otherwise payable; optional forms

43:8A-17: Investment of moneys of pension fund; custodian; payments; interest in profits and use of funds by trustees or employees forbidden; endorser or surety

43:8A-18: Contributions; deductions from salaries; expenses of administration

43:8A-19: Funds to which assets to be credited

43:8A-20: Exemption from taxation and from garnishment or other process; assignment

43:8A-21: False statements; fraud; correction of errors; adjustment of payments

43:8A-22: Administrative positions; determination and certification

43:8A-23: Filing of request naming payee of death benefit; request as to manner of payment

43:8A-24: Other laws inapplicable to members or beneficiaries of pension fund

43:8A-25: Appropriation