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Title: 44 - POOR

Chapter: 5 - Health of indigent and recreation of needy children

44:5-1: Health of indigent and recreation of needy children

44:5-2: Annual appropriation in municipalities to maintain indigent patients and assist health care facilities

44:5-2a: Health care facility defined

44:5-2.1: Effective date

44:5-3: Contracts by cities for care of persons at public expense

44:5-4: Contracts by cities for care of indigent patients; referendum

44:5-5: Referendum; ballot, form

44:5-6: Making of contract

44:5-7: Annual appropriation by city during existence of contract

44:5-8: Authorization of increased annual appropriations in certain cities

44:5-9: Contracts by cities for care of diseased patients

44:5-10: Annual appropriations in certain municipalities to maintain patients or assist hospitals

44:5-10.1: Annual appropriations in certain municipalities for contributions to hospitals

44:5-10.2: Construction or enlargement of private health care facility; municipal appropriations

44:5-11: Annual appropriations by counties to maintain patients in nonprofit hospitals or clinics

44:5-12: Distribution of appropriation among nonprofit hospitals or clinics in county

44:5-13: Annual reports to freeholders by hospitals participating in appropriation

44:5-14: Appropriations by counties for constructing or enlarging private charitable hospitals

44:5-15: Bond issues by counties for construction or alteration of charitable hospitals

44:5-16: Annual appropriations for maintenance of charitable hospitals and for care and treatment of poor

44:5-17: Provision by counties over 850,000 for maintenance of patients in hospitals

44:5-18: Annual appropriations for purposes of section 44:5-17

44:5-18.1: Psychiatric diagnosis and treatment of indigent residents; appropriation for

44:5-19: Annual appropriations by fourth and sixth-class counties for maintenance of patients

44:5-19.1: Liens for medical care and hospitalization; priority

44:5-19.2: Form

44:5-19.3: Time of filing

44:5-19.4: Place of filing; effective date of lien

44:5-19.5: Clerk or register of deeds; duties; fees

44:5-19.6: Property concerned

44:5-19.7: Settlement of lien

44:5-19.8: Discharge

44:5-19.9: Support by relatives

44:5-19.10: Court action to force responsible relative to pay