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Title: 44 - POOR

Chapter: 7 -

44:7-1: Definitions

44:7-2: Construction

44:7-3: Persons entitled to old age assistance; applications

44:7-4: Recipient of assistance not deemed pauper

44:7-5: Eligibility of applicants; details

44:7-6: Division of old age assistance continued; director; powers and duties; rules and regulations subject to approval of Civil Service Commission

44:7-6.1: Wages and terms and conditions of employment; collective negotiation with authorized employee organization

44:7-6.2: Negotiated agreement not in compliance with federal law and endangers receipt of federal funds; notice; hearing; determination; authority of commissio

44:7-6.3: Action or notice of action to be taken on wages or terms and conditions of employment by federal government; consultation on position by commissioner

44:7-7: County welfare boards; creation; organization; membership; terms; vacancies; expenses

44:7-8: Powers of county welfare boards; funds provided by freeholders

44:7-9: County welfare board; election of officers; director not to be member; officers and employees; civil service classification; permanent status

44:7-10: Duties of secretary-treasurer; bond

44:7-11: Director of welfare; working test period; duties; qualifications; deputy director; civil service classification of director and deputy

44:7-12: Relief granted by county welfare boards; amount and nature; treatment other than medical treatment

44:7-13: Burial of old-age assistance recipient

44:7-14: Recipient to pledge property

44:7-15: Certificate of amount of assistance; filing; effect; proceedings for collection and satisfaction; levy; disposition of proceeds; voluntary conveyance

44:7-16: Record of reimbursement agreements; satisfaction

44:7-17: Application for assistance

44:7-18: Investigation of and notice to applicant; review of determination

44:7-19: Assistance by relatives; enforcement

44:7-20: Director's power to issue subpoenas; contempt; false testimony

44:7-21: Report when application granted; change of amount of assistance; cancellation, revocation or suspension

44:7-22: Reconsideration of grant; revised grant

44:7-23: Reports by county welfare board to state division

44:7-24: Ascertainment and appropriation of county's share of cost; temporary rates; payments

44:7-25: State's share; additional payment

44:7-26: Claims for state's share filed monthly; approval and payment

44:7-27: Allotment of federal funds; payment

44:7-28: Governor to include state's share in budget; annual appropriation

44:7-29: State treasurer to receive federal funds; adjustment between contributing agencies

44:7-30: County and state settlement; liability of respective counties

44:7-31: Complaint filed when assistance improperly granted; investigation; payments suspended or canceled

44:7-32: Obtaining assistance falsely a misdemeanor; future grants denied

44:7-33: Violation of chapter; penalty

44:7-34: Recipient of assistance not to receive other public aid

44:7-35: Assistance exempt from taxation levy and process; bankruptcy

44:7-36: First class counties over 800,000 having municipal welfare home but no county welfare home; annual payments to county welfare board for cost of mainte

44:7-37: Appropriation for year in which act is adopted; borrowing funds

44:7-38: Permanent and total disability; assistance from county welfare board; residence

44:7-39: Laws governing assistance for permanent and total disability

44:7-40: Payments by State to each county welfare board

44:7-41: Application for assistance for permanent and total disability

44:7-42: Rules and regulations and administrative orders

44:7-43: Needy blind persons; assistance from county welfare board

44:7-44: Law governing assistance for the blind

44:7-45: Rules, regulations and administrative orders

44:7-46: Payments by state to each county welfare board

44:7-47: Transfer of functions, powers and duties

44:7-48: Supplementary provisions

44:7-49: Repeals

44:7-50: Repeals

44:7-76: Persons authorized to receive assistance

44:7-77: "Medical assistance for the aged" defined

44:7-78: Included costs

44:7-79: Administration of medical assistance

44:7-80: Application for assistance; investigation; scope of payments

44:7-81: Duties of commissioner of institutions and agencies

44:7-82: Funds by state for medical assistance for the aged

44:7-84: Effective date

44:7-85: Definitions

44:7-86: Eligibility; determination of amount

44:7-87: Duties of the commissioner

44:7-88: Duties and responsibilities of welfare boards

44:7-89: Nonliability of recipient of supplementary payments or his legally liable relative for repayment; enforcement of lien arising prior to January 1, 1974

44:7-90: Eligibility for medical assistance under New Jersey Medical Assistance and Health Services Act

44:7-91: Supersedure of inconsistent laws

44:7-92: Severability

44:7-93: Services provided to eligible residents by county welfare board.