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Title: 44 - POOR

Chapter: 8 -

44:8-107: Short title, other references

44:8-108: Definitions

44:8-109: Public policy

44:8-110: Administration and distribution of state aid for public assistance

44:8-110.1: Disbursement of funds for legal services for successful appeals

44:8-110.2: Reduction of amount of Payments to Municipalities for Cost of General Assistance funds

44:8-110.3: Rules, regulations

44:8-111: Commissioner's duties

44:8-111.1: Centralized registry established; updating of information

44:8-111.2: Registry information made available; provision for comparison checks

44:8-111.3: Report

44:8-112: Powers of commissioner

44:8-113: Administration as to municipalities or counties

44:8-114: Administration and funding of public assistance

44:8-115: Local assistance boards; membership; appointment; compensation

44:8-116: Terms of members of local assistance boards; vacancies

44:8-117: Organization of local assistance boards; director of welfare; employees

44:8-117.1: Municipality authorized to establish staffing level of welfare department

44:8-118: Duties of welfare director

44:8-119: Applicant's affidavit

44:8-120: Immediate assistance

44:8-121: Inquiry by director

44:8-122: Aid and assistance after reasonable inquiry

44:8-123: Order after complete investigation

44:8-124: Continued assistance, manner of; extent

44:8-125: Deductions from public assistance

44:8-126: Exploitation of recipients

44:8-127: Revocation of order for continued assistance

44:8-128: Determination annually of "preceding year's ratables" and public assistance loads of municipalities

44:8-129: Determining amount of State aid

44:8-130: Advance payments to municipality before determination of "current year's public assistance load"

44:8-131: Deductions from amount of State aid payable to municipalities

44:8-132: Counties furnishing hospitalization in maternity hospitals

44:8-133: Commissioner to administer public assistance in municipality when

44:8-134: Duties of municipality when public assistance is administered by commissioner

44:8-135: Election of municipality to administer its own public assistance in following year

44:8-136: Election of municipality to administer its own public assistance during current year

44:8-137: Municipality or county to pay cost of administration

44:8-138: "Public assistance trust fund account"

44:8-139: Transfer of current budget appropriation for public assistance

44:8-140: False statements by applicants

44:8-140.1: Civil, criminal penalties for fraudulent receipt of benefits or payments for general public assistance

44:8-142: Officers and board members failing to comply

44:8-143: Repeal

44:8-144: Laws saved from repeal or modification

44:8-145: Revision of prior laws, construction as; existing positions not affected

44:8-145.1: Transfer from municipal to county welfare agency

44:8-145.2: Appointment of assistant county welfare director

44:8-145.3: Allocation of functions, powers, and duties

44:8-145.4: Employees transferred, remuneration, service intact; provision of services to municipal agency permitted

44:8-145.5: Rules, regulations

44:8-159: Rebates for pharmaceutical products; requirements.