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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 2B -

46:2B-8.1: Short title.

46:2B-8.2: Powers of attorney; durable powers of attorney; disability defined.

46:2B-8.3: Durable power of attorney not affected by lapse of time; disability or incapacity.

46:2B-8.4: Relation of attorney-in-fact to court-appointed fiduciary.

46:2B-8.5: Power of attorney not revoked until notice.

46:2B-8.6: Good faith reliance.

46:2B-8.7: Multiple attorneys-in-fact.

46:2B-8.8: Delegation by attorney-in-fact.

46:2B-8.9: Formality.

46:2B-8.10: Revocation.

46:2B-8.11: Certified copies and photocopies.

46:2B-8.12: Compensation of the attorney-in-fact.

46:2B-8.13: Fiduciary status and duty to account.

46:2B-8.13a: Power of attorney; gift of principal's property; prohibited

46:2B-8.14: Application of act.

46:2B-10: Definitions

46:2B-11: Authority of agent

46:2B-12: Powers of agent

46:2B-13: Banking institutions to accept power of attorney

46:2B-14: Banking institutions not liable for action in reliance on power of attorney

46:2B-15: Limitations on power of agent

46:2B-16: Banking transaction by agent binds principal

46:2B-17: Power of attorney not made pursuant to this act valid

46:2B-18: Banking institution may retain copy of power of attorney

46:2B-19: Agent acting pursuant to power of attorney shall be a fiduciary