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Chapter: 11 - President of senate to exercise powers of vice president of council

52:11-1: President of senate to exercise powers of vice president of council

52:11-2: Officers and employees of senate and their compensation

52:11-2.1: Sergeant-at-arms; tenure

52:11-2.2: Journal clerk; tenure

52:11-3: Officers and employees of house of assembly and their compensation

52:11-4: Record of attendance; deduction from compensation for absences

52:11-5: One-half compensation payable in advance of session; balance at close of session

52:11-5a: Findings, declarations relative to plaques honoring Senator Hutchins F. Inge and Assemblyman Walter Gilbert Alexander.

52:11-5b: Display of plaques.

52:11-5.1: Legislator's district office, prohibition against employment of relatives.

52:11-5.2: Legislators, enrollment in health care benefits, election, limitations.

52:11-5.3: Annual salary for certain executive directors.

52:11-20.4: Repeals

52:11-42: Effective date

52:11-54: Short title

52:11-55: Legislative Services Commission, Office of Legislative Services

52:11-56: Organization and meetings of the commission

52:11-57: Duties of the commission

52:11-57.1: Preparation of racial and ethnic impact statement for certain proposed legislation.

52:11-58: Organization of the Office of Legislative Services

52:11-59: Executive Director

52:11-60: Legislative Counsel

52:11-61: Duties of Legislative Counsel.

52:11-62: State Auditor

52:11-63: Studies, reports by State Auditor

52:11-64: Award of contracts by Office of Legislative Services

52:11-65: Director of Public Information

52:11-66: Duties of Director of Public Information

52:11-67: Legislative Budget and Finance Officer

52:11-68: Duties of Legislative Budget and Finance Officer

52:11-69: Officers and employees of the office; status

52:11-70: Request for assistance, information or advice, confidential

52:11-71: Forbids lobbying

52:11-72: Reports

52:11-73: Personnel transferred; rules continued

52:11-74: Property transferred

52:11-75: Appropriations transferred

52:11-76: Powers and duties of Legislative Budget Officer under Appropriations Act

52:11-77: Initial members and officers of commission; terms of office

52:11-78: Legislative information available to public, maintained in electronic form.

52:11-79: Findings, declarations relative to Henry J. Raimondo New Jersey Legislative Fellows Program.

52:11-80: Henry J. Raimondo New Jersey Legislative Fellows Program.

52:11-81: Selection, assignment of fellows; stipend.

52:11-82: Henry J. Raimondo New Jersey Legislative Fellows Program Advisory Committee.

52:11-83: Appointment of director.

52:11-84: Tuition, fee support; matching appropriations.

52:11-85: Adoption, maintenance of policy by the Legislature regarding sexual harassment.