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Chapter: 13C - Declaration of intent.

52:13c-18: Declaration of intent.

52:13c-19: Short title.

52:13c-20: Definitions.

52:13c-21: Notice of representation; filing, contents, separate notices.

52:13c-21a: Nonresident governmental affairs agent, lobbyist, filing of consent to service of process.

52:13c-21b: Restriction on offer of gifts, etc. to certain State officers or employees.

52:13c-21.1: Employment of unregistered governmental affairs agent.

52:13c-21.2: Representation of adverse interest, fourth degree crime.

52:13c-21.3: Introduction of legislation for purposes of later employment, fourth degree crime.

52:13c-21.4: Activities as governmental affairs agent for certain persons restricted; penalties.

52:13c-21.5: Contingent fees, prohibited.

52:13c-22: Quarterly reports; contents.

52:13c-22.1: Annual reports.

52:13c-22.1a: Governmental affairs agent, disclosure of certain service.

52:13c-22.4: Report of benefits to recipients.

52:13c-23: Duties of the commission.

52:13c-23a: Fee imposed by ELEC on governmental affairs agent.

52:13c-23.1: Violations, penalties.

52:13c-23.2: Rules, regulations

52:13c-24: Records of governmental affairs agent; audits.

52:13c-25: Governmental affairs agent's responsibilities.

52:13c-26: Public records; inspection, preservation

52:13c-27: Act not applicable to certain activities.

52:13c-28: Wearing of name tag.

52:13c-29: Legislative employees as governmental affairs agents, fourth degree crime.

52:13c-30: Willful falsification; fourth degree crime.

52:13c-31: False communication relative to legislation; fourth degree crime.

52:13c-32: Failure to comply with provisions of act; injunction

52:13c-33: Failure to file notice of representation, report; fourth degree crime.

52:13c-34: Obligation to file statement; duty of officer or person; duty after discontinuance of activity

52:13c-35: Voluntary statement; acceptance, filing and reporting

52:13c-36: Powers of the commission.