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Chapter: 13D - Legislative findings

52:13D-12: Legislative findings

52:13D-13: Definitions

52:13D-14: State officer or employee or member of legislature; acceptance of thing of value to influence public duties

52:13D-15: Representation, appearance or negotiation, directly or indirectly, for acquisition or sale of property by state

52:13D-16: Certain representations, prohibited; exceptions

52:13D-17: Post-employment restrictions.

52:13D-17.2: "Person" defined; conflict of interest; violations, penalty.

52:13D-17.3: Employment with casino permitted for certain members of municipal governing body; guidance offered.

52:13D-18: Vote, other action by legislator or immediate family member with personal interest; prohibition.

52:13D-19: Contracts of State agencies.

52:13D-19.1: State officer, employee may enter into certain contracts with State agency

52:13D-19.2: State officer, employee may enter into certain rental agreements with State agency

52:13D-19.3: Other provisions not altered or affected

52:13D-20: Representation of state agency in transaction involving pecuniary interest for legislator or state officer or employee

52:13D-21: State Ethics Commission; membership; powers; duties; penalties.

52:13D-21.1: Certain State officers, employees, completion of training program on ethical standards required; annual briefing.

52:13D-21.2: Restrictions on certain State employment for certain relatives of State employees, officers; definition.

52:13D-22: Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards; membership; powers; terms; duties; penalties.

52:13D-22.1: Definition

52:13D-22.2: Timely postmark on mailed documents

52:13D-22.3: Weekend, holiday rule

52:13D-23: Codes of ethics.

52:13D-24: Restriction of solicitation, receipt, etc. of certain things of value by certain State officers, employees.

52:13D-24.1: Restriction on acceptance of gifts, etc. from lobbyist, governmental affairs agent by legislators, staff.

52:13D-25: Disclosure or use for personal gain of information not available to public

52:13D-26: Inducing or attempting to induce legislative member or state officer or employee to violate act; penalty

52:13D-27: Short title

52:13D-28: Online tutorial on legislative ethics; certification; members of legislature, participation in annual ethics training, consultation with Ethics Counse