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Chapter: 14B -

52:14B-1: Short title

52:14B-2: Definitions

52:14B-3: Additional requirements for rule-making

52:14B-3a: Regulations relative to State agency rule-making; "regulatory guidance document" defined.

52:14B-3.1: Findings, declarations

52:14B-3.2: Definitions

52:14B-3.3: Appeal of permit decision by third party

52:14B-4: Adoption, amendment, repeal of rules.

52:14B-4.1: Rules, submission to Legislature; referral to committee

52:14B-4.1a: Compliance with interagency rules required; OAL review for clarity

52:14B-4.1b: Housing affordability impact analysis.

52:14B-4.3: Concurrent resolution of Legislature to invalidate rules in whole or in part

52:14B-4.8: Votes on concurrent resolutions; recordation

52:14B-4.9: Proposed rule which revises, rescinds or replaces proposed, existing or suspended rule as new rule

52:14B-4.10: Changes to agency rule, certain, upon adoption.

52:14B-5: Filing of rules; concurrent resolution of the Legislature; effect of publication

52:14B-5.1: Expiration of rules; continuation.

52:14B-7: New Jersey Administrative Code; New Jersey Register; publication

52:14B-7.1: OAL to establish, maintain Internet publication of a State rule-making database.

52:14B-8: Declaratory rulings

52:14B-9: Notice and hearing in contested cases

52:14B-9.1: Process for consideration and settlement of contested case.

52:14B-10: Evidence; judicial notice; recommended report and decision; final decision; effective date

52:14B-11: Revocation, refusal to renew license, hearing required; exceptions

52:14B-12: Administrative review

52:14B-13: Effect of act on prior proceedings

52:14B-14: Severability

52:14B-15: General repealer

52:14B-16: Short title

52:14B-17: "Small business" defined

52:14B-18: Approaches

52:14B-19: Regulatory flexibility analysis

52:14B-20: Considered one rule

52:14B-21: Description of effects of rule

52:14B-21.1: Definitions relative to creation of uniform application form.

52:14B-21.2: Establishment, maintenance of program.

52:14B-21.3: Rules, regulations.

52:14B-22: State policy to reduce confusion, costs in complying with State regulations

52:14B-23: Administrative agency standards, statement relative to federal requirements

52:14B-24: Applicability of act relative to federal requirements

52:14B-25: Definitions relative to certain mandate requirements, procedures for small municipalities.

52:14B-26: Definitions relative to State and local agency business permits.

52:14B-27: Periodic review of permits.

52:14B-28: System of review of business permits issued.

52:14B-29: Designation of contact person.

52:14B-30: Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

52:14B-31: Information required to be posted on State agency website.