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Chapter: 14F - Establishment; allocation within department of state; office defined

52:14F-1: Establishment; allocation within department of state; office defined

52:14F-2: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of division of administrative procedure to office of administrative law

52:14F-3: Director.

52:14F-4: Administrative law judges; appointment, terms; compensation; recall.

52:14F-4.1: Inapplicability of mandatory retirement for administrative law judges, certain.

52:14F-4.2: Certain administrative law judges permitted to work beyond age 70.

52:14F-5: Powers, duties of Director and Chief Administrative Law Judge.

52:14F-6: Administrative law judges, assignment; special appointment

52:14F-7: Construction of act

52:14F-8: Administrative Law jurisdictional exclusions *Text of section operative until Dec. 31, 1987

52:14F-9: Applicability of State Agency Transfer Act

52:14F-10: Repeal of inconsistent acts and parts of act

52:14F-11: Severability

52:14F-12: Environmental unit

52:14F-13: Environmental workload reports

52:14F-14: Definitions relative to expedited appeals in OAL.

52:14F-15: Expedited appeal of contested permit action.

52:14F-16: Smart Growth Unit established in OAL.

52:14F-17: Transmittal of administrative record.

52:14F-18: Denial of expedited permit, expedited hearing.

52:14F-19: Expedited hearing on terms or conditions on permits in smart growth areas.

52:14F-20: Filing fees in Smart Growth Unit.

52:14F-21: OAL rules, regulations.

52:14F-22: Appeals referred to Office of Administrative Law.

52:14F-23: Administrative Law Judge, power to hear application for a wage execution.