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Chapter: 16A - Department established

52:16A-1: Department established

52:16A-2: Secretary of State; appointment; salary; term; vacancy

52:16A-3: Powers, duties and property of existing Secretary of State transferred to Department of State

52:16A-10: Board of State Canvassers

52:16A-11: Powers and duties of Secretary of State

52:16A-11.1: Payment of fees in advance of performance by Department of State

52:16A-12: Request officer, Secretary of State as

52:16A-13: Employees of existing office of Secretary of State transferred

52:16A-14: Appropriations transferred

52:16A-15: Civil Service, pension or retirement rights not affected

52:16A-16: Orders, rules and regulations of Secretary of State continued

52:16A-17: Orders, rules and regulations of Athletic Commissioner continued

52:16A-20: Pending actions or proceedings by or against officers whose powers and duties are transferred

52:16A-21: Professional or occupational licenses not affected

52:16A-22: Repeal

52:16A-23: Short title

52:16A-24: Effective date

52:16A-25: State council on the arts; members; appointment; term; vacancies; compensation

52:16A-25.1: Transfer of council on the arts to department of state

52:16A-25.2: Transfer in accordance with State Agency Transfer Act

52:16A-26: Duties of council

52:16A-26.1: Short title

52:16A-26.2: Definitions

52:16A-26.3: Powers, responsibilities

52:16A-26.4: Application for center designation

52:16A-26.5: State cultural center

52:16A-26.6: Regional cultural center

52:16A-26.7: Continued grant eligibility

52:16A-26.8: Eligibility for certain Council on the Arts funding.

52:16A-26.10: Distribution of best practice guidelines by New Jersey State Council on the Arts to develop, expand an arts program for youth at risk of juvenile deli

52:16A-26.11: "Artist District."

52:16A-27: Executive director and other personnel; election of chairman and vice chairman; rules and regulations; hearings; annual report

52:16A-28: Council as official agency of state

52:16A-29: Short title

52:16A-30: Definitions

52:16A-31: Fine arts element; inclusion in new public buildings; approval and limitation of expenditures

52:16A-32: Contracts; criteria for selection of artists; register of competent artists

52:16A-33: Selection by public competition

52:16A-34: Consultation by council with relevant arts institutions and organizations

52:16A-35: Commercial recording division; establishment

52:16A-36: Director; personnel; transfer of powers and functions of bureau of commercial recording

52:16A-37: Telephone service

52:16A-38: Expedited over the counter corporate service.

52:16A-39: Payment for services; prepaid deposit account

52:16A-40: Additional fees.

52:16A-41: Rules, regulations; data processing service fees.

52:16A-42: Additional fees dedicated and pledged

52:16A-53: New Jersey Commission on American Indian Affairs; members.

52:16A-54: Terms; vacancies

52:16A-55: Election of chairperson.

52:16A-56: Commission duties.

52:16A-57: Expenses incurred.

52:16A-58: Authority of commission.

52:16A-59: Annual report

52:16A-60: New Jersey State Museum.

52:16A-61: Division of the State Museum abolished; transfers.

52:16A-62: The board of trustees of the New Jersey State Museum.

52:16A-63: Executive committee.

52:16A-64: Conflicts of interest.

52:16A-65: Quorum.

52:16A-66: Minutes; Governor's approval of actions.

52:16A-67: Board of trustees' duties.

52:16A-68: Employment of executive director.

52:16A-69: Curators, other employees.

52:16A-70: Annual report.

52:16A-71: Audits.

52:16A-72: Short title

52:16A-73: Findings, declarations relative to the New Jersey Cultural Trust

52:16A-74: Definitions relative to the New Jersey Cultural Trust

52:16A-75: "New Jersey Cultural Trust"

52:16A-76: Board of Trustees

52:16A-77: Authority, powers of board

52:16A-78: Annual report on activities of the Cultural Trust

52:16A-79: "New Jersey Cultural Trust Account;" "New Jersey Cultural Trust Fund"

52:16A-80: Donations to Cultural Trust, matching State appropriation

52:16A-81: Council's recommendations for funding

52:16A-82: Historic Trust's recommendations for funding

52:16A-83: Commission's recommendations for funding

52:16A-84: Obligations of recipients

52:16A-85: Regulations, annual funding request

52:16A-86: Findings, declarations relative to Amistad Commission.

52:16A-87: Amistad Commission established.

52:16A-88: Responsibilities, duties of Amistad Commission.

52:16A-89: Assistance to Amistad Commission.

52:16A-90: New Jersey Black Cultural and Heritage Initiative Foundation.

52:16A-91: Board of Trustees; terms, vacancies.

52:16A-92: Executive Director, employees.

52:16A-93: Secretary of State, incorporator of foundation.

52:16A-94: Use of funds received by foundation for the initiative.

52:16A-95: Provision of financial, service support by Department of State.

52:16A-96: Payment of expenses by foundation; private counsel.

52:16A-97: Annual audit.

52:16A-98: Division of Elections transferred to Department of State.

52:16A-99: Findings, declarations relative to Ellis Island.

52:16A-100: Ellis Island Advisory Commission.

52:16A-101: Responsibilities, duties of Ellis Island Advisory Commission.

52:16A-102: Report to Governor, Legislature.

52:16A-103: Authority of commission to request information, assistance.

52:16A-104: Findings, declarations relative to establishing the "New Jersey-Israel Commission" as permanent.

52:16A-105: New Jersey-Israel Commission deemed permanent; membership, vacancies, compensation, meetings.

52:16A-106: Designation of chairpersons, subcommittee chairpersons; quorum.

52:16A-107: Purpose of New Jersey-Israel Commission.

52:16A-108: Authority of New Jersey-Israel Commission.

52:16A-109: Consistent provisions of Executive Orders remain in force, effect.

52:16A-110: Information for nonprofit organizations provided on the Internet.

52:16A-111: Establishment of formats, icons.

52:16A-112: Cooperation by State departments, agencies.

52:16A-113: Division of the State Museum.

52:16A-114: Powers, functions, duties continued; board of trustees abolished.

52:16A-115: Authority, powers of division.

52:16A-116: Executive director.

52:16A-117: Appointment of employees.

52:16A-118: Annual reports.

52:16A-119: Examination of accounts, books, records.

52:16A-120: Duties of military and defense economic ombudsman.

52:16A-121: "New Jersey-Made," "NJ-Made" logo.

52:16A-122: Designation of Major Event Coordinator.

52:16A-123: Findings, declaration relative to the New Jersey Puerto Rico Commission.

52:16A-124: New Jersey Puerto Rico Commission established.

52:16A-125: Designation of chairpersons, appointment of members.

52:16A-126: Purpose of the New Jersey Puerto Rico Commission.

52:16A-127: Authority to raise funds.