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Chapter: 17A - Purpose of act

52:17A-1: Purpose of act

52:17A-2: Department established; appointment and term of Attorney-General

52:17A-3: Administration of department; Attorney-General to devote entire time to duties; salary

52:17A-3.1: Acting Attorney-General; designation; revocation

52:17A-3.2: Vacancy in Attorney-General's office; continuance in office of person designated

52:17A-3.3: Powers and duties of Acting Attorney-General

52:17A-4: Powers and duties of Division of Law

52:17A-6: Appointment of assistants and deputies; employees

52:17A-7: Assistant Attorneys-General; at-will, confidential employees.

52:17A-9: Members of department not to act as attorneys in state cases except in official capacity

52:17A-10: Additional compensation to members of department

52:17A-11: Employment of attorneys by State officers, departments, etc.

52:17A-12: Assignment of deputies or assistants to State officers, departments, etc.

52:17A-13: Special counsel for State officers or departments, etc.

52:17A-14: Reports to Governor and Legislature

52:17A-16: Department of Attorney-General abolished; transfer of employees

52:17A-17: Office of counsel to State officers, departments, etc., abolished; exceptions

52:17A-18: Transfer of offices, property, etc. of Department of Attorney-General

52:17A-19: Transfer of moneys; appropriation for salaries

52:17A-20: Acts repealed