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Chapter: 18 - Death, resignation, etc., of treasurer; account; delivery of funds to successor

52:18-4.1: Death, resignation, etc., of treasurer; account; delivery of funds to successor

52:18-5: Duration of bond

52:18-7.1: Designation of acting deputy when deputy State Treasurer ill or absent; powers and duties; oath; bond

52:18-8: Bond and oath of deputy state treasurer

52:18-10: Death, resignation or displacement of treasurer; account stated; delivery of property to successor

52:18-10.1: Seal

52:18-11: General duties of treasurer

52:18-11.1: Individual retirement annuities for state employees and their spouses; contract with insurance company

52:18-11.2: Long term care insurance plan for local contracting units.

52:18-11.3: Written statement informing recipients.

52:18-13: Accounts stated and report to legislature

52:18-14: Time for closing accounts

52:18-15: Accounts examined by joint legislative committee; report; printing

52:18-16: Annual balance sheet; contents

52:18-16.1: Deposit of public moneys; interest; auction; notice

52:18-19: Bank books of deposits and withdrawals; annual entry of credits and debits; balance struck

52:18-20: Drawing on deposits; written authorization of treasurer and countersignature by comptroller

52:18-20.1: Cancellation of State checks outstanding more than six years

52:18-20.2: Credit to State Treasury of funds on deposit

52:18-21: Quarterly record of state funds on deposit; public record; notice of balance

52:18-24: Transfer of deposits to successor treasurer

52:18-25: Loan of surplus money

52:18-25.1: Temporary investments

52:18-25.2: Railroad deposits; moneys held for unpresented bonds; investment

52:18-25.3: Claims for railroad deposits; sale of securities when allowed

52:18-25.4: Interest on investments

52:18-26: Treasurer may borrow from funds in his custody; repayment; restriction

52:18-27: No money drawn from treasury unless explicitly appropriated

52:18-28: Payments from treasury on warrant of comptroller; approval of bills

52:18-29: Monthly payment of state moneys into treasury; disbursements; motor vehicle department

52:18-30: Exceptions to section 52:18-29

52:18-31: Moneys collected through board of fish and game commissioners

52:18-32: Moneys received pursuant to motor vehicle laws

52:18-33: Moneys collected for support of boarding hall of normal schools

52:18-34: Receipt of moneys reported to comptroller for audit and registry

52:18-35: Deposit of United States bonds, received as security for deposits of moneys received from United States, in Federal Reserve Bank outside state

52:18-36: Collection of debt.

52:18-37: Fee for unpaid debts.

52:18-38: Written notification to debtor of issuance of certificate of debt.

52:18-39: Construction of act.

52:18-40: Regulations, procedures to manage collection of debt; report of inventory of total debt.

52:18-41: Report to Governor, Legislature.

52:18-42: Definitions relative to public contracts with private entities.

52:18-43: Conditions for financial assistance from public entity.

52:18-44: Filing of audited financial statements, reports.

52:18-45: Notification to State Treasurer of contract, designation of lead public agency.

52:18-46: Certification by business filing financial statement.

52:18-47: Duties of CPA relative to preparation of audit report.

52:18-48: Internal control report.

52:18-49: Failure to adhere to requirements, refund of financial assistance.

52:18-50: Certain State entities prohibited from charging certain fees.

52:18-51: Definitions relative to certain economic development subsidies.

52:18-52: Conditions for award of subsidy.