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Chapter: 18A - "Department" defined

52:18A-1: "Department" defined

52:18A-2: State Treasurer

52:18A-2a: Transfer of revenues to Health Care Subsidy Fund

52:18A-2.1: Board of Public Utilities; transferred

52:18A-3: Divisions within Department

52:18A-4: Division of Budget and Accounting transferred

52:18A-5: Director of Division of Budget and Accounting

52:18A-6: State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance, powers and duties of transferred

52:18A-6.1: Director of Division of Budget and Accounting, powers and duties of

52:18A-6.2: Reference to "Commissioner of Taxation and Finance" deemed reference to Director of Division of Budget and Accounting

52:18A-7: Former Office of State Comptroller abolished; accounting and financial management to Division of Budget and Accounting.

52:18A-8: State revenues; depositories; reports; accounting

52:18A-8.1: Fiscal agent or custodian for funds and other assets; agreements.

52:18A-8.1a: Definitions used in C.52:18A-8.1.

52:18A-8.2: Services to be performed

52:18A-8.3: Provision against loss or damage required in agreements

52:18A-8.4: Fee for returned check collected by Department of the Treasury

52:18A-9: Forms

52:18A-10: Encumbrance requests and statements of indebtedness; approval; examination; warrant checks

52:18A-11: Checks or drafts for transfer of funds

52:18A-12: Certain provisions of alw construed as applying to the Director of the Division of Budget and Accounting.

52:18A-13: Vacancies in certain offices, notice to banks.

52:18A-16: Division of Purchase and Property transferred

52:18A-17: Director of Division of Purchase and Property

52:18A-18: Powers and duties of director of Division of Purchase and Property transferred

52:18A-18.1: Notice prior to moving State facility

52:18A-18.2: Leasing of certain State-owned property, priority, rate approval.

52:18A-19: Applications and schedules for articles to be purchased; duties of director; bills for purchases

52:18A-19.1: Parking purposes, lease of State lands, not needed, for

52:18A-19.2: Division of Architecture, Construction and Maintenance in the Department of Institutions and Agencies, the Commissioner of Institutions and Agencies a

52:18A-19.3: Certain terms occurring in sections 30:3-7 to 30:3-11 deemed to mean Director of the Division of Purchase and Property

52:18A-19.4: Repeal

52:18A-19.5: Cafeteria for State officers and employees

52:18A-19.6: State Cafeterias Revolving Account

52:18A-19.7: Balance on hand; disposition

52:18A-19.8: Warrants

52:18A-19.9: Appropriation of money in State Cafeterias Revolving Account

52:18A-19.10: Effective date

52:18A-19.11: Transfer of functions, powers, and duties of state bureau for surplus property from division of field services, state department of education to divis

52:18A-19.12: Method of transfer

52:18A-20: Division of Local Government transferred

52:18A-21: Director of Division of Local Government

52:18A-22: Director to be chairman of Local Government Board

52:18A-23: Powers and duties of Division of Local Government transferred

52:18A-24: Division of Taxation transferred; director of such division

52:18A-24.1: Director of the Division of Taxation; duties

52:18A-25: Powers and duties of Division of Taxation transferred

52:18A-27: Powers and duties of State Treasurer transferred to State Treasurer as head of Department of Treasury

52:18A-28: State Director of the United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company

52:18A-30: State Treasurer, Deputy State Treasurer; additional duties.

52:18A-30.1: Destruction of records

52:18A-31: Deputy director of the Division of Budget and Accounting

52:18A-32: State Department of Taxation and Finance and State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance; powers and duties transferred

52:18A-33: Personnel, interdepartmental and intradepartmental transfer of

52:18A-34: State Treasurer may exercise any power vested in a director

52:18A-35: Co-ordination of activities of department

52:18A-36: Removal of director; vacancies

52:18A-37: Oaths; bonds

52:18A-38: Reports, certifications, applications or requests

52:18A-39: Transfer of files, books, papers, records, equipment and other property

52:18A-40: Orders, rules and regulations previously made

52:18A-41: Pending actions or proceedings

52:18A-42: Transfers of appropriations

52:18A-43: Employees, transfer of

52:18A-44: Tenure, civil service, pension or retirement rights not affected

52:18A-45: Terms of office expiring on effective date

52:18A-46: Terms defined; references to.

52:18A-47: Repeal

52:18A-48: Short title

52:18A-49: Effective date; prior appointments

52:18A-50: Definitions

52:18A-51: Creation of Authority

52:18A-52: General purpose of Authority

52:18A-53: Appointment and terms of members

52:18A-54: Vacancies

52:18A-55: Removal

52:18A-56: Members to serve without compensation

52:18A-57: Quorum

52:18A-58: Officers

52:18A-59: General powers

52:18A-60: Additional powers

52:18A-61: Power of state departments, agencies and instrumentalities to contract with the Authority

52:18A-62: Power of counties and municipalities to convey or lease real property

52:18A-65: Condemnation

52:18A-66: Bonds

52:18A-67: Remedies and statutory trustees

52:18A-68: Credit of State and political subdivisions not pledged

52:18A-69: Agreement of State

52:18A-70: Exemption from taxation

52:18A-71: Bonds eligible for investment

52:18A-72: Annual report

52:18A-73: Interested members, agents or employees

52:18A-74: Additional method

52:18A-75: Act liberally construed

52:18A-76: Severability

52:18A-77: Inconsistent laws inapplicable

52:18A-78: Short title

52:18A-78.1: Short title

52:18A-78.2: Definitions

52:18A-78.3: Findings, declarations

52:18A-78.4: New Jersey building authority; establishment; membership; appointment; term; removal; oath of office; organization; quorum; bond; reimbursement of exp

52:18A-78.5: Powers of authority

52:18A-78.5a: Purposes for authority projects

52:18A-78.5b: Permitted project, certain

52:18A-78.5c: Application for financing local historic projects

52:18A-78.6: Project report; review

52:18A-78.7: Public hearing; notice; records; objection by local government; response

52:18A-78.8: Submission to legislature; approval by concurrent resolution

52:18A-78.9: Leases for space in project; written approval by legislature prior to execution

52:18A-78.9a: Lease or sublease agreement; approval by authority

52:18A-78.10: Municipalities; limitations on powers; provision of services; contractual agreements with local governmental agencies

52:18A-78.11: Adoption of standing rules, procedures for contracts by authority.

52:18A-78.11d: Supervision by chairman

52:18A-78.11e: Employees; assistance.

52:18A-78.11f: General Services Administration authority

52:18A-78.12: Relocation of public highways or roads; entry on lands for surveys or examinations; relocation or removal of public utility facilities

52:18A-78.13: Eminent domain

52:18A-78.14: Issuance of bonds, notes

52:18A-78.15: Covenants and contracts with holders of bonds and notes

52:18A-78.16: Pledge of revenue and assets; validity; lien

52:18A-78.17: No personal liability.

52:18A-78.18: Reserves, funds or accounts; establishment

52:18A-78.19: Pledge and covenant not to alter rights and powers

52:18A-78.20: Bonds or notes as legal investment

52:18A-78.21: Lease of real property by state or local government agency to authority

52:18A-78.22: Agreements between State agencies and authority

52:18A-78.23: Tax exemption of projects and other property, and bonds and notes and interest; in lieu tax payment

52:18A-78.23a: Apartments created under Horizontal Property Act or unit created under Condominium Act as constituting parcel of real property

52:18A-78.24: Default on bonds or notes; trustee; appointment; powers and duties; jurisdiction and venue of suit, action or proceeding

52:18A-78.25: Moneys received pursuant to act as trust funds

52:18A-78.26: Annual report; audit of books and accounts

52:18A-78.27: Rendition of services by officers and units of state

52:18A-78.28: Affirmative action program

52:18A-78.29: Payment of prevailing wage rate

52:18A-78.30: Application of provisions of this act or regulations over inconsistent or conflicting laws or regulations

52:18A-78.31: Severability

52:18A-78.32: Liberal construction of act

52:18A-79: Division of Investment established

52:18A-83: State Investment Council established; membership; terms.

52:18A-84: Director of Division of Investment.

52:18A-84.1: Deputy Directors of Division of Investment.

52:18A-85: Certain powers and duties of certain agencies transferred to Director of Division of Investment

52:18A-86: Powers and duties relating to investment of certain funds to be performed by Director of Division of Investment

52:18A-86.1: Acceptance, investment of moneys

52:18A-87: State Disability Benefits Fund; Trustees for Support of Public Schools; investments by Director of Division of Investment

52:18A-88.1: Investment, reinvestment of moneys on behalf of specified agencies

52:18A-89: Limitations, conditions, restrictions continued; authorization of investments

52:18A-89.4: Findings, declarations

52:18A-89.5: Standards for corporate activity

52:18A-89.6: Annual report

52:18A-89.7: Encouragement of adherence by corporations

52:18A-89.8: Investments in Israeli obligations

52:18A-89.9: Pension, annuity funds, certain, investment in company with equity ties to Sudan, certain; prohibited.

52:18A-89.10: Sale, redemption, divestiture, withdrawal from certain investments; time.

52:18A-89.11: Reports to Legislature; contents.

52:18A-89.12: Pension or annuity, investment in foreign companies having equity ties to Iran; prohibited.

52:18A-89.13: Findings, declarations relative to investment of State funds in companies boycotting Israel.

52:18A-89.14: Investment in companies which boycott Israel prohibited.

52:18A-89.15: Department of the Treasury use of qualified minority and women-owned financial institutions

52:18A-90: Employees of State Investment Council

52:18A-90.1: Common trust fund

52:18A-90.2: Record of capital contributions of participating funds with income inuring to benefit of general state fund

52:18A-90.3: Certificates of ownership in common trust fund; distributions

52:18A-90.4: State of New Jersey Cash Management Fund.

52:18A-90.4a: Definitions used in C.52:18A-90.4.

52:18A-91: Powers and duties of State Investment Council.

52:18A-91.1: State Investment Council members forbidden to vote on certain transactions.

52:18A-92: Report of operations of Division of Investment

52:18A-93: Bond of Director

52:18A-94: Inconsistent laws

52:18A-95: Division of Pensions established

52:18A-95.1: Division of Pensions renamed Division of Pensions and Benefits

52:18A-96: Transfer of agencies and their functions, powers, duties, equipment and records--exceptions

52:18A-97: Powers and duties of enumerated agencies continued

52:18A-98: Authority to appoint, employ or remove personnel

52:18A-99: Director; appointment and qualifications; tenure and salary

52:18A-100: Functions, powers, duties of Director of Division of Investment not affected

52:18A-101: Personal rights not affected

52:18A-102: Repealer

52:18A-103: Repealer

52:18A-104: Inconsistent acts

52:18A-105: Affixing voucher signatures by machine

52:18A-106: Bond

52:18A-107: Purpose of act

52:18A-108: Definitions.

52:18A-109: Supplementary annuity program; establishment; contributions

52:18A-110: Supplemental annuity collective trust; establishment; duties; divisions

52:18A-111: Supplemental Annuity Collective Trust

52:18A-112: Participation; application for enrollment.

52:18A-113: Contributions.

52:18A-113.1: Purchase of annuity for employee by employer.

52:18A-113.2: Tax-deferred annuity, education employees; written agreement to reduce salary.

52:18A-113.3: Reduction of employee's salary; benefits.

52:18A-113.4: Payments for annuity.

52:18A-113.5: Rules, regulations

52:18A-113.6: Transfer of certain annuity funds.

52:18A-114: Investment of assets of variable and fixed divisions

52:18A-115: Investment of assets of Variable Division.

52:18A-116: Accounts of variable division

52:18A-117: Variable retirement benefit, transfer of outstanding loan balance

52:18A-118: Investment and reinvestment of assets of fixed division; fixed income securities

52:18A-119: Accounts of fixed division

52:18A-120: Fixed retirement benefit; transfer of outstanding loan balance

52:18A-121: Single cash payment for participant ceasing to be member of retirement system

52:18A-122: Payment in event of death of participant prior to retirement

52:18A-123: Termination of inactive accounts; refunds

52:18A-124: Time each division operative; required number of participants

52:18A-151: Establishment of division; director

52:18A-152: Bureaus; organizational units

52:18A-153: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of Division of Purchase and Property, director, and Office of Architecture, Engineering and Construction

52:18A-154: Transfer of appropriations

52:18A-155: Transfer of employees

52:18A-156: Employee rights

52:18A-157: Transfer of files, records, etc.

52:18A-158: Effect upon prior orders, rules, regulations

52:18A-159: Effect upon pending actions or proceedings

52:18A-160: Reports, certifications, etc.; filing with division

52:18A-161: Construction of prior laws, rules or regulations

52:18A-162: Repeal of inconsistent acts

52:18A-163: State employees deferred compensation board; establishment; members; compensation; meetings

52:18A-164: New Jersey state employees deferred compensation plan

52:18A-165: Deferral and deduction of salary; voluntary written agreement

52:18A-166: Investment of funds; division of investment as fiduciary

52:18A-167: Powers

52:18A-168: Costs to be recovered by service charge or from private organization with contract for administration

52:18A-169: Immunity from liability for loss

52:18A-170: Disposition of deferred, deducted moneys; assets held in trust

52:18A-170.1: Amendment, termination of Supplemental Annuity Collective Trust.

52:18A-171: Unassignability of payments and rights

52:18A-172: Deferred and deducted amounts; inclusion as regular compensation; exclusion in computation of federal withholding taxes

52:18A-173: Deferred salary clearing fund and other funds

52:18A-174: Deferred compensation plan expanded.

52:18A-175: Plan additional to and not part of retirement or pension system

52:18A-176: Portability of employees' credit from similar plans

52:18A-177: Determination plan consistent with requirements of Internal Revenue Service

52:18A-178: Short title

52:18A-179: Legislative findings and declarations

52:18A-180: Definitions

52:18A-181: General services administration; establishment

52:18A-182: General services administrator; qualifications; appointment; term of office; compensation

52:18A-183: Organization; employees

52:18A-184: Divisions of purchase and property and building and construction; consolidation under administration; continuance

52:18A-185: Division of data processing and telecommunications; abolishment

52:18A-186: Division of functions, powers and duties relating to data processing and telecommunications between administration and treasurer

52:18A-187: Data processing and telecommunications; duties

52:18A-188: Means to accomplish duties

52:18A-189: Data processing; duties

52:18A-190: Telecommunications; definition; duties

52:18A-191: Administrator; additional duties

52:18A-191.1: Findings, declarations

52:18A-191.2: Definitions

52:18A-191.3: Office of Leasing Operations established

52:18A-191.4: State Leasing and Space Utilization Committee established

52:18A-191.5: Committee approval required for lease agreements

52:18A-191.6: Site visits to leased property

52:18A-191.7: Information provided to Legislative Budget and Finance Officer

52:18A-191.8: Rules, regulations

52:18A-191.9: Entitlement to assistance, services

52:18A-192: Reference to division of data processing and telecommunications to mean and refer to general services administration

52:18A-193: Transfers in accordance with State Agency Transfer Act

52:18A-194: Provisions of act; application to executive branch; coordinating and advisory application to legislative and judicial branches

52:18A-195: Supersedure of inconsistent acts; repeal

52:18A-196: Findings, declarations.

52:18A-197: State Planning Commission

52:18A-198: Organizational meeting

52:18A-199: Duties of the commission.

52:18A-200: State Development and Redevelopment Plan.

52:18A-201: Office of State Planning.

52:18A-201.1: "Military facility," "military facility commander," notification of land use plan.

52:18A-202: Advice of other entities; plan cross-acceptance.

52:18A-202a: Extended period for filing report on preliminary plan.

52:18A-202.1: Findings, declarations

52:18A-202.2: Studies; review.

52:18A-202.3: On-going monitoring and evaluation program

52:18A-203: Rules, regulations.

52:18A-204: Assistance of personnel of other entities.

52:18A-205: Provision of data by other entities.

52:18A-206: Other plans, regulations unaffected; adoption of coastal planning policies.

52:18A-207: Short title

52:18A-208: Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fund

52:18A-209: Petroleum Overcharge Reimbursement Fund

52:18A-210: Eligibility guidelines; distribution procedures

52:18A-211: Annual budget recommendation; requirements

52:18A-212: Findings, declarations relative to the Trenton War Memorial

52:18A-213: Title vested in State

52:18A-214: Jurisdiction of the Department of the Treasury; Department of State

52:18A-215: Funds; fees; uses

52:18A-216: War Memorial Fund

52:18A-218: Korean Veterans' Memorial Fund

52:18A-218.1: Definitions relative to funeral payments for public safety personnel.

52:18A-218.2: Reimbursement to family of employee killed in performance of his duties.

52:18A-218.3: Rules, regulations.

52:18A-219: Division of Risk Management.

52:18A-220: Director of the Division of Risk Management.

52:18A-221: Mission of the division.

52:18A-222: Risk Management Committee.

52:18A-223: Rules, regulations.

52:18A-224: Short title.

52:18A-225: Findings, declarations relative to Office of Information Technology.

52:18A-226: Definitions relative to Office of Information Technology.

52:18A-227: Office of Information Technology.

52:18A-228: New Jersey Information Technology Governing Board.

52:18A-229: Administration of Office of Information Technology; Chief Technology Officer.

52:18A-230: Authority of Chief Technology Officer.

52:18A-231: Deputy Chief Technology Officers.

52:18A-232: New Jersey Information Technology Project Review Board.

52:18A-233: Reports to Governor, Legislature.

52:18A-234: Cooperation required.

52:18A-234.1: Short title.

52:18A-234.2: Findings, declarations relative to provision of certain information on the Internet.

52:18A-234.3: Definitions relative to provision of certain information on the Internet.

52:18A-234.4: Chief Data Officer; appointment, authority, responsibilities; rules, regulations.

52:18A-234.5: Provision of information by agency.

52:18A-234.6: Agency to not warrant fitness of information, immunity from liability.

52:18A-234.7: Construction of act.

52:18A-235: Findings, declarations relative to construction and financing of public school facilities.

52:18A-236: Definitions relative to construction and financing of public school facilities.

52:18A-237: "New Jersey Schools Development Authority."

52:18A-238: Powers of development authority.

52:18A-239: Rules, regulations relative to payment of prevailing wage rate.

52:18A-240: Rules, regulations relative to affirmative action program.

52:18A-241: Payment of incurred claims, damages, losses, liabilities or costs by development authority.

52:18A-242: No modification by municipality of school facilities project; agreements with local government agencies.

52:18A-243: Preparation of separate plans and specifications, conditions; bids; awarding of contracts.

52:18A-244: Powers of development authority relative to undertaking school facilities project.

52:18A-245: Exercise of powers constitute performance of essential governmental function.

52:18A-246: Property exempt from levy, sale.

52:18A-247: New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation abolished, transfer to New Jersey Schools Development Authority, references in law.

52:18A-248: Limit on executive branch hires to replace retirees; reporting requirements.

52:18A-249: Limitation on hires in judicial branch to replace retirees.

52:18A-251: Availability of ABLE funds.

52:18A-250: "New Jersey Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Program."

52:18A-252: DHS responsible for program services.

52:18A-253: Program treated as State ABLE Program.

52:18A-254: Annual determination of dollar amount of ABLE account.

52:18A-255: ABLE account disregarded for eligibility to receive certain benefits.

52:18A-256: Rules, regulations.

52:18A-257: Review council.

52:18A-258: Criminal history background checks for certain employees of State agencies.

52:18A-259: Posting of status of agreements.

52:18A-260: Public-Private Partnership Review Fund.

52:18A-261: Construction of act.