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Chapter: 20 - State House Commission, composition, compensation, terms.

52:20-1: State House Commission, composition, compensation, terms.

52:20-2: Secretary

52:20-4: Meetings of commission, copies of minutes

52:20-5: Rules

52:20-6: Number of members necessary to act

52:20-7: Commission to have custody of State-owned buildings; exception

52:20-13: Acquisition of property in Trenton

52:20-14: Construction and alteration of buildings; submission to legislature

52:20-15: Plans and specifications; appropriations; contracts; architect

52:20-15.1: Approval of state house commission in connection with certain contracts for capital improvements and transfer of funds in connection therewith

52:20-17: Annual report to legislature

52:20-18: Additional powers and duties

52:20-18.1: Findings, declarations

52:20-18.2: Subcommittee on Green Acres Properties established

52:20-18.3: Subcommittee to meet, provide minutes to State House Commission

52:20-18.4: Commission to determine what projects subcommittee may consider, interim guidelines

52:20-18.5: Powers and duties of subcommittee

52:20-18.6: Exercise of powers and duties

52:20-19: Referendum laws not affected

52:20-24: County and municipal war memorials