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Chapter: 24 - Office of state auditor continued; employees continued

52:24-1: Office of state auditor continued; employees continued

52:24-2: Appointment, qualifications, term and compensation of State Auditor

52:24-3: Personnel

52:24-4: Duties, responsibilities of State Auditor.

52:24-4.2: Annual audit of funds.

52:24-4.3: Annual audit and report on DEP fees, requirements

52:24-4.4: Compliance of State entity with recommendation of State Auditor.

52:24-5: Audit of moneys collected for state by county and other officials

52:24-6: Reports to Legislature and Governor.

52:24-6.1: Report by State Auditor on unspent account balances.

52:24-7: Report malfeasance, etc., to Governor; Legislature, suspension of offender; hearing; removal.

52:24-8: Failure or refusal of officer, department head to keep accounts, etc.; procedure.

52:24-9: Exclusive use of state auditor's department required; exceptions

52:24-10: Construction and application of article

52:24-10.1: Cancellation on records of uncollectible account, note or credit item due Clerk of Superior Court