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Chapter: 25 -

52:25-1: Definitions

52:25-2: Construction and repair of buildings, roads and bridges excepted

52:25-3: Products of institutional labor excepted

52:25-4: Laws applicable to expenditure of public moneys to govern

52:25-5: Department and employees continued

52:25-6: Exclusive purchasing authority

52:25-11: Commissioner to execute chapter; contracts to be in name of state

52:25-12: Custody of documents and records

52:25-13: Maintenance of storage places

52:25-14: Reorganizing laboratories, storage places and office divisions

52:25-16: Proceedings and records open to public

52:25-16.1: Contract provisions relating to any local contracting unit.

52:25-16.2: Solicitation of bids for volunteer fire department, first aid, rescue squads

52:25-16.3: List of current contracts

52:25-16.4: Rules and regulations

52:25-16.5: Definitions

52:25-16.6: Independent college purchases under State contracts.

52:25-16.7: $500 minimum

52:25-16.8: Distribution of contract data

52:25-16.9: Rules, regulations

52:25-23: Purchasing authority delegation for amounts under $25,000; under $250,000, certain.

52:25-24.1: Financial statement by bidder; questionnaires

52:25-24.2: Bidders to supply public agencies; statement of ownership of 10% interest in corporation or partnership

52:25-25: Agreements for purchases in form of contracts

52:25-26: All purchases in accordance with chapter