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Chapter: 27 - Local Government Board to be constituted the "Municipal Finance Commission"

52:27-1: Local Government Board to be constituted the "Municipal Finance Commission"

52:27-2: Action where municipality defaults; judgment; powers and duties of commission

52:27-3: Resolution by municipality declaring inability to meet obligations; action in Superior Court; commission to function

52:27-4: Duration of commission in municipality; subsequent powers of Director of Division of Local Government

52:27-5: Powers of commission and director to cease upon annulment of order adjudging municipality in default

52:27-6: Secretary, auditor and other assistants; limitation on expenses

52:27-7: Duties of secretary

52:27-8: Office for auditor; access to books and records

52:27-9: Warrants and checks to be countersigned by auditor

52:27-10: Rules; seal

52:27-11: Majority may act; hearing; single member may sit

52:27-12: Subpoenas; failure to obey or refusal to answer questions

52:27-13: Commission may carry out directions not complied with by municipality

52:27-13.1: Powers and duties of auditor

52:27-13.2: Certifying failure of municipal officer or employee to perform duties; removal or suspension; appointment of another

52:27-13.3: Special collectors; appointment

52:27-13.4: Application of proceeds of taxes

52:27-13.5: Manner of certifying resolution; binding effect

52:27-14: Funding or refunding indebtedness; resolution by commission

52:27-15: Public hearing on resolution

52:27-16: Adoption of resolution by municipality

52:27-17: Other laws not applicable; debt statements as including obligations issued after December 31, 1946

52:27-18: Publication of resolution; when effective; validity

52:27-19: Terms and form of notes or bonds; sale or exchange

52:27-20: Public or private sale of notes or bonds; prices

52:27-21: Presumption of validity of notes and bonds

52:27-22: Consent of commission to municipality issuing notes or bonds; limitations on municipal expenditures; claims certified

52:27-22.1: Scrip or tax anticipation notes or bonds; approval

52:27-22.2: Penalty for violation of act

52:27-23: Limitation on school budget when municipality in default

52:27-23.1: Authorized provisions in resolutions authorizing issuance of notes or bonds enumerated; enforcement

52:27-23.2: Reserve or sinking funds; payment to sinking fund commission

52:27-23.3: Cancellation of notes or bonds; payment of other municipal indebtedness

52:27-24: Terms, provisions, conditions and limitations in notes or bonds; negotiability

52:27-25: Municipal tax to pay notes and bonds; reserve fund; withdrawals

52:27-26: Compromise or adjustment of delinquent taxes and assessments

52:27-27: Assessment, reassessment, etc., of taxable ratables; cost; employment of experts

52:27-28: Appeals from taxation

52:27-29: Installment payments of assessments for local improvements

52:27-29.1: Certificate of tax sale or tax title; real estate; sale, exchange, lease or other disposition

52:27-29.2: Acceptance of municipal or school district bonds in payment of tax or assessment title liens authorized; refunding bonds; tax payment certificates

52:27-30: Expenses of commission to be paid by municipality

52:27-31: Expenses of issuing notes or bonds and of foreclosure or perfecting title; including in debt to be funded; appropriation

52:27-32: Article inapplicable to bonds issued after June 1, 1936

52:27-32.1: Enforcement of judgments, etc., against municipality stayed; necessity of court order

52:27-33: Proceedings against municipality for assessment or collection of taxes prohibited; exceptions; remedies of holders of unpaid claims against municipali

52:27-33.1: Taxes collected by municipality paid to designated banks

52:27-33.2: Action in Superior Court to determine application and distribution to creditors of property or funds of municipality

52:27-33.3: Court may vacate, modify or restrict statutory stay

52:27-34: Action by creditors; plan of adjustment or composition; parties

52:27-36: Approval by Supreme Court justice of plan of adjustment or composition; findings

52:27-37: Approved plan binding on all creditors; substituted obligations

52:27-38: Continuance of stay of proceedings against municipality; action by creditor to enforce claim restricted

52:27-39: Reduction in principal of outstanding notes or bonds prohibited

52:27-39.1: State, State school or county taxes, compromise of county's claim against certain municipalities for

52:27-39.2: Resolution of county board required; previous payment by county to State required

52:27-39.3: Settlement may include what; terms; consideration

52:27-39.4: County treasurer to perform compromise settlement--disposition of consideration received

52:27-39.5: Effective date; limitation of time for adoption of resolution

52:27-40: Filing of petition by political subdivision; approval of commission

52:27-41: Ordinance or resolution of governing body to authorize filing of petition

52:27-42: Approval by commission of readjustment plan necessary

52:27-43: Commission authorized to approve petition and plan; restrictions

52:27-44: Powers of political subdivision upon confirmation of readjustment plan; issuance of bonds or notes

52:27-45: Request for approval of petition, plan, etc.; procedure

52:27-45.1: Municipalities effecting plan for readjustment or composition of debts; powers; "court" defined

52:27-45.2: Warrants for funding or refunding indebtedness; ordinance or resolution; special fund for payment of warrants; form; interest

52:27-45.3: Board for liquidation of assets; members, appointment, compensation and expenses; nature and government of board

52:27-45.4: Duties of board in liquidation of assets pledged to special fund; proceeds of liquidation; cancellation of outstanding and unpaid warrants after prope

52:27-45.5: Periodic accountings by board as trustee; cooperation of council or other governing body; suspension of performance of acts

52:27-45.6: Covenants in ordinance or resolution protecting security and rights of warrant holders

52:27-45.7: General powers and duties of board; by-laws and rules; employees; real estate brokers; liquidation of assets

52:27-45.8: Discharge of board; extension of existence; surplus in special fund

52:27-45.9: Invalidity or illegality of ordinance or resolution; board prevented from performance of duties

52:27-45.10: Issuance of new warrants of different denominations at request of registered holders

52:27-45.11: Execution and delivery of new warrants

52:27-46: School districts to which applicable; resolution by commission

52:27-47: Public hearing on resolution

52:27-48: Adoption of resolution by board of education

52:27-49: No referendum; other laws inapplicable

52:27-50: Form of notes or bonds; terms, provisions and conditions

52:27-51: Collateral agreements; provisions in resolutions as to taxation, sinking fund, pledges and limitations; enforcement

52:27-51.1: Sinking fund commission; payments of reserve or sinking fund to

52:27-51.2: Release of sinking funds

52:27-52: Sale or exchange of notes or bonds

52:27-53: Conditions of sale or exchange

52:27-54: Effect of resolutions; publication; validity; presumptions

52:27-55: Tax to pay notes and bonds; reserve or sinking fund

52:27-56: Additional indebtedness and expenditures; assent of commission necessary

52:27-57: Default in payment of interest, salaries, etc.; limitation on expenditures

52:27-58: Auditors and assistants; expenses limited

52:27-59: Powers and duties of auditor; office

52:27-60: Expenses to be paid by school district

52:27-61: Failure of school authorities to act; commission to act directly

52:27-62: Remedies; enforcement of judgments, etc.; bringing of actions or proceedings stayed; exceptions

52:27-63: Plan of adjustment or composition of claims of creditors; procedure; effect

52:27-64: "Certified" resolutions defined; form of certificate; signing

52:27-65: Remedial law to meet public emergency; liberal construction

52:27-66: Powers and duties severable