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Chapter: 27B - Terms defined

52:27B-1: Terms defined

52:27B-2: State Department of Taxation and Finance established

52:27B-3: Divisions established

52:27B-4: State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance; appointment and removal

52:27B-5: Compensation of commissioner

52:27B-6: General powers and duties of commissioner

52:27B-7: Transfer of personnel

52:27B-8: Administrative Division authorized

52:27B-9: Deputy commissioner

52:27B-9.1: Cancellation of uncollectible claims of state for grant or rental of riparian lands

52:27B-10: Director of division

52:27B-11: Organization of division

52:27B-12: Bureau of the Budget

52:27B-13: Procedures prescribed

52:27B-14: Expenditures for ensuing year to be requested

52:27B-15: Request officers

52:27B-16: Form of request

52:27B-17: State highway program

52:27B-18: Investigation of requests

52:27B-19: Transmission to Governor of requests and findings

52:27B-20: Governor's budget message; presentment; form.

52:27B-20a: State tax expenditure report included in Governor's budget message.

52:27B-20.1: Short title

52:27B-20.2: Findings, determinations

52:27B-20.3: Definitions

52:27B-20.4: DEP fees as anticipated revenues; statistical information required

52:27B-20.5: Program statements, data required

52:27B-21: Recommendations

52:27B-22: Applications for supplemental appropriations

52:27B-23: Copies of budget message to be distributed

52:27B-24: Revision and amendment of requests

52:27B-25: Submission of allotments to spending agencies by quarters

52:27B-26: Reserves; revision of quarterly allotments

52:27B-27: Requests for revision

52:27B-28: Transfer of appropriations

52:27B-29: Allotments from State Emergency Fund

52:27B-30: Study of departmental requirements and personnel

52:27B-31: Governor may prohibit or control expenditures

52:27B-32: Provisions not applicable to Legislature

52:27B-33: Bureau of Accounting established; functions

52:27B-34: Deposit of revenues; reports

52:27B-35: Commissioner may prescribe forms

52:27B-36: Certain powers and duties of State Comptroller transferred to Division of Budget and Accounting

52:27B-37: Designation of officer to approve encumbrance requests and statements of indebtedness; investigations by commissioner; warrants

52:27B-38: Checks and drafts for transfer of funds between depositories need not be signed by commissioner

52:27B-39: Certain laws applying to comptroller to apply to commissioner instead

52:27B-40: Centralized payroll system; notice of payroll changes

52:27B-41: Secretary of State to notify banks of termination of power of State Treasurer and commissioner

52:27B-42: Suits in name of State for recovery of money

52:27B-43: Commissioner to keep accounts

52:27B-44: Double-entry accounts; requirements

52:27B-45: Form of accounts; reports

52:27B-46: Annual reports; contents; distribution; monthly report of general state fund

52:27B-47: Failure or refusal of officers or heads of departments to keep accounts or make reports; hearing on charges; removal

52:27B-48: Transfer of powers and duties of State Tax Department and State Tax Commissioner

52:27B-49: Director to head division; appointment; term

52:27B-50: Compensation of director

52:27B-51: Powers and duties of director

52:27B-53: Division to be headed by director; appointment; removal

52:27B-54: Compensation of director

52:27B-55: Transfer of powers and duties of State Purchasing Department and State Purchase Commissioner

52:27B-56: Powers, duties of director.

52:27B-56a: Keys for use in locks in or on real property leased or owned by state; rules and regulations

52:27B-56b: Keys not to be duplicated; identification

52:27B-56.1: Joint purchases.

52:27B-57: Reports

52:27B-58: Standard specifications for commodities; laboratory tests; fees

52:27B-59: Purchases to comply with standards

52:27B-60: Rejection of articles failing to comply with standards

52:27B-61: Schedules and contracts; bids; payment

52:27B-62: Insurance

52:27B-63: Existing contracts to be completed

52:27B-64: Powers and duties vested in State house commission transferred

52:27B-65: Right-of-way over lands acquired by State

52:27B-66: Sales of personal property; claims

52:27B-67: Transfer of personal property to departments, etc.

52:27B-68: Director to provide rules and regulations.

52:27B-67.1: Distribution of surplus computer equipment.

52:27B-67.2: Definitions relative to the disposition of certain State computers, other electronic devices.

52:27B-68.1: Purchasing Federal surplus property

52:27B-68.2: Appropriation

52:27B-69.1: Authority to hold office as member of local government board and municipal office

52:27B-69.2: Authority to hold office as member of local government board and county office

52:27B-69.3: Conflict of interest; abstention from voting; challenge of right to vote

52:27B-69.4: Applicability of act

52:27B-70: Director; appointment; removal

52:27B-71: Compensation of director

52:27B-72: Compensation of members of Local Government Board

52:27B-73: Powers and duties

52:27B-74: Reports

52:27B-75: Assistants

52:27B-76: Commissioner may exercise powers of directors

52:27B-77: Oath of commissioner and directors; bond

52:27B-78: Reports and certifications

52:27B-79: Transfer of employees to Department of Taxation and Finance

52:27B-80: Rights under other acts

52:27B-81: Transfer of files, etc., to Department of Taxation and Finance

52:27B-82: Transfers of appropriations

52:27B-83: Reduction of salary where commissioner holds other office

52:27B-84: Repeals

52:27B-85: Effective date