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Chapter: 27BB -

52:27BB-1: Short title

52:27BB-2: Definitions

52:27BB-3: Arrangement and headnotes

52:27BB-4: Act is a revision

52:27BB-5: Powers, duties and functions continued

52:27BB-6: Division to supervise local government

52:27BB-7: Director's office at Capitol

52:27BB-8: Powers and duties of the director

52:27BB-9: Delegation of authority

52:27BB-10: Powers and duties of the board

52:27BB-11: Continuation of powers

52:27BB-12: Legal assistance

52:27BB-13: Meetings; proceedings

52:27BB-14: Hearings; rules of procedure

52:27BB-15: Appeals from determinations of the director

52:27BB-16: Compulsory process

52:27BB-17: Enforcement of process

52:27BB-18: Issuance of orders; compliance

52:27BB-19: Enforcement of orders

52:27BB-20: Judicial review

52:27BB-21: Certifications as evidence

52:27BB-22: Certified and attested copies of records relating to bond issues

52:27BB-23: Duty of local officers

52:27BB-24: Authority of director as to budget; reduction in rate of interest; powers of county board of taxation

52:27BB-25: Director not to issue order with respect to budget in certain cases

52:27BB-26: Purpose of article

52:27BB-27: Uniform accounting systems

52:27BB-28: Rules and regulations as to accounting methods

52:27BB-29: Account books and forms

52:27BB-30: Installations of accounting systems

52:27BB-31: Instruction and consultation

52:27BB-32: Systems of financial administration

52:27BB-33: Advisory committees

52:27BB-34: Form of reports and financial statements

52:27BB-35: Audits; authority of board

52:27BB-36: Audits by department

52:27BB-37: Rejection of audit report

52:27BB-38: Examination of sinking fund

52:27BB-39: Duty of sinking fund commission

52:27BB-40: Sinking fund; recommendation by the director

52:27BB-41: Sinking funds; enforcement of recommendations

52:27BB-42: Sinking funds; accounting

52:27BB-43: Sinking funds; examination of requirements

52:27BB-44: Sinking funds; amortization requirements

52:27BB-45: Compensation of department for services rendered

52:27BB-46: Inspection of local administration

52:27BB-47: Inquiring into financial affairs

52:27BB-48: Special investigation; enforcement of orders

52:27BB-49: Powers of inquiry

52:27BB-50: Issuance of orders; compliance

52:27BB-51: Duty of local officers

52:27BB-52: Enforcement of orders; penalties

52:27BB-53: Construction of this article

52:27BB-54: Purpose of article

52:27BB-55: Application of article

52:27BB-56: Determination by the board: Notice and hearing

52:27BB-57: Limitation on debt and other financial liabilities

52:27BB-58: Limitation upon appropriations and expenditures

52:27BB-59: Limitations upon counties

52:27BB-60: Compliance with requirements of law

52:27BB-61: Liquidation of debt

52:27BB-62: Analysis of financial conditions

52:27BB-63: Consultation and assistance

52:27BB-65: Municipalities under the Municipal Finance Commission

52:27BB-66: Additional powers of the board

52:27BB-66.1: Collective bargaining agreements; review and approval; arbitration awards; exclusion; appointment or dismissal of managers; authority of director

52:27BB-67: Additional powers of the director

52:27BB-68: Construction

52:27BB-73: Supervision of revenue administration

52:27BB-74: Separation of assessment lists

52:27BB-75: Preparation of assessment lists

52:27BB-76: Inactive lists; preparation and effect

52:27BB-77: Apportionment of receipts from inactive properties.

52:27BB-78: Rate of tax collections

52:27BB-79: Notice of proceedings of county tax board

52:27BB-80: Fiscal control officer

52:27BB-81: Fiscal control officer; powers and duties

52:27BB-82: Administration of assets and liabilities

52:27BB-83: Liquidation fund

52:27BB-84: Study of cooperative agreements

52:27BB-85: Director may act as controller

52:27BB-86: Procedure of control

52:27BB-87: Preparation of budgets

52:27BB-88: Fiscal control officer agent of board

52:27BB-89: General duties of board

52:27BB-90: Delegation of powers to director

52:27BB-91: Termination of supervision

52:27BB-95.1: Reimbursement of state by municipality for reasonable value of services

52:27BB-96: Application of act

52:27BB-97: Repeal of sections of the Revised Statutes

52:27BB-98: Repeal of acts; proviso

52:27BB-99: Severability clause

52:27BB-100: Effective date of act