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Chapter: 27BBB -

52:27BBB-1: Short title.

52:27BBB-2: Findings, declarations relative to municipal rehabilitation and economic recovery

52:27BBB-2.1: Findings, declarations relative to "Municipal Rehabilitation and Economic Recovery Act"

52:27BBB-2.2: Findings, declarations relative to urban revitalization.

52:27BBB-3: Definitions relative to municipal rehabilitation and economic recovery

52:27BBB-4: Notification to qualified municipality

52:27BBB-5: Appointment of special arbitrator; criteria for dispute resolution.

52:27BBB-6: Municipality deemed under rehabilitation and economic recovery; term.

52:27BBB-7: Appointment of chief operating officer; term.

52:27BBB-8: Submission of report by chief operating officer.

52:27BBB-9: Reallocation of functions, powers, duties to chief operating officer.

52:27BBB-10: Particular powers of chief operating officer.

52:27BBB-11: Appointment of department heads.

52:27BBB-12: Preparation of municipal management study.

52:27BBB-13: Copy of study available for public inspection.

52:27BBB-14: Chief operating officer to act as appointing authority.

52:27BBB-15: Abolishment of certain municipal positions.

52:27BBB-16: Recommendation of department, division heads.

52:27BBB-17: Transfer, assignment, reclassification of positions.

52:27BBB-18: Annual stipend for residence in qualified municipality.

52:27BBB-19: Incentive for retirement for certain employees.

52:27BBB-20: Additional NJ SAVER rebate for certain residents.

52:27BBB-21: Monthly meetings, minutes.

52:27BBB-22: Extension of review, appeal period for planning, zoning matters.

52:27BBB-23: Approval, veto of ordinance, resolution.

52:27BBB-24: Hiring of nonpartisan, professional staff.

52:27BBB-25: Governing body to retain functions, powers, duties.

52:27BBB-26: Oversight, audit of qualified municipality.

52:27BBB-27: Increase in municipal portion of general tax rate limited.

52:27BBB-28: Ordinances authorizing debt subject to approval by local finance board.

52:27BBB-29: Biannual report on progress.

52:27BBB-30: Community advisory committee.

52:27BBB-31: Cooperation of State agencies with chief operating officer.

52:27BBB-32: Immunity from liability for State officer, employee.

52:27BBB-33: Utilization of available mechanisms to facilitate communications.

52:27BBB-34: Municipality to remain body corporate and politic; elections.

52:27BBB-35: Agreement between library and county for operation.

52:27BBB-36: State Economic Recovery Board created for qualified municipality.

52:27BBB-37: Duties of board.

52:27BBB-38: Preparation of strategic revitalization plan.

52:27BBB-39: Regional impact council

52:27BBB-40: Role of regional impact council.

52:27BBB-41: Consultation with State Economic Recovery Board.

52:27BBB-42: Property tax collection audit.

52:27BBB-43: Conveyance of right, title, interest in certain real property.

52:27BBB-44: Project list

52:27BBB-44.1: Preparation of economic stimulus package for qualified municipality

52:27BBB-45: Definitions relative to project financing.

52:27BBB-46: Powers of authority.

52:27BBB-47: Payment to authority for debt service.

52:27BBB-48: Contracts between State Treasurer and authority for debt service.

52:27BBB-49: Series of special funds.

52:27BBB-50: Overseeing of funds by board; amounts, purposes.

52:27BBB-51: "Higher Education and Regional Health Care Development Fund."

52:27BBB-51.1: Two-year commitment for moneys made available.

52:27BBB-52: Conditions on tax-exempt entities receiving funding.

52:27BBB-53: Definitions relative to open for business incentives

52:27BBB-54: "Qualified Municipality Open for Business Incentive Program"

52:27BBB-55: Application for CBT or insurance tax credit, certain, for new positions

52:27BBB-56: "Residential property" defined; tax credit for certain principal residences.

52:27BBB-57: Prevailing wage rate on construction contracts under act.

52:27BBB-58: Affirmative action program on EDA projects

52:27BBB-59: Arbitrator to consider rehabilitation when deciding certain labor disputes.

52:27BBB-60: Arrangements with other public entities by qualified municipalities.

52:27BBB-61: Contract to contain provision for termination.

52:27BBB-62: Moratorium on regional contribution agreements

52:27BBB-63: Membership of board of education in qualified municipality increased; appointments; terms.

52:27BBB-63.1: School districts affected by economic recovery term.

52:27BBB-64: Board of education minutes subject to veto provisions

52:27BBB-65: Severability.

52:27BBB-66: Short title.

52:27BBB-67: Declarations relative to tax lien financing; purposes of act.

52:27BBB-68: "Tax Lien Financing Corporation" established; governing members, terms, duties.

52:27BBB-69: Definitions relative to tax lien financing.

52:27BBB-70: Sales, agreements applicable to tax liens; procedures, conditions.

52:27BBB-71: Powers of the corporation.

52:27BBB-72: Issuance of securities.

52:27BBB-73: Securities, ancillary facility not debt, liability of State.

52:27BBB-74: Tax exemptions.

52:27BBB-75: State pledges, agreements with parties.

52:27BBB-76: Immunity.

52:27BBB-77: Rules, regulations.

52:27BBB-78: Liberal construction.

52:27BBB-79: Title 54 unaffected; precedence of act.