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Chapter: 27C - Department of Economic Development

52:27C-1: Department of Economic Development

52:27C-2: Commissioner; appointment; term of office; compensation

52:27C-3: Economic Council; membership; terms; chairman

52:27C-4: Divisions; directors; terms; compensation

52:27C-5: Transfer of powers and duties of various agencies

52:27C-6: Transfer of functions, etc., of Municipal Aid Administration

52:27C-7: Additional powers and duties of commissioner

52:27C-8: Coordination of post-war planning

52:27C-9: Services of other departments or agencies; delegation of powers

52:27C-10: Additional powers and duties of council

52:27C-11: Federal grants

52:27C-12: Policies and programs

52:27C-13: Private work reserves

52:27C-14: Direction and use of private work reserves

52:27C-15: Public informational material

52:27C-16: Study of transportation; harbor, etc., facilities

52:27C-17: Adoption of improved methods, etc., of transportation

52:27C-18: Plans for physical development of state; coordination; housing

52:27C-19: Notice to commissioner of public improvements

52:27C-20: Maps and surveys

52:27C-21: Co-operation with other planning boards

52:27C-22: Public housing and development authority

52:27C-23: Powers of authority

52:27C-24: Additional powers of authority

52:27C-24.1: Fund for assistance to homeless

52:27C-25: Housing projects; rentals

52:27C-26: Taxation of property of authority

52:27C-27: Approval of housing project by municipality

52:27C-28: Public work reserve to be maintained; duties of department

52:27C-29: Description of projects to be furnished department

52:27C-30: Copies of plans, etc., of improvements receiving federal aid to be filed with department

52:27C-31: No Federal aid unless commissioner has opportunity to recommend

52:27C-32: Recommendations to be published

52:27C-33: Surveys and plans

52:27C-34: Allotments toward cost of plans and specifications

52:27C-35: Application for allotments

52:27C-36: Total cost of allotments limited

52:27C-37: Effect of grant of state aid; limitation of allotments

52:27C-38: Assistance and data to be furnished

52:27C-39: Termination of authority to allot funds for plans

52:27C-47: Quarters for department

52:27C-48: Employees, etc., of abolished agencies

52:27C-49: Appropriations of abolished agencies transferred; appropriation for administrative expenses

52:27C-50: Appropriation for local purpose plans

52:27C-51: Appropriation for state project plans

52:27C-52: Repeals

52:27C-53: Effective date

52:27C-54: Standard building code

52:27C-55: Scope of code

52:27C-56: Adoption of code by reference

52:27C-57: Interpreting and administering code

52:27C-58: Costs of tests

52:27C-59: Printed copies of code, etc.

52:27C-60: Advisory committee

52:27C-61: Short title.

52:27C-62: Findings, declarations relative to the New Jersey Commerce Commission.

52:27C-63: "New Jersey Commerce Commission."

52:27C-64: Department of Commerce and Economic Development abolished.

52:27C-65: Appropriations, moneys continued.

52:27C-66: Termination of employment, officers and employees.

52:27C-67: Powers of commission.

52:27C-68: Board of Directors.

52:27C-69: Powers, quorum, action by commission.

52:27C-70: Delivery of copy of minutes to Governor, approval, veto.

52:27C-71: Duties of Executive Director.

52:27C-71.1: Executive Director.

52:27C-73: Powers of commission.

52:27C-73.1: Rules, regulations relative to payment of prevailing wage rate; "commission financial

52:27C-74: Legal representation.

52:27C-75: Examination of accounts, books, records.

52:27C-76: Awarding of purchases, contracts, agreements.

52:27C-77: Exceptions to requirement of advertising for bids.

52:27C-78: Submission of budget request.

52:27C-79: Annual report.

52:27C-80: Organization of commission.

52:27C-81: Status of New Jersey Development Authority for Small Businesses, Minorities and Women's Enterprises.

52:27C-82: Status of New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

52:27C-83: Status of South Jersey Port Corporation.

52:27C-84: Status of New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority.

52:27C-85: Status of New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology.

52:27C-86: Status of Motion Picture and Television Development Commission.

52:27C-87: Status of New Jersey Council of Economic Advisors.

52:27C-88: Status of New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Authority.

52:27C-89: Status of Atlantic City Convention Center Authority.

52:27C-90: Status of Dredging Project Facilitation Task Force.

52:27C-91: Status of Economic Development Site Task Force.

52:27C-92: Status of New Capital Sources Board.

52:27C-94: Definitions relative to certain set-aside decisions of the New Jersey Commerce and Economic Growth Commission.

52:27C-95: Decisions issued in writing, required contents.

52:27C-96: Foundation for Technology Advancement; purpose.

52:27C-97: Foundation's board of trustees.

52:27C-98: Executive director, personnel; contracts.

52:27C-99: Commission as incorporator of foundation.

52:27C-100: Adoption of bylaws.

52:27C-101: Bi-annual report to Governor, Legislature.

52:27C-102: Use of funds by foundation; receipt of gifts.

52:27C-103: Assistance, services by Department of the Treasury.

52:27C-104: Payment of expenses.

52:27C-105: Annual audit.