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Chapter: 27D - Establishment

52:27D-1: Establishment

52:27D-2: Commissioner of community affairs; appointment; term; salary

52:27D-3: Powers and duties of commissioner

52:27D-3.1: Commissioner of Community Affairs to provide written notice of funding

52:27D-3.2: Written notice of request for grant

52:27D-3.3: Annual reports on local housing authorities

52:27D-3.4: Report on violent crimes in certain types of housing.

52:27D-3.5: Notification of availability of earned income tax credit for recipients of certain rental assistance.

52:27D-3.6: Model notice.

52:27D-4: Assistant commissioners; appointment; salary; powers and duties

52:27D-5: Designation of person to perform duties during absence, disability, death or resignation of commissioner; approval by governor

52:27D-6: Organization of department

52:27D-7: New Jersey office of economic opportunity continued in department of community affairs

52:27D-8: Transfer of powers and duties exercised by commissioner of conservation and economic development

52:27D-9: Additional powers and duties.

52:27D-9.1: Educational program concerning rights of grandparents

52:27D-9.2: Development of program; consultation with courts and bar association

52:27D-9.3: Regulations

52:27D-10: Grants; approval; expenditures

52:27D-10.1: Computerized communication network fees, exceptions.

52:27D-10.2: Definitions relative to Smart Growth Ombudsman.

52:27D-10.3: Smart Growth Ombudsman in DCA.

52:27D-10.4: Duties of Smart Growth Ombudsman.

52:27D-10.5: Definitions relative to smart growth in DCA and expedited permits.

52:27D-10.6: Division of Smart Growth established in DCA.

52:27D-11: Advisory council on community affairs; membership; terms; vacancies

52:27D-12: Compensation of council members

52:27D-13: Duties of council

52:27D-14: Meetings

52:27D-15: Furnishing equipment and staff for council

52:27D-16: Office of community services; director; appointment; salary; duties

52:27D-17: Powers and duties of office of community services

52:27D-18: Division of local government continued as division of local finance

52:27D-18.1: Local finance board; members

52:27D-18.2: Rules, regulations promulgated by Local Finance Board; efficiency benchmarks.

52:27D-18.3: Posting of certain property tax, budget data on Internet web page.

52:27D-18.4: Extension of certain interest free periods relative to payment of taxes.

52:27D-18.5: Extension of certification renewal periods.

52:27D-18.6: Extension of term of acting municipal clerk.

52:27D-18.7: Extension of term as temporary chief financial officer.

52:27D-18.8: Extension of term as county temporary chief financial officer.

52:27D-18.9: Extension of term as municipal temporary principal public works manager.

52:27D-18.10: Extension of term as temporary purchasing agent for contracting unit.

52:27D-18.11: Conducting public meeting remotely under certain circumstances.

52:27D-19: Director of division of local finance; appointment; salary; duties

52:27D-20: Chairman of local finance board

52:27D-20.1: Contracts for third-party disbursement services, permitted.

52:27D-21: Transfer of powers and duties relating to housing and urban renewal of division of resource development and of commissioner of conservation and econom

52:27D-22: Transfer of public housing and development authority and state housing council

52:27D-23: Bureau and board of tenement house supervision continued as board of housing inspection

52:27D-24: Transfer of office of supervisor of hotel fire safety; appointment of supervisor; compensation

52:27D-25: Director of division of housing and urban renewal; appointment; salary; duties

52:27D-25a: Definitions

52:27D-25b: Division of Fire Safety

52:27D-25b1: Thermal imaging camera grant program.

52:27D-25c: Director

52:27D-25d: Powers, duties

52:27D-25d1: Public school fire data

52:27D-25d2: Annual report on school fires

52:27D-25d3: Burn patient arson registry, establishment; review

52:27D-25d4: Rules, regulations

52:27D-25d5: Information in registry, protected

52:27D-25e: Fire safety commission

52:27D-25f: Personnel transferred

52:27D-25g: Report on inclusion of bureau as division in department

52:27D-25h: Transfer of bureau, functions, powers, duties to Division of Fire Safety

52:27D-25i: Definitions relative to fire service training

52:27D-25j: Fire service instructor; training programs; certification

52:27D-25k: Rules, regulations on incident management

52:27D-25l: Fire training activities; permit program, regulations

52:27D-25m: Compliance orders; violations

52:27D-25n: Definitions relative to fire protection equipment.

52:27D-25o: "Fire Protection Equipment Advisory Committee"

52:27D-25p: Powers, duties of commissioner.

52:27D-25q: Certification required for fire protection contractors.

52:27D-25r: Requirements to engage in fire protection equipment business.

52:27D-25s: Application for certificate.

52:27D-25t: Qualifications for applicants.

52:27D-25u: Issuance of certificates.

52:27D-25v: Requirements for certificate holder to do business.

52:27D-25w: Responsibility for employees.

52:27D-25x: Liability for employee.

52:27D-25y: Licensure from other jurisdiction valid.

52:27D-25z: Commercial general liability insurance.

52:27D-25aa: Refusal to admit person to examination, suspension, revocation of certificate, grounds.

52:27D-25bb: After revocation, application for new certificate.

52:27D-25cc: Dispute settlement hearing.

52:27D-25dd: Arbitration, review by commissioner on disputed work.

52:27D-25ee: Valid license, certain, required for certification.

52:27D-25ff: Exemption, certain.

52:27D-25gg: Rules, regulations.

52:27D-25hh: Emblem on residential dwelling to identify persons with disabilities.

52:27D-25ii: Demonstration, operation of firefighting equipment.

52:27D-25jj: Adoption of training course by Division of Fire Safety.

52:27D-25kk: Accreditation of certain recruit firefighter training programs; rules, regulations.

52:27D-25ll: Definitions relative to a "New Jersey Fire and EMS Crisis Intervention Services" telephone hotline.

52:27D-25mm: Establishment, maintenance of "New Jersey Fire and EMS Crisis Intervention Services" telephone hotline.

52:27D-25nn: List of qualified persons to accept referrals.

52:27D-25oo: Consultation with representatives.

52:27D-25pp: Minimum annual appropriation.

52:27D-28.1: Legislative findings

52:27D-28.3: Statewide master plan; annual review and report to governor and legislature

52:27D-28.4: Master plan and annual reports; formulation; proceedings

52:27D-29.1: Short title

52:27D-29.2: Public policy

52:27D-29.3: Definitions

52:27D-29.4: Program furnishing recreation for adults 60 years and over; rules and regulations

52:27D-29.5: Furnishing of recreation by local governmental unit

52:27D-29.6: Application for approval of plans for recreation project

52:27D-29.7: State aid; amount

52:27D-29.8: Failure to comply with rules and regulations; withholding of state aid

52:27D-29.9: Gifts, grants and moneys; acceptance by commissioner

52:27D-29.10: Purpose; intent

52:27D-29.11: Demonstration programs; establishment

52:27D-29.12: Rules and regulations

52:27D-29.13: Annual report

52:27D-29.14: Legislative findings and declarations

52:27D-29.15: Intergenerational Child Care Demonstration Matching Program.

52:27D-29.16: Standards relative to program; regulations.

52:27D-29.17: Definitions.

52:27D-29.18: Home Delivered Meals Expansion Program.

52:27D-29.19: Guidelines

52:27D-29.20: Confidential donation

52:27D-29.21: Rules, regulations

52:27D-29.22: Allocation of appropriation.

52:27D-29.23: Findings, declarations

52:27D-29.24: Policy Center on Aging

52:27D-29.25: Policy Center on Aging Advisory Committee

52:27D-29.26: Powers

52:27D-29.27: Funds for research

52:27D-29.28: Rules, regulations

52:27D-29.29: Report

52:27D-29.32: Findings, declarations

52:27D-29.33: Definitions.

52:27D-29.34: Senior Health Insurance Counseling Program.

52:27D-29.35: Findings, declarations

52:27D-29.36: Legal representation program to assist Medicare beneficiaries.

52:27D-29.37: Guidelines; contracts

52:27D-29.38: Rules, regulations

52:27D-32: Transfer of appropriations and moneys to department of community affairs

52:27D-33: Directors in unclassified service of state civil service; removal; vacancy

52:27D-34: Employees; transfer; powers and duties

52:27D-35: Tenure rights and rights or protection under pension law or retirement system

52:27D-36: Transfer of files, books, papers, etc., of transferred agencies to department of community affairs

52:27D-37: Orders, rules and regulations enacted prior to effective date of act

52:27D-38: Actions or proceedings pending on effective date of act

52:27D-39: Reports, certifications, applications or requests; filing

52:27D-40: Definitions.

52:27D-41: Repeal of inconsistent acts and parts of acts

52:27D-42: Appropriation

52:27D-43: Short title

52:27D-43.8: Short title.

52:27D-43.9: Division on Women.

52:27D-43.9a: Division on Women transferred to DCF.

52:27D-43.10: Director of Division on Women.

52:27D-43.11: Deputy director

52:27D-43.12: Duties of director.

52:27D-43.13: Duties of division.

52:27D-43.14: Advisory commission on the status of women

52:27D-43.15: Powers and duties.

52:27D-43.16: Meetings

52:27D-43.17: Compensation of members

52:27D-43.17a: Definitions relative to domestic violence.

52:27D-43.17b: Domestic Violence Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board.

52:27D-43.17c: Membership of board, terms, compensation.

52:27D-43.17d: Duties of board.

52:27D-43.17e: Authority of board.

52:27D-43.17f: Determination of which incidents receive full review; annual report to Governor, Legislature.

52:27D-43.17g: Accessibility, confidentiality of records.

52:27D-43.17h: Immunity from civil liability.

52:27D-43.17i: Panel to Study Domestic Violence in the Law Enforcement Community.

52:27D-43.17j: Regulations.

52:27D-43.18: Short title

52:27D-43.19: Definitions.

52:27D-43.20: Displaced homemaker programs, duties of division.

52:27D-43.21: Purpose of programs

52:27D-43.22: Continuous study of needs of displaced homemakers.

52:27D-43.23: Compilation, maintenance of description, assessment of programs; report.

52:27D-43.24: Receipt and use of federal or other funds

52:27D-43.24a: Forwarding of filing fee.

52:27D-43.24b: Establishment of trust fund.

52:27D-43.24c: Rules, regulations

52:27D-43.25: Short title

52:27D-43.26: Findings, declarations

52:27D-43.27: Definitions

52:27D-43.28: Hispanic women's demonstration resource centers.

52:27D-43.29: Purpose of centers

52:27D-43.30: Goals of center

52:27D-43.31: Coordination of services

52:27D-43.32: Assessment information

52:27D-43.33: Powers of director

52:27D-43.34: Annual report

52:27D-43.35: Definitions relative to domestic violence.

52:27D-43.36: Domestic violence public awareness campaign.

52:27D-43.37: Audit of effectiveness of response to domestic violence.

52:27D-44: Short title

52:27D-45: Declaration of necessity; liberal construction

52:27D-46: Legislative findings

52:27D-47: Definitions

52:27D-48: Application for capital grant; factors considered

52:27D-49: Approval of applications

52:27D-50: Temporary advances; repayment

52:27D-51: Commitments by commissioner; requirements

52:27D-52: Inspections by commissioner; examination of books, records and other documents

52:27D-53: State renewal assistance fund; creation

52:27D-54: Administration of act by commissioner

52:27D-55: Prohibited interest in projects

52:27D-56: Rules and regulations; filing

52:27D-57: Partial invalidity

52:27D-58: Inconsistent acts

52:27D-59: Short title

52:27D-60: Declaration of necessity; liberal construction

52:27D-61: Legislative findings

52:27D-62: Definitions

52:27D-63: Revolving housing development and demonstration grant fund

52:27D-64: Advances to nonprofit and mutual housing sponsors; repayment

52:27D-64.1: Legislative findings; importance of housing finance agency to revolving housing development and demonstration grant fund

52:27D-64.2: New Jersey housing finance agency; purchase of notes, bonds and other obligations by fund

52:27D-65: Advisory, consultative, training and educational services to assist nonprofit or mutual housing sponsors

52:27D-66: Demonstration programs; grants; preference to certain programs; reports

52:27D-67: Rules and regulations

52:27D-68: Examination of books and accounts

52:27D-69: Inconsistent acts

52:27D-70: Partial invalidity

52:27D-99: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of bureau of recreation and board of recreation examiners to department of community affairs

52:27D-100: Transfer of appropriations, grants and other moneys available to bureau and board

52:27D-101: Transfer of employees of bureau and board

52:27D-102: Transfer of files, property, etc.

52:27D-103: Effect of transfer on prior orders, rules and regulations of bureau or board

52:27D-104: Civil or criminal actions or proceedings brought by or against bureau or board; effect of transfer

52:27D-105: Reports, certifications, applications or requests required to be made to bureau or board; effect of transfer

52:27D-106: Reference to bureau of recreation in department of environmental protection to mean in department of community affairs

52:27D-107: Reference to board of recreation examiners in department of environmental protection to mean in department of community affairs

52:27D-117: Transfer of New Jersey mortgage finance agency to department of community affairs

52:27D-118: Application of State Agency Transfer Act

52:27D-118.1: Definitions

52:27D-118.2: Short title

52:27D-118.3: Funds; apportionment; uses; application; qualifications

52:27D-118.4: Annual appropriation

52:27D-118.5: Additional apportionment

52:27D-118.6: Distribution of funds

52:27D-118.7: Appropriation of funds by municipality; anticipation of receipt in budget

52:27D-118.8: Rules and regulations; accountability of municipality

52:27D-118.9: Employees

52:27D-118.10: Conclusiveness of allocation by director

52:27D-118.11: Apportionment of funds to municipalities

52:27D-118.12: Discretionary fund

52:27D-118.13: Indicia of State support

52:27D-118.14: Regulations governing assistance

52:27D-118.15: Additional appropriation

52:27D-118.16: Anticipation of State aid

52:27D-118.17: Definitions

52:27D-118.18: Additional appropriations

52:27D-118.19: Discretionary fund;

52:27D-118.20: Indicia of State support

52:27D-118.21: Regulations

52:27D-118.22: Anticipation of State aid

52:27D-118.23: Restriction on fund use

52:27D-118.24: Short title

52:27D-118.25: Findings, declarations.

52:27D-118.26: Definitions.

52:27D-118.27: Short-term financial assistance

52:27D-118.28: Finding of fiscal distress; notification; review.

52:27D-118.29: Determination of amount of grants, loans; withholding; hearing.

52:27D-118.30: Notice

52:27D-118.30a: Creation of financial review board for municipality.

52:27D-118.30c: Transfers authorized to provide loan.

52:27D-118.31: Appropriation by municipality; anticipation in budget

52:27D-118.32: Short title

52:27D-118.33: Definitions

52:27D-118.34: Distributions of aid

52:27D-118.35: Distributions of extraordinary aid.

52:27D-118.36: Selection of recipients of extraordinary aid.

52:27D-118.37: Change in municipal budget, required documentation

52:27D-118.38: Remedial orders issued to recipient of discretionary aid

52:27D-118.39: General fiscal oversight over recipient of discretionary aid

52:27D-118.40: Use of State aid to reduce tax levy

52:27D-118.41: Fund recipients may anticipate State aid

52:27D-118.42: Rules, regulations

52:27D-118.42a: State oversight of municipalities in the Transitional Aid to Localities program.

52:27D-118.43: "Adopt a Municipality Program."

52:27D-118.44: Trenton Capital City Aid Program.

52:27D-119: Short title

52:27D-120: Purpose

52:27D-121: Definitions.

52:27D-122: Legislative findings

52:27D-122.1: Findings, declarations relative to building construction codes

52:27D-122.2: Findings, declarations relative to energy efficiency in buildings.

52:27D-123: State Uniform Construction Code; adoption.

52:27D-123a: Adoption of radon hazard code

52:27D-123b: Construction to be in accordance with radon hazard code standards

52:27D-123c: Certificate of occupancy contingent on conformity with radon hazard code standards

52:27D-123d: Testing of building sites for presence of radon hazards

52:27D-123e: Training of construction officials

52:27D-123f: Carbon monoxide detectors required in certain structures.

52:27D-123.1: Applicability over law or regulation to contrary

52:27D-123.2: Agricultural construction criteria

52:27D-123.3: High hazard uses

52:27D-123.4: Public assembly permit

52:27D-123.5: Building code, development

52:27D-123.6: Code conditions

52:27D-123.7: Findings, determinations, declarations

52:27D-123.8: Development of building code to foster housing rehabilitation

52:27D-123.9: Definitions relative to playground safety.

52:27D-123.10: Rules, regulations pertinent to playgrounds.

52:27D-123.11: Upgrading of playgrounds.

52:27D-123.12: Conformity to rules, regulations required for receipt of State funding.

52:27D-123.13: Device to override automatic sprinkler after adequate rainfall required.

52:27D-123.14: Dimensional requirements for certain elevators to accommodate stretchers

52:27D-123.15: Adaptability requirement; design standards.

52:27D-123.16: Rules, regulations relative to home elevations.

52:27D-123.17: Rules, regulations.

52:27D-123.18: Rules, regulations.

52:27D-124: Powers of the commissioner.

52:27D-124a: Federal manufactured home safety and construction standards; administration and enforcement; reports

52:27D-124b: Standards where no federal standard established; enforcement

52:27D-124c: Inspection of factory, warehouse, or place of sale; monitoring inspection fee

52:27D-124d: Manufacturers, distributors and dealers; records, reports and provision of information; inspection

52:27D-124e: Violations; penalties; enforcement

52:27D-124f: Rules and regulations

52:27D-124g: Person aggrieved by ruling, action, order or notice; right to hearing

52:27D-124.1: Uniform construction code revolving fund

52:27D-124.2: Functions, etc. relating to energy subcode continued and transferred

52:27D-124.3: Submittal of bid, proposal by private agency under local public contracts law.

52:27D-125: Code advisory board

52:27D-126: Appointment of construction official, subcode officials.

52:27D-126a: Enforcing agency fees

52:27D-126b: Municipality; waiver of enforcing agency fees; ordinance

52:27D-126c: Public building fee exemptions

52:27D-126d: Waiver of enforcing agency fees

52:27D-126e: Waiving of construction permit and enforcing agency fees for work done to promote accessibility by disabled persons

52:27D-126f: Definitions relative to testing, inspecting elevator devices; alternative testing; rules, regulations; review, analysis.

52:27D-126.1: Fire prevention subcode officials; appointment; qualifications; removal

52:27D-126.2: Persons appointed as construction officials or subcode officials; licenses

52:27D-126.3: Establishment of emergency building inspection program.

52:27D-126.4: Intermunicipal agreements for mutual construction code enforcement aid.

52:27D-126.5: Powers, duties of persons deployed under emergency deployment program.

52:27D-126.6: Injury, death benefits for officials, inspectors deployed.

52:27D-126.7: Municipal participation voluntary; resolution of non-participation.

52:27D-126.8: "County Code Enforcement Pilot Program"; definitions.

52:27D-127: Construction board of appeals

52:27D-128: Substitute administration and enforcement

52:27D-129: State buildings and buildings of interstate agencies; outdoor advertising signs on public property.

52:27D-130: Permit required for construction or alteration of buildings and structures; application therefor; required contents of application; issuance; effect a

52:27D-130.1: Construction permit surcharge fee; construction contracted for or conducted by municipality; prohibition

52:27D-130.2: Construction permit for installation or alteration of solar energy heating or cooling system; municipal fee or charge; prohibition

52:27D-130.3: State department or agency; fee; prohibition

52:27D-130.4: Rules, regulations adopted by DHSS relative to contaminated property; certification; definitions; enforcement.

52:27D-130.5: Issuance of construction permit for child care, educational center for certain locations; certification required; remediation.

52:27D-130.6: Green building manual, preparation, availability.

52:27D-130.7: Grants to owner of licensed child care center; rules, regulations.

52:27D-131: Construction permits; application, approval, expiration, cancellation, extension.

52:27D-130.8: Adoption of ordinance requiring replacement for performance guarantee.

52:27D-131.1: Removal, demolition of certain building, structure.

52:27D-132: Inspection of construction by enforcing agency; right of entry; stop construction orders; violations, reinspection.

52:27D-133: Certificates of occupancy

52:27D-133.1: Definitions relative to certain swimming pools

52:27D-133.2: Valid bonding, grounding certificate; electrical certificate of compliance required

52:27D-133.3: Carbon monoxide sensor device required for issuance of certificate of occupancy; terms defined

52:27D-133.4: Rules, regulations

52:27D-133.5: Rules, regulations

52:27D-134: Appeal not automatic stay of order to stop construction.

52:27D-135: Premanufactured systems

52:27D-136: Extension of reciprocity

52:27D-137: Review of plans and specifications and inspection of construction by the department

52:27D-138: Penalties.

52:27D-138.1: Surcharge for violation of State Uniform Construction Code.

52:27D-139: Effect of the promulgation of the code

52:27D-139.1: Fire safety maintenance code; municipalities or fire districts; adoption; enforcement

52:27D-140: Partial invalidity; severability

52:27D-141: Interpretation of powers

52:27D-141.1: Short title.

52:27D-141.2: Findings, declarations relative to solar energy systems.

52:27D-141.3: Definitions relative to solar energy systems.

52:27D-141.4: Developer to offer to install solar energy system.

52:27D-141.5: Installation of solar energy system.

52:27D-141.6: Rights of homeowner association.

52:27D-141.7: Adoption of standards relative to solar energy systems.

52:27D-141.8: Enforcement, penalties.

52:27D-141.9: Orders, rules, regulations.

52:27D-142: Short title

52:27D-143: Legislative findings and declarations

52:27D-144: Public policy

52:27D-145: Commissioner and political subdivision defined

52:27D-146: Grants to political subdivisions to finance activities for restoration of threatened but still viable neighborhoods

52:27D-147: Participation by and hearings with citizens of neighborhoods

52:27D-148: Applications; evaluation; priorities; approval

52:27D-149: Powers of commissioner

52:27D-150: Plan for expenditure of funds; submission to legislature

52:27D-151: Liberal construction of act

52:27D-152: Short title

52:27D-153: Legislative findings and determination

52:27D-154: Definitions

52:27D-155: Department of community affairs' neighborhood preservation loan and grant fund

52:27D-156: Plan for expenditures from fund; contents; submission to legislature

52:27D-157: Powers of department

52:27D-158: Powers and duties of municipalities

52:27D-159: Determination of need and feasibility of preservation project; findings; neighborhood preservation plan; formulation; contents; citizen participation;

52:27D-160: Private enterprise; participation

52:27D-161: Liberal construction of act

52:27D-162: Legislative findings and declaration

52:27D-163: Short title

52:27D-164: Definitions

52:27D-165: Qualifications of municipality

52:27D-166: Determination of amount of distribution

52:27D-167: Certification of municipalities entitled to aid and amounts; payment and distribution

52:27D-168: Annual reports; municipality; director

52:27D-169: Conclusiveness of decision of director

52:27D-170: Short title

52:27D-171: Public policy

52:27D-172: Definitions.

52:27D-173: Comprehensive program; development; rules and regulations

52:27D-174: Application by municipality or county to provide or to contract for provision of services; annual payments upon approval

52:27D-175: Special events; list; application for funds to operate or participate; payments

52:27D-176: Failure to comply with act or alteration or discontinuance of approved service; withholding state aid

52:27D-177: Acceptance of gift or grant

52:27D-178: Definitions

52:27D-179: Annual appropriation to be apportioned among qualified municipalities; additional amount

52:27D-180: Determination and certification of amount; payment and distribution

52:27D-181: Finality and conclusiveness of determination by director; anticipation of state aid by municipality

52:27D-181.1: Municipal Efficiency Promotion Aid Program.

52:27D-182: Short title

52:27D-183: Legislative findings and declarations

52:27D-184: Definitions

52:27D-185: Contracts to provide service subsidies and to establish congregate housing facilities; actions to implement act

52:27D-186: Application by qualified housing agency for assistance

52:27D-187: Evaluation of applications

52:27D-188: Rules and regulations

52:27D-188.1: Congregate housing, power-assisted door opener, required.

52:27D-188.2: Congregate housing, unlocking by remote device, staff required, certain circumstances.

52:27D-188.3: Enforcement, regulations.

52:27D-189: Personnel to assist commissioner; appropriation to administer act

52:27D-190: Employment of project residents to provide supportive services

52:27D-191: Annual report; actions by legislature

52:27D-191.1: Bill of rights for recipients of Congregate Housing Services Program.

52:27D-192: Short title

52:27D-193: Liberal construction

52:27D-194: Findings and declarations

52:27D-195: Purpose

52:27D-196: Definitions

52:27D-197: Powers of commissioner

52:27D-198: Regulations to provide reasonable degree of safety from fire, explosion.

52:27D-198.1: Residential structures to have smoke-sensitive alarm devices, portable fire extinguishers.

52:27D-198.2: Municipal officer, agency to determine compliance.

52:27D-198.3: Fine for noncompliance.

52:27D-198.4: Identifying emblem to be affixed to front of structures with truss construction

52:27D-198.5: Regulations to designate time to correct violations, range of penalties

52:27D-198.6: Conditions for display of certain holiday vegetation.

52:27D-198.7: Short title.

52:27D-198.8: Findings, declarations relative to installation of fire suppression systems in student dormitories.

52:27D-198.9: Definitions relative to installation of fire suppression systems in student dormitories; requirements.

52:27D-198.10: Rules; exemptions.

52:27D-198.11: Application of funds to secure compliance.

52:27D-198.12: Standby fees waived.

52:27D-198.13: Regulations concerning elevator fire recall keys.

52:27D-198.14: Installation of lock box in elevator buildings to hold fire recall keys.

52:27D-198.15: Findings, declarations relative to flammability standards for mattresses and bedding.

52:27D-198.16: Adoption, enforcement of federal mattress flammability standard; rules, regulations.

52:27D-198.17: Definitions relative to fire safety.

52:27D-198.18: Certain existing structures required to be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.

52:27D-198.19: Inspection, violations, penalties.

52:27D-199: Building in use on effective date of regulations; compliance; fire safety improvement as capital improvement under rent control

52:27D-200: Variances from regulations

52:27D-201: Life hazard use or high-rise structure; certificate of registration

52:27D-202: Enforcement of act by municipality; ordinance; restrictive regulation by municipality

52:27D-203: Enforcement of act by enforcing agencies; reports, data and information; fees; inspections; certification of fire inspectors

52:27D-204: Local enforcing agencies; concurrent jurisdiction with department; failure to properly enforce act; assumption of duties by department

52:27D-205: Life hazard use and high-rise structures; inspection cycles; application for certificate of inspection

52:27D-206: Person aggrieved by ruling, action, order or notice of commissioner or local enforcement agency; administrative hearing; application; conduct

52:27D-207: Violations; written order to terminate and correct; injunction

52:27D-208: Violation constituting imminent hazard to health, safety or welfare; written order to vacate, close or remove; service; reinspection; reconsideration

52:27D-209: Violations in life hazard use as willful or grossly negligent or of previously issued order and constituting clear danger to human life; order for con

52:27D-210: Additional violations; penalties.

52:27D-211: Method of service of notices, rules, decisions and orders

52:27D-212: Records; public inspection

52:27D-213: Applicability of act; inspection of government owned buildings.

52:27D-214: Definitions

52:27D-215: Terminal with tank filled by pipeline; requirements; high level alarm system; fire and emergency plan

52:27D-216: Attended terminal; additional requirements

52:27D-217: Unattended terminal; additional requirements

52:27D-218: Variations from requirements; procedure

52:27D-219: Rules and regulations

52:27D-220: Application of s.s. 52:27D-208, 52:27D-210 to this act

52:27D-221: Ordinance more restrictive than requirements of this act; prohibition

52:27D-222: Definitions

52:27D-223: List of unusually hazardous substances

52:27D-224: Emergency response plan

52:27D-224.1: Evacuation plans for certain multiple dwellings, filing with municipality.

52:27D-224.2: Notification relative to disruption of services, "essential services" defined.

52:27D-224.3: Emergency operations plan for sports and entertainment facilities.

52:27D-225: Penalty

52:27D-226: Breathing apparatus

52:27D-227: Fact sheet transmittal

52:27D-228: Revision of list, fact sheets

52:27D-280: Short title

52:27D-281: Findings, declarations.

52:27D-282: Temporary rental or housing assistance; eligibility

52:27D-283: Alternative sources of rental assistance; priority of housing to assistance applicants

52:27D-284: Benefits not income for eligibility and tax purposes

52:27D-285: Standards of habitability for housing units

52:27D-286: Fund; appropriation; housing demonstration fund moneys

52:27D-287: Maximum lengths of terms of eligibility; conversion of loans to grants

52:27D-287a: Short title.

52:27D-287b: Findings, declarations relative to county homelessness trust funds.

52:27D-287c: Definitions relative to county homelessness trust funds.

52:27D-287d: Adoption of homeless housing plan by local government.

52:27D-287e: "County Homelessness Trust Fund."

52:27D-287f: Utilization of County Homelessness Trust Fund.

52:27D-287g: Intercounty collaboration.

52:27D-287.1: Rental assistance program for low income households, senior citizens, certain, homeless veterans.

52:27D-287.2: Regulations.

52:27D-287.3: Annual RTF allocation to fund rental assistance grants.

52:27D-287.4: Requirements for certain recipients of rental assistance grants.

52:27D-287.5: Office of Homelessness Prevention.

52:27D-287.6: Findings, declarations; "New Jersey Homelessness Prevention Task Force."

52:27D-288: Short title

52:27D-289: Findings, declarations

52:27D-290: Definitions

52:27D-291: Demonstration training and resource center

52:27D-292: Services and programs offered

52:27D-293: Purposes

52:27D-294: Coordination

52:27D-295: Description and assessment of programs

52:27D-296: Funding sources

52:27D-297: Conformity to standards

52:27D-298: Child care

52:27D-299: Expense allowance

52:27D-300: Study of child care lack

52:27D-301: Short title

52:27D-302: Findings.

52:27D-303: Declarations

52:27D-304: Definitions.

52:27D-305: Council on Affordable Housing established.

52:27D-306: Vice-chairman, executive director; other personnel

52:27D-307: Duties of council.

52:27D-307.1: Definitions

52:27D-307.2: Register of Housing Projects, requirements, reports

52:27D-307.3: Priority ratings of projects

52:27D-307.4: Reports of communications in furtherance of projects

52:27D-307.5: Rules, regulations

52:27D-307.6: Methodology for change in calculation for use on June 7, 2000 and after.

52:27D-308: Procedural rules

52:27D-309: Municipal housing element

52:27D-310: Essential components of municipality's housing element.

52:27D-310.1: Computing municipal adjustment, exclusions.

52:27D-310.2: Reservation of park land

52:27D-311: Provision of fair share by municipality.

52:27D-311a: Adaptability requirement; "new construction" defined.

52:27D-311b: Assurance of adaptability requirements; council measures.

52:27D-311.1: Demolition invalidated

52:27D-311.2: Purchase of privately owned land by municipality for fair share housing.

52:27D-311.3: Reduction, elimination of affordable housing obligation of municipality.

52:27D-312: Regional contribution agreements.

52:27D-313: Petition for substantive certification.

52:27D-313.1: Previous application for development

52:27D-314: Issuance of certification

52:27D-315: Mediation, review process

52:27D-316: Motion for transfer

52:27D-317: Presumption of validity

52:27D-318: Expiration of administrative remedy obligation

52:27D-319: Motion for relief

52:27D-320: "New Jersey Affordable Housing Trust Fund."

52:27D-320.1: Appropriation to the "New Jersey Affordable Housing Trust Fund."

52:27D-321: Affordable housing assistance.

52:27D-321.1: Allocation of low income tax credits.

52:27D-321.2: Maintenance, publishing of annual report by NJHMFA.

52:27D-322: 6-year moratorium

52:27D-324: Agency administration of controls, agreements to provide services

52:27D-325: Municipal powers

52:27D-326: Reports to Governor, Legislature

52:27D-328: Builder's remedy moratorium

52:27D-329: Prior law applicable

52:27D-329.1: Coordination, review of housing elements.

52:27D-329.2: Authorization of municipality to impose, collect development fees.

52:27D-329.3: Collection of payments-in-lieu authorized.

52:27D-329.4: Maintenance, publication of up-to-date municipal status report.

52:27D-329.5: Short title.

52:27D-329.6: Findings, declarations relative to housing rehabilitation and assistance.

52:27D-329.7: Urban Housing Assistance Program, "Urban Housing Assistance Fund"; rules, regulations.

52:27D-329.8: Annual appropriation.

52:27D-329.9: Developments, certain, in certain regional planning entities.

52:27D-329.10: Short title.

52:27D-329.11: Findings relative to strategic housing plan.

52:27D-329.12: Definitions relative to strategic housing planning.

52:27D-329.13: State Housing Commission.

52:27D-329.14: Department to provide staff services.

52:27D-329.15: Interdepartmental working group.

52:27D-329.16: Annual Strategic Housing Plan.

52:27D-329.17: Plan drafted, adopted and transmitted by commission.

52:27D-329.18: Annual Housing Performance Report.

52:27D-329.19: Senior Deputy Commissioner for Housing.

52:27D-330: Short title

52:27D-331: Findings, declarations

52:27D-332: Definitions

52:27D-333: Certificate of authority

52:27D-334: Revocation of certificates

52:27D-335: Acquisition of ownership interest

52:27D-336: Initial disclosure statement

52:27D-337: Annual disclosure statement

52:27D-338: False, misleading statements

52:27D-339: Liquid reserves

52:27D-340: Escrow account

52:27D-341: Filing of lien

52:27D-342: Release from escrow

52:27D-343: Collateral

52:27D-344: Continuing care agreement

52:27D-345: Residents' organizations; quarterly meeting.

52:27D-346: Bankruptcy proceedings

52:27D-347: Liability for damages

52:27D-348: Investigatory powers

52:27D-349: Examination of records

52:27D-350: Consumers' guide; residents' rights booklet

52:27D-351: Violations, enforcement; penalties

52:27D-352: Criminal violations

52:27D-353: Fees

52:27D-354: One year to comply

52:27D-355: Exclusion

52:27D-356: Fewer than 50 residents

52:27D-357: Continuing Care Advisory Council.

52:27D-358: Rules, regulations

52:27D-359: Health Department authority

52:27D-360: Community Affairs authority

52:27D-360.1: Short title.

52:27D-360.2: Receipt of disclosure statement, explanation by prospective resident.

52:27D-360.3: Rights of residents of community.

52:27D-360.4: Transfer, reassignment of resident.

52:27D-360.5: "Bill of Rights for Continuing Care Retirement Community Residents in Independent Living."

52:27D-360.6: Information provided to resident.

52:27D-360.7: Cancellation of agreement.

52:27D-360.8: Provision of information relative to the influenza vaccine for older adults.

52:27D-360.9: Posting of information.

52:27D-360.10: Rules, regulations.

52:27D-361: Findings, declarations

52:27D-362: Definitions

52:27D-363: Loans authorized

52:27D-364: Volunteer Emergency Service Organization Loan Fund

52:27D-365: Rules, regulations

52:27D-366: Short title

52:27D-367: Findings

52:27D-368: Determinations

52:27D-369: Definitions

52:27D-370: Neighborhood Housing Services Grant Fund

52:27D-371: Grants from fund

52:27D-372: Revolving loan fund.

52:27D-373: Qualifications for grants

52:27D-374: Limitation on grants

52:27D-375: Commissioner as member of board of directors

52:27D-376: Reduction of grants

52:27D-377: Inspections by commissioner

52:27D-378: Default

52:27D-379: Additional funding

52:27D-380: Rules, regulations

52:27D-381: Local Government Education Program

52:27D-382: Purpose

52:27D-383: Duties of commissioner

52:27D-384: Short title

52:27D-385: Findings, declarations

52:27D-386: Definitions

52:27D-387: Levels of qualifying municipalities

52:27D-388: Allocation to qualifying municipalities

52:27D-389: Formula for allocation

52:27D-390: Determination

52:27D-391: Payment

52:27D-392: Reduction in property tax level

52:27D-393: Approval of budget

52:27D-394: Appropriation

52:27D-395: Short title

52:27D-396: Findings, declarations

52:27D-397: Definitions

52:27D-398: Establishment of community action board

52:27D-399: Purposes of community action agency

52:27D-400: Goals of community action programs

52:27D-401: Powers of community action agency

52:27D-402: Assurances of present or future funding

52:27D-403: Approval of allocation of federal funds

52:27D-404: Distribution of State Funds

52:27D-405: Rules, regulations

52:27D-406: Short title

52:27D-407: Definitions.

52:27D-408: Comprehensive public awareness program; task force

52:27D-409: Report of suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation.

52:27D-410: Access for reporting abuse, neglect, exploitation; evaluation

52:27D-411: Determination of need for protective services; referrals

52:27D-412: Petition for order enjoining caretaker from interfering with provision of services

52:27D-413: Petition for authorization to provide emergency protective services; hearing

52:27D-414: Petition for order authorizing provision of protective services

52:27D-415: Permanent changes in living situation not authorized

52:27D-416: Legal action

52:27D-417: Motion for review of court order

52:27D-418: Payments

52:27D-419: Report of alleged criminal act

52:27D-420: Confidentiality of records, communications

52:27D-421: Central registry

52:27D-422: Training program

52:27D-423: Rules, regulations

52:27D-424: Annual report

52:27D-425: Nonapplicability of act

52:27D-426: Transfer of funding, programs, positions.

52:27D-427: Definitions.

52:27D-428: Certification of business firms performing lead evaluation, abatement work.

52:27D-429: Certification regulations

52:27D-430: Regulations, requirements, guidelines

52:27D-431: Enforcement by commissioner, representative

52:27D-432: Denial, suspension, conditions upon, revocation, refusal to renew certification

52:27D-433: Civil actions for injunctive relief to enforce, prevent violations

52:27D-434: Violators guilty of disorderly persons offense, corporate liability

52:27D-435: Imposition of administrative civil penalty, violation defined

52:27D-436: Regulations, requirements, guidelines

52:27D-437: Delegation of administrative, enforcement duties, functions

52:27D-437.1: Short title.

52:27D-437.2: Findings, declarations relative to lead hazard control.

52:27D-437.3: Definitions relative to lead hazard control.

52:27D-437.4: "Lead Hazard Control Assistance Fund."

52:27D-437.5: Grants, loans.

52:27D-437.6: Rules, regulations.

52:27D-437.7: Registry of loan, grant projects.

52:27D-437.8: Review of cases of immediate risk by commissioner; liability for relocation costs.

52:27D-437.9: Emergency Lead Poisoning Relocation Fund.

52:27D-437.10: Additional fee per unit inspected.

52:27D-437.11: Credit to fund of certain sales tax on paint, etc.

52:27D-437.12: Exemptions from inspection.

52:27D-437.13: Inapplicability of payment limitations.

52:27D-437.14: Report to Legislature.

52:27D-437.15: Modification of regulations concerning lead hazards.

52:27D-438: Short title.

52:27D-439: "Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Fund."

52:27D-440: Excess of net tax payments credited to fund, additional aid.

52:27D-441: Appropriation, distribution of amounts from fund, requirement; consequences of failure.

52:27D-442: Distribution of Consolidated Municipal Property Tax Relief Aid

52:27D-443: Short title.

52:27D-444: Findings, declarations relative to financial assistance to certain women's businesses.

52:27D-445: Definitions relative to financial assistance to certain women's businesses.

52:27D-446: "New Jersey Women's Micro-Business Credit Program."

52:27D-447: Use of program moneys.

52:27D-448: Certification of nonprofit community development corporation or Statewide organization.

52:27D-449: Additional powers of department.

52:27D-450: Preparation of reports on program.

52:27D-451: Rules, regulations.

52:27D-452: "Main Street New Jersey" program; duties of DCA.

52:27D-453: Rules, regulations.

52:27D-454: Assistance provided to certain municipalities.

52:27D-454.1: UEZ funding assistance included for eligibility for "Main Street New Jersey" program.

52:27D-455: Services provided to municipality selected for program.

52:27D-456: Main Street New Jersey Advisory Board.

52:27D-457: "Main Street New Jersey Program Fund."

52:27D-458: Continued provision of assistance to municipalities selected prior to law.

52:27D-459: Short title

52:27D-460: Findings, declaration relative to "Revenue Allocation District Financing Act"

52:27D-461: Definitions relative to "Revenue Allocation District Financing Act"

52:27D-462: Establishment of districts

52:27D-463: Proposed preliminary revenue allocation plan

52:27D-464: Submission of ordinance as application

52:27D-465: Written recommendations by board

52:27D-466: No alteration of established district without amending ordinance

52:27D-467: Property tax increment base for altered districts

52:27D-468: Powers, responsibilities of district agent

52:27D-469: Eligible revenues

52:27D-470: Adoption of final revenue allocation plan

52:27D-471: Submissions of final revenue allocation plan

52:27D-472: Written recommendations by board

52:27D-473: Calculation of property tax increment

52:27D-474: Deposit of pledged revenues

52:27D-475: Submission of operating budget

52:27D-476: Revenue allocation fund for district

52:27D-477: Payment of project costs; distribution of moneys

52:27D-478: Termination, dissolution of district

52:27D-479: Calculation of general tax rate.

52:27D-480: Powers of district agent following adoption of ordinance

52:27D-481: Issuance of bonds, notes

52:27D-482: Bonds, notes considered general obligations

52:27D-483: Guarantee of bonds

52:27D-484: Power of district agent to secure payment

52:27D-485: Pledge of district agent valid, binding

52:27D-486: Immunity from personal liability

52:27D-487: Establishment of reserves, funds, account

52:27D-488: Bonds exempt from taxation

52:27D-489: Severability

52:27D-489a: Short title.

52:27D-489b: Findings, declarations relative to economic stimulus.

52:27D-489c: Definitions relative to economic stimulus.

52:27D-489d: Establishment of local Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant program.

52:27D-489e: State Economic Development and Growth Grant Program.

52:27D-489f: Payment to developer from State.

52:27D-489g: Payment to developers from municipalities.

52:27D-489h: Incentive grant application form, procedure.

52:27D-489i: Certain grant agreements permitted.

52:27D-489j: Assistance to developer to enhance credit.

52:27D-489k: Agreement between developer and municipality.

52:27D-489k1: Short title.

52:27D-489k2: Definitions.

52:27D-489k3: Issuance of bonds by municipality.

52:27D-489k4: Payments continuous lien.

52:27D-489k5: Incentive grant pledge may be secured by a mortgage.

52:27D-489k6: Bonds exempt from taxation.

52:27D-489k7: Pledge, covenant, agreement by State with bondholders.

52:27D-489k8: Severability.

52:27D-489k9: Filing of bond resolution, ordinance for public inspection.

52:27D-489k10: Powers of municipality relative to local improvements.

52:27D-489k11: Municipality may undertake local improvements on behalf of a redeveloper.

52:27D-489l: Creation of municipal redevelopment utility permitted.

52:27D-489m: Certain laws inoperative, without effect relative to certain applications.

52:27D-489n: Implementation guidelines, directives, rules, regulations.

52:27D-489o: Ordinance for payment to municipal redeveloper for certain projects.

52:27D-489p: Short title.

52:27D-489q: Findings, declarations relative to the "New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013."

52:27D-489r: Definitions relative to the "New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013."

52:27D-489s: Authority of development entity.

52:27D-489t: Severability.

52:27D-490: Short title.

52:27D-491: Definitions relative to the "Neighborhood Revitalization State Tax Credit Act."

52:27D-492: Eligibility of business entity for certificate for neighborhood revitalization State tax credits.

52:27D-493: Neighborhood preservation and revitalization plan required for eligibility.

52:27D-494: Approval of plan by department; standards.

52:27D-495: Project proposed by nonprofit organization, determination as to qualification.

52:27D-495.1: Microenterprise programs, certain, emphasis on project applications.

52:27D-496: Issuance of certificate.

52:27D-497: Monitoring of projects carried out by nonprofit organizations.

52:27D-498: Establishment of forms, procedures, rules; annual report to Governor, Legislature.

52:27D-499: Copy of certificate to taxpayers of the entity.

52:27D-500: Neighborhood Revitalization Non-lapsing Trust Fund.

52:27D-501: Findings, declarations relative to municipal consolidation and efficiency.

52:27D-502: "Commission," "local unit" defined.

52:27D-503: "Local Unit Alignment, Reorganization, and Consolidation Commission."

52:27D-504: Organization of commission, executive director and staff, meetings.

52:27D-505: Duties of commission.

52:27D-506: Local entities to cooperate with commission.

52:27D-507: Annual report to Governor, Legislature; consolidation proposals.

52:27D-508: Recommendations put before voters; adoption.

52:27D-509: Short title.

52:27D-510: Definitions relative to propane gas service contracts.

52:27D-511: Rules, regulations; information provided to customers, required contents.

52:27D-512: Violations, penalties.

52:27D-513: Severability.

52:27D-514: Board of Landscape Irrigation Contractors, continued, transferred to DCI.

52:27D-515: Provisions of C.52:14D-1 et seq. applicable.

52:27D-516: Short title.

52:27D-517: Definitions relative to housing for certain veterans.

52:27D-518: Pilot program.

52:27D-519: Rules, regulations.