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Chapter: 27F -

52:27F-3: Definitions

52:27F-4.1: Department of Energy abolished

52:27F-4.2: Termination of offices

52:27F-11: Division of energy planning and conservation; powers of BPU.

52:27F-14: Energy Master Plan Committee

52:27F-15: Intervention in proceedings of state instrumentalities which regulate energy producers or distributors; notice; guidelines for energy master plan; sit

52:27F-16: Emergency allocation plan in event of impending shortage of energy

52:27F-16.1: Legislative findings and declarations

52:27F-16.2: Energy emergency preparedness; report

52:27F-16.3: Review and evaluation of state programs and policies; hearings

52:27F-17: State of energy emergency; proclamation by executive order of governor; powers of commissioner; review of order; termination

52:27F-18: Periodic reports by energy industries; rules and regulations; analysis by commissioner; report; disclosure of information; hearings

52:27F-20: Subpenas; power to issue; enforcement

52:27F-21: Violations; injunctions; penalties; compromise and settlement of claim for penalty

52:27F-23: Unauthorized disclosure of confidential energy information

52:27F-24: Violations; penalties; suspension or revocation of license; collection of penalties

52:27F-31: Severability

52:27F-32: Liberal construction of act