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Chapter: 27G - Legislative findings and declarations

52:27G-1: Legislative findings and declarations

52:27G-2: Definitions.

52:27G-3: Ombudsperson for the Institutionalized Elderly.

52:27G-4: Ombudsperson, qualifications, appointment.

52:27G-5: Duties and powers

52:27G-5.1: Office of the Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly, duties

52:27G-6: Objective of office of ombudsman

52:27G-7: Complaints; eliciting, receiving, processing, responding to and resolving; disposition

52:27G-7.1: Report of suspected abuse

52:27G-7.2: Investigation by ombudsman.

52:27G-7.3: Preparation, distribution of consent form for release of reports.

52:27G-8: Investigations

52:27G-8.1: Registry of reports

52:27G-9: Duties, recommendations and annual report of office

52:27G-10: Volunteers and volunteer programs; councils or other forums for discussion on development and use of facilities

52:27G-11: Patients, residents or clients; communications with office; written notice about office; informing about rights and entitlements

52:27G-12: Cooperation and assistance from government agencies

52:27G-13: Confidentiality of information; exceptions; violations; penalty; privileged communications

52:27G-14: No reprisals

52:27G-15: Review of office by legislature

52:27G-16: Severability

52:27G-20: Short title

52:27G-21: Findings, declarations

52:27G-22: Definitions

52:27G-23: Office of the Public Guardian for Elderly Adults.

52:27G-24: Appointment of public guardian

52:27G-25: Public guardian as administrator and chief executive officer; powers and duties

52:27G-25.1: Office of the Public Guardian for Elderly Adults, duties

52:27G-26: Eligibility for services; petition for appointment by person with responsibility for eligible elderly person; limitation of powers in order

52:27G-27: Administrative costs, commissions and fees of public guardian's services and costs of appointment procedure

52:27G-27.1: Lien on estate of elderly person for services of public guardian

52:27G-28: Consideration of ward's beliefs

52:27G-29: Grants of authority

52:27G-29.1: Maximum caseload

52:27G-30: Discharge by court; petition

52:27G-31: Cost, fee waiver permitted

52:27G-32: Findings, declarations relative to elderly, incapacitated adults.

52:27G-33: Requirements for service as guardian.

52:27G-34: Ineligiblity for registration as professional guardian.

52:27G-35: Existing agreements, void, exceptions.

52:27G-36: Application, annual registration fees.

52:27G-37: Criminal background checks for professional guardians.

52:27G-38: Information provided for background checks.

52:27G-39: Applicant to assume cost of background checks.

52:27G-40: Statewide registry of registered professional guardians; information included.

52:27G-41: Suspension, revocation of registration as professional guardian.

52:27G-42: Registered Professional Guardian Fund.

52:27G-43: Rules, regulations, Rules of Court.