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Chapter: 27H -

52:27H-1: Short title

52:27H-2: Findings, determinations; declarations

52:27H-3: Definitions

52:27H-4: Department of Commerce, Energy and Economic Development

52:27H-5: Commissioner

52:27H-6: Duties and powers

52:27H-6.1: Functions, powers, duties continued and transferred

52:27H-7: Deputy commissioner; appointment; powers, functions and duties; qualifications

52:27H-8: Responsibility for support and development of business and industry, and research, statistics and business information service

52:27H-9: Economic development council; transfer to department; members; continuance in office; duties; advisory committees

52:27H-10: Division of economic development in department of labor and industry; abolishment; transfer of employees to division of economic development in depart

52:27H-12: New Jersey economic development authority in department of labor and industry with its functions, powers and duties to department

52:27H-13: South Jersey Port Corporation; continuance and transfer from department of labor and industry to department

52:27H-14: New Jersey motion picture and television development commission in department of labor and industry; continuance and transfer to department

52:27H-15: Division of travel and tourism in department of labor and industry; continuance and transfer to department

52:27H-16: Office for promoting technical innovation in department of labor and industry; continuance and transfer to department

52:27H-17: Establishment of office of economic research, division of economic development and division of international trade

52:27H-18: Office of economic research; powers and duties; economic development research activity in office of economic research in division of planning and rese

52:27H-19: Office of economic research; director; qualifications; appointment; terms; duties

52:27H-20: Division of Economic Development; powers and duties

52:27H-20.1: Division of Energy Planning and Conservation

52:27H-20.2: Advisory Council on Energy Planning and Conservation

52:27H-21: Division of economic development; director; qualifications; appointment; term; duties

52:27H-21.7: Findings, declarations

52:27H-21.8: Definitions

52:27H-21.9: Division of Development for Small Businesses and Women's and Minority Businesses

52:27H-21.11: Powers of division.

52:27H-21.12: Fees

52:27H-21.13: Advertising, promotional campaigns

52:27H-21.14: Assistance

52:27H-21.14a: Toll-free telephone information line providing assistance to small businesses

52:27H-21.15: Rules, regulations

52:27H-21.16: Functions transferred

52:27H-21.17: Findings, declarations

52:27H-21.18: Definitions.

52:27H-21.19: Certification by division

52:27H-21.20: Procedure for certification

52:27H-21.21: Precedence to federal certification procedure

52:27H-21.22: Determining eligibility.

52:27H-21.22a: Application for recertification for first-time applicant.

52:27H-21.22b: Application for recertification every five years; required.

52:27H-21.22c: Supplying false information, fourth degree crime.

52:27H-21.23: Annual report

52:27H-21.24: Rules, regulations

52:27H-21.25: Findings, declarations

52:27H-21.26: Definitions

52:27H-21.27: Application for financial assistance grants

52:27H-21.28: Report on pilot programs

52:27H-21.29: Rules, regulations.

52:27H-22: Division of international trade; duties; director

52:27H-22.1: Findings, determinations

52:27H-22.2: Duties of Division of International Trade

52:27H-22.2a: New Jersey State Trade Office in Asia

52:27H-22.2b: Purpose

52:27H-22.2c: Report

52:27H-22.4: Findings, declarations

52:27H-22.5: Office for Sister State Relations

52:27H-22.6: Annual reports

52:27H-22.7: Findings, declarations relative to export trade

52:27H-22.8: Definitions relative to export trade

52:27H-22.9: Voluntary certification program established

52:27H-22.10: Qualifications of corporations, reviewed by commissioner

52:27H-22.11: Fees

52:27H-22.12: Certification qualifications

52:27H-22.13: List of certified export trading corporations

52:27H-22.14: Providing information to New Jersey businesses

52:27H-23: Utilization of consolidated statistical services and data processing facilities

52:27H-24: Report to legislature and Governor

52:27H-25: Review of operations, personnel and staff organization transferred to department

52:27H-26: Transfers in accordance with State Agency Transfer Act

52:27H-27: Appropriation from unemployment compensation auxiliary fund

52:27H-28: Supersedure of inconsistent acts

52:27H-29: Findings, declarations.

52:27H-30: Short title.

52:27H-31: "Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority."

52:27H-31.1: Short title.

52:27H-31.2: Definitions used in C.52:27H-29 et seq.

52:27H-32: Membership; appointment.

52:27H-33: Members; removal; vacancies; oaths; record; expenses; inapplicability of conflicts of interest law

52:27H-34: Quorum; officers; president.

52:27H-35: Dissolution

52:27H-36: Minutes of meetings

52:27H-37: Authority's powers relative to convention center project.

52:27H-40: Additional powers.

52:27H-41.1: Power of authority relative to issuance of bonds, notes.

52:27H-41.2: Covenants, contracts between authority, holders of bonds, notes.

52:27H-41.3: Pledge by authority valid, binding.

52:27H-41.4: Establishment of reserves, funds, accounts.

52:27H-41.5: Covenant between State, holders of bonds, notes.

52:27H-41.6: Immunity from liability.

52:27H-41.7: Investment permitted.

52:27H-41.8: Proceeds deemed trust funds.

52:27H-41.9: Powers of convention authority.

52:27H-41.10: Pledge, covenant between State, holders of bonds, refunding bonds.

52:27H-41.11: Annual payment to convention authority.

52:27H-41.12: Authority to enter into contracts to implement payment arrangement.

52:27H-41.13: Deposit, use of luxury tax revenues.

52:27H-42: Annual budget.

52:27H-44: Annual report; operating and financial statement; audit.

52:27H-44.1: Certification of transfer.

52:27H-60: Short title

52:27H-61: Legislative findings, determinations.

52:27H-62: Definitions.

52:27H-63: New Jersey Enterprise Zone Authority.

52:27H-64: Authority allocated to Commerce and Economic Development

52:27H-65: Duties

52:27H-65.1: Preparation of fiscal impact study

52:27H-66: Designation of enterprise zones.

52:27H-66.1: Additional zones authorized.

52:27H-66.2: "UEZ-impacted business district."

52:27H-66.3: Application for classification of UEZ-impacted business district.

52:27H-66.4: UEZ-impacted business district, tax exemption for qualified businesses.

52:27H-66.5: Review of designation as UEZ-impacted business district.

52:27H-66.6: Extension of designation, certain circumstances.

52:27H-66.6a: UEZ reimbursed for municipal account moneys

52:27H-66.7: Designation of three additional zones

52:27H-67: Municipal zone development corporations, maintenance of Internet website, webpage; contents.

52:27H-68: Preliminary zone development plan

52:27H-69: Areas eligible for designation

52:27H-69.1: Intermunicipal zone limitation

52:27H-70: First two enterprise zones; criteria for designation

52:27H-71: Criteria for qualification of businesses and designation of enterprise zones; regulations to modify, replace or supplement

52:27H-72: Designation of eligible areas as enterprise zones; zone development plans with preference

52:27H-73: Application for designation; grant or denial; adoption of ordinance of acceptance

52:27H-74: Benefits available to qualified business

52:27H-75: Award schedule

52:27H-76: Corporation business tax exemption

52:27H-77: Carry-forward permitted

52:27H-78: Tax credit

52:27H-79: Sales tax procedure relative to sales to enterprise zone business; definition; refunds.

52:27H-80: Sales tax exemption for retail sales.

52:27H-80.1: Extension of provisions

52:27H-80.2: 2 or more contiguous municipalities

52:27H-81: Rules, regulations

52:27H-82: Local development financing fund assistance; priority to project in municipality with enterprise zone

52:27H-83: Skill training programs; delivery

52:27H-84: Regulations of municipality or state agency; exemption of enterprise zones

52:27H-85: Review of state regulations by authority

52:27H-86: Eligibility for incentives.

52:27H-87: Qualified business recipient of benefits; annual certification

52:27H-87.1: Exemption for some retail sales of energy and utility service.

52:27H-88: Enterprise zone assistance fund.

52:27H-90: Legislative findings and declarations

52:27H-91: Commissioner defined

52:27H-92: Short title

52:27H-93: Employee stock ownership plans; dissemination of information

52:27H-94: Advice upon request to employer or employee groups

52:27H-95: Closure or pending closure of facility in municipality suffering significant economic distress; grant of funds analysis and study

52:27H-96: Review and evaluation; assistance in purchase of business by employee stock ownership trust

52:27H-97: Annual report