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Chapter: 27I - Additional powers of authority.

52:27I-8.1: Additional powers of authority.

52:27I-8.2: Actions required prior to submission of plan for closure of Fort Monmouth.

52:27I-9: Prevailing wage requirements.

52:27I-14: Preparation of comprehensive conversion and revitalization plan for Fort Monmouth.

52:27I-17: Submission of adopted plan to federal agencies.

52:27I-18: Short title.

52:27I-19: Findings, declarations relative to Fort Monmouth economic revitalization.

52:27I-20: Definitions relative to Fort Monmouth economic revitalization.

52:27I-21: Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority.

52:27I-22: Powers, rights, assets, duties assumed by authority.

52:27I-23: Office established in the EDA.

52:27I-24: Purpose of authority.

52:27I-25: Members, appointment, terms.

52:27I-26: Powers of authority.

52:27I-27: Appointment of committees.

52:27I-28: Cooperation with State departments, agencies.

52:27I-29: Property exempt from levy, sale.

52:27I-30: Taxes, assessments, payment not required; payments in lieu of taxes.

52:27I-31: Prevailing wage rate.

52:27I-32: Awarding of purchases, contracts, agreements.

52:27I-33: Designated redeveloper.

52:27I-34: Development and design guidelines, land use regulations; variances.

52:27I-35: Adoption of amendment to plan.

52:27I-36: Procedure relative to changing location of public highway, public utility facility.

52:27I-37: Business plan.

52:27I-38: Redevelopment agreement.

52:27I-39: Fort Monmouth special improvement district.

52:27I-40: Fort Monmouth Transportation Planning District.

52:27I-41: Creation of infrastructure district.