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Chapter: 28 - Preamble

52:28-1: Preamble

52:28-2: Location of boundary line

52:28-3: Islands subject to New York

52:28-4: Hudson river and bay of New York

52:28-5: Kill von Kull

52:28-6: Sound between Staten island and New Jersey; Raritan bay

52:28-7: Process of New Jersey

52:28-8: Process of New York

52:28-9: When agreement binding

52:28-10: Agreement confirmed by New Jersey

52:28-11: Preamble

52:28-12: Location of boundary line

52:28-13: Monumental marks of boundary line

52:28-14: Permanent and authentic record of boundary line

52:28-15: Agreement binding when confirmed by legislatures of both states and by congress

52:28-16: Agreement ratified by New Jersey

52:28-17: Preamble

52:28-18: From Great Beds lighthouse north

52:28-19: From Great Beds lighthouse south

52:28-20: Monumental marks of boundary line

52:28-21: Maps to furnish authentic records of boundary line

52:28-22: Agreement ratified by state of New Jersey

52:28-23: Preamble

52:28-24: Delaware river a common highway

52:28-25: Jurisdiction over Delaware river

52:28-26: Annexation of islands

52:28-27: When agreement binding

52:28-28: Agreement ratified

52:28-29: Preamble

52:28-30: Division of islands between states

52:28-31: Islands subsequently formed

52:28-32: Agreement ratified

52:28-33: Jurisdiction of offenses committed on the river Delaware

52:28-34: Preamble

52:28-35: Serving criminal process issued by New Jersey

52:28-36: Serving criminal process issued by Delaware

52:28-37: Common fishing rights

52:28-38: Joint commission to draft laws relative to fishing and ascertain dividing line

52:28-39: Continuance of existing laws

52:28-40: Shellfish industry not affected

52:28-41: Riparian jurisdiction

52:28-42: Rights in Delaware river preserved

52:28-43: Execution of agreement and submission to congress; suit discontinued

52:28-44: Compact ratified

52:28-45: Governor to transmit copy to the president

52:28-46: Appointment of commissioners to enter into agreement respecting boundary and jurisdiction