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Chapter: 31 - Sale, conveyance of State's interest; terms; conditions; public hearing; proceeds

52:31-1.1: Sale, conveyance of State's interest; terms; conditions; public hearing; proceeds

52:31-1.1a: Advertisement for bids for contracting with State entity for display of advertisement.

52:31-1.2: Signing deed or grant; certification of terms and conditions; attestation

52:31-1.3: Application, construction of act

52:31-1.3a: Approval of State House Commission required for sale, conveyance of real property; exceptions

52:31-1.3b: Fund for proceeds from sale of certain State-owned real property; uses restricted.

52:31-1.4: Right of first refusal

52:31-1.5: Repurchase at fair market value

52:31-1.6: Findings, declarations

52:31-1.7: Master plan; submission, updating

52:31-1.8: Notification to municipality of State's determination to sell, convey interest in real property

52:31-2: State insurance fund; payment into general state fund; sale of securities

52:31-5: Disposition of moneys received by state agencies from insurance

52:31-8: Claims barred; proceeds of sale covered in treasury

52:31-12: Products of labor of inmates of institutions excepted

52:31-13: Vehicles required to be marked

52:31-14: Application of article; vehicles excepted

52:31-15: Using vehicle not marked; misdemeanor

52:31-23: Residential housing management board; members; employees

52:31-24: Responsibility for management of state-owned residential housing and establishment of housing program; jurisdiction of housing for state employees; ex

52:31-25: Policies to be established

52:31-26: Annual survey and continuous inventory of housing units; notice to board of change in status of unit or occupant

52:31-27: Establishment and annual review of schedule of rental rates, utility charges and maintenance fee

52:31-28: Sale of unneeded housing unit located off grounds of state institution or facility

52:31-29: Reduction or waiver of rental rate, utility charge or maintenance fee; application; grounds

52:31-30: Subletting or permitting additional persons; prohibition; ineligibility to be tenant; vacation of premises

52:31-31: Discrimination in rental; prohibition

52:31-32: Housing advisory committee

52:31-33: Residential property management fund

52:31-34: Short title

52:31-35: Findings

52:31-36: Definitions

52:31-37: State Capitol Joint Management Commission established

52:31-38: Organization of commission

52:31-39: Duties of commission

52:31-40: Commission may enter into agreements

52:31-41: Approval required for alteration of completed project

52:31-42: Acceptance of gifts permitted

52:31-43: Necessary appropriations