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Chapter: 32 - American goods and products to be used in state work

52:32-1: American goods and products to be used in state work

52:32-1a: U.S., State flags, U.S. manufacture; required.

52:32-1.3: "Public contract" defined

52:32-1.4: Retaliatory discrimination

52:32-1.5: Rules, regulations

52:32-1.6: Review, modification of bid, product specifications relative to "Jersey Fresh," "Jersey Grown," "Made with Jersey Fresh" products or commodities; enha

52:32-2: Separate plans, specifications for alteration, repair of public buildings.

52:32-2.1: Public building construction projects

52:32-2.2: Historic buildings designated for purposes of special public contracts

52:32-2.3: Correctional facilities

52:32-3: Building plans and specifications to be authenticated before filing

52:32-4: Facilities for physically handicapped; new or remodeled public buildings

52:32-5: Regulations relative to access for physically handicapped.

52:32-5.1: Use of stroller in public buildings; conditions

52:32-5.2: Display of advertisement, public bidding required.

52:32-5.3: Definitions relative to energy savings for construction of certain State buildings.

52:32-5.4: Standards for certain energy savings for new State buildings.

52:32-6: Definitions.

52:32-7: Administration and enforcement

52:32-8: Exceptions from specific requirements

52:32-9: Limitation on exceptions

52:32-10: Certificate of use or occupancy; issuance; compliance with requirements for physically handicapped

52:32-11: Parking facilities; spaces for handicapped persons

52:32-12: Parking spaces for physically handicapped; guidelines

52:32-13: Enforcement

52:32-14: Sidewalks; construction or reconstruction for use by physically handicapped

52:32-15: Standards established for accommodation of disabled persons.

52:32-16: Access facilities; nonapplication of act

52:32-17: Short title

52:32-18: Declaration; finding

52:32-18.1: Chief Diversity Officer.

52:32-19: Definitions

52:32-20: Set-aside contracts

52:32-21: Goals

52:32-22: Dispute over designation

52:32-22.1: Minority, women's business set-asides; compliance, calculation

52:32-23: Advertisement for bids

52:32-23.1: Operation, continued development of Selective Assistance Vendor Information database

52:32-24: Lists of designated businesses

52:32-25: Bidding restricted

52:32-26: Set-aside cancellation

52:32-27: Annual report

52:32-28: Plan for achieving goals

52:32-29: Consultation

52:32-30: Penalty for incorrect information

52:32-31: Regulations

52:32-31.1: Short title.

52:32-31.2: Definitions relative to certain contracts as set-asides for businesses owned, operated by disabled veterans.

52:32-31.3: Disabled veterans' business set-aside program.

52:32-31.4: Designation, withdrawal as disabled veterans' business set-aside contract.

52:32-31.5: Goals established.

52:32-31.6: Determinations relative to disputes.

52:32-31.7: Advertisement to indicate invitation to bid as a set-aside.

52:32-31.8: Regulations, procedures; hearings.

52:32-31.9: Confining of invitations for bids.

52:32-31.10: Actions permitted by contracting agency.

52:32-31.11: Annual report to department.

52:32-31.12: Consultations.

52:32-31.13: Consultations.

52:32-31.14: Determination of classification due to false information.

52:32-32: Short title

52:32-33: Definitions

52:32-33.1: State contractors encouraged to disseminate information relative to organ donation.

52:32-34: Interest payments due

52:32-35: Payment of interest, period, rate

52:32-36: Rules, regulations

52:32-36.1: Nonapplicability to certain programs

52:32-37: Interest payments waived; conditions

52:32-38: Report on interest payments

52:32-39: Accrual of prejudgment interest not permitted

52:32-39.1: Payment of interest by independent State authority; definitions.

52:32-40: Definitions

52:32-41: Construction contracts, timely payment to subs and suppliers, procedure

52:32-42: Bond regulations; definitions

52:32-43: Bond amount percentage; definitions

52:32-44: Definitions relative to registration of certain businesses; registration requirements.

52:32-44.1: Debarment of certain persons from contracting for public work; definitions.

52:32-45: Preference in contracts for wood, paper products derived from sustainably managed forests, procurement systems.

52:32-46: Procedures conduct; rules, regulations.

52:32-47: Business ethics guide posted on Internet site.

52:32-48: Qualified minority, women-owned financial institutions, service as senior managing underwriters, certain transactions; report; definitions.

52:32-49: Short title.

52:32-50: Definitions relative to businesses owned, operated by veterans.

52:32-51: Participation encouraged.

52:32-52: Goal for contracts awarded to businesses owned, operated by veterans.

52:32-53: Annual report to department.

52:32-54: Regular consultations with vendor community.

52:32-55: Findings, declarations relative to certain public contracts.

52:32-56: Definitions relative to certain public contracts.

52:32-57: Certain persons, entities prohibited from bidding on certain public contracts, maintenance of list.

52:32-58: Certification required.

52:32-59: False certification, penalties.

52:32-60: Written notice to Attorney General.

52:32-61: Use by State departments, agencies.