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Chapter: 34 - Purchases or contracts payable out of state funds; public advertisements for bids

52:34-6: Purchases or contracts payable out of state funds; public advertisements for bids

52:34-6.1: Purchase of goods, services from Federal Supply Schedules for State agencies, federal procurement programs.

52:34-6.2: Cooperative purchasing agreements with other states for purchase of goods, services; rules, regulations.

52:34-6.3: Purchase of goods, services by certain State authorities from Federal Supply Schedules.

52:34-6.4: State required to purchase "Energy Star" products; exceptions.

52:34-6.5: Replacement of incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs in State-owned buildings.

52:34-6.6: Findings, declarations relative to biofuels.

52:34-6.7: Definitions relative to biofuels.

52:34-6.8: State agencies to consider use of biofuels.

52:34-7: State bid advertising thresholds.

52:34-7.1: Adjustment by Governor

52:34-8: Advertisement unnecessary where amounts exceed those in s. 52:34-7

52:34-9: Subject matter making advertising unnecessary under s. 52:34-8

52:34-9.1: Policy on certain State contracts for professional services.

52:34-9.2: Definitions relative to contracting for certain professional services by State agencies.

52:34-9.3: Filing of current statement of qualifications, supporting data with agency; fee.

52:34-9.4: Public advertisement for proposals required.

52:34-9.5: Filing of current statement of qualifications, supporting data necessary for awarding of contract, agreement.

52:34-9.6: Submission of fee proposal.

52:34-9.7: Applicability of act restricted to contracts for services in excess of $25,000; use of other procurement processes.

52:34-10: Circumstances under which advertising is unnecessary under s. 52:34-8

52:34-10.1: Communications with bidders limited; records.

52:34-10.2: Issuance of notice on Internet.

52:34-10.3: Regulations relative to evaluation committee.

52:34-10.4: Regulations for contract oversight and performance; complaint resolution.

52:34-10.5: Periodic report on value of goods and services purchased.

52:34-10.6: Purchase of equipment, goods or services related to homeland security, domestic preparedness.

52:34-10.7: Responsibilities of State Contract Manager for a contract.

52:34-10.8: Contracts for professional services.

52:34-10.9: Filing of disclosure statement of State officers or employees.

52:34-10.10: Investigation of vendor challenges.

52:34-10.11: "State agency" defined, adoption of procurement practices by Judicial branch, legislative branch.

52:34-11: Notice to State Auditor

52:34-12: State advertisement for bids.

52:34-12.1: Awarding of contracts to multiple bidders.

52:34-12.2: State contracts to comply with MacBride principles and Northern Ireland Act of 1989

52:34-13: Terms and conditions; rules and regulations

52:34-13.1: Renegotiation of contract with State or independent State authority

52:34-13.2: State contracts, services performed within U.S.; exceptions.

52:34-14: State House Commission contracts

52:34-15: Warranty by contractor of no solicitation on commission or contingent fee basis

52:34-16: Deputy Director of Division of Purchase and Property

52:34-17: Contracts for printing of legal briefs, records and appendices

52:34-18: Violations; crime.

52:34-19: Payment of compensation or gratuity to State employee prohibited

52:34-20: Repeal

52:34-21: Legislative findings

52:34-22: Survey of items required by state which are manufactured out of recycled materials; report

52:34-23: Preference in purchase by state of items which are made from recycled materials

52:34-24: Advertisements for bids; statement of preference for recycled materials

52:34-25: Implementation of energy savings improvement program by State contracting agency; definitions.

52:34-25.1: State contracting agency, competitive selection process.

52:34-26: Definitions relative to State partnerships with private entities.