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Chapter: 4B -

52:4B-1: Short title

52:4B-2: Definitions.

52:4B-3.2: Victims of Crime Compensation Agency; executive director; review board.

52:4B-3.3: Violent Crimes Compensation Board abolished.

52:4B-3.4: Victims of Crime Compensation Review Board, members, terms, no compensation.

52:4B-5: Employment of experts, assistants and employees.

52:4B-5.1: Access to criminal history records.

52:4B-6: Principal office; place of conduct of affairs.

52:4B-7: Hearings by review board.

52:4B-8: Attorney fees and costs.

52:4B-8.1: Development of an informational tracking system.

52:4B-9: Rules and regulations; determination of compensation.

52:4B-10: Persons entitled to compensation; order.

52:4B-10.1: Emergency award.

52:4B-10.2: Additional compensation.

52:4B-11: Victim compensation.

52:4B-12: Losses or expenses reimbursable.

52:4B-12.1: Payment for relocation of certain witnesses of crimes.

52:4B-13: Directory of impartial medical experts.

52:4B-18: Compensation for criminal injuries; statute of limitation on claims.

52:4B-18.1: Increased compensation; applicability.

52:4B-18.2: Supplemental awards for rehabilitative assistance to certain crime victims.

52:4B-19: Determination of amount of compensation.

52:4B-20: Subrogation of agency to cause of action of victim against person responsible for personal injury or death; liens.

52:4B-21: Severability.

52:4B-22: Information booklets, pamphlets.

52:4B-23: Failure to give notice; immunity from liability; nonalteration of requirements.

52:4B-24: Senior citizens' public awareness program.

52:4B-25: Victim counseling service.

52:4B-25.1: Child and family counseling unit.

52:4B-25.2: Payment for certain victim counseling services.

52:4B-25.3: Rules, regulations.

52:4B-34: Short title

52:4B-35: Findings, declarations

52:4B-36: Findings, declarations relative to rights of crime victims, witnesses.

52:4B-36.1: Rights of victim's survivor relative to a homicide prosecution.

52:4B-36.2: Crime victims not required to pay certain costs.

52:4B-37: "Victim" defined.

52:4B-38: "Tort Claims Act" rights

52:4B-39: Definitions.

52:4B-40: Office of Victim-Witness Assistance.

52:4B-40.1: Director of the Office of Victim-Witness Assistance.

52:4B-42: Victim-witness rights information program.

52:4B-43: Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy

52:4B-43.1: Continuation of The Victim and Witness Advocacy Fund

52:4B-43.2: "Sex Crime Victim Treatment Fund."

52:4B-44: Standards for law enforcement agencies to ensure rights of crime victims.

52:4B-44.1: Establishment of standard protocols for provision of information and services to victims of human trafficking, minors charged with prostitution.

52:4B-44.2: Law enforcement training concerning needs of crime victims.

52:4B-45: County victim-witness coordinators

52:4B-46: Coordination with law enforcement agencies

52:4B-47: Training

52:4B-48: Criminal Justice assistance

52:4B-49: Annual reports

52:4B-50: Findings, declarations relative to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program.

52:4B-51: Statewide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program.

52:4B-52: Duties of program coordinator; "rape care advocate" defined.

52:4B-53: Certification process for forensic sexual assault nurse examiners; qualifications.

52:4B-54: Sexual Assault Response Team in each county.

52:4B-54.1: Sexual assault training course for law enforcement officers.

52:4B-55: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Coordinating Council.

52:4B-56: Sexual assault unit within Department of Law and Public Safety.

52:4B-57: Immunity from liability for authorized forensic sexual assault examinations.

52:4B-58: Continuation of existing program.

52:4B-59: "Statewide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Fund."

52:4B-60: Rules, regulations, guidelines.

52:4B-60.1: Short title.

52:4B-60.2: Findings, declarations relative to the rights of victims of sexual violence.

52:4B-60.3: Publication of notice of rights on Internet website, posting at certain locations.

52:4B-61: Findings, declarations relative to profits related to crime

52:4B-62: Definitions relative to profits related to crime

52:4B-63: Requirement for written notice of payment to board

52:4B-64: Crime victim right to bring civil action for damages; statute of limitations

52:4B-65: Notice of filing of action to board

52:4B-66: Actions of board upon receipt of notice from crime victim

52:4B-67: Provisional remedies available to board, plaintiff

52:4B-68: Failure to give notice of payment; notice of hearing, proceedings; findings, penalties

52:4B-69: Cause of action by crime victim for enhanced value of memorabilia gained from crime

52:4B-70: Severability

52:4B-71: Automatic notification system relative to offender release, relocation.

52:4B-72: Establishment of family justice centers.

52:4B-73: Availability of services.

52:4B-74: Consultation, development of policies and procedures.

52:4B-75: Compliance with privacy laws.

52:4B-76: Authorization to share certain information.