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Chapter: 9H - Budget message; recommendations for appropriations

52:9H-1: Budget message; recommendations for appropriations

52:9H-2: State revenues, payment into General State Fund; uncommitted balances; lapses

52:9H-2.1: "Long Term Obligation and Capital Expenditure Fund"; funding; uses.

52:9H-3: General appropriation law

52:9H-4: Payment out of dedicated funds unaffected

52:9H-14: Surplus Revenue Fund

52:9H-15: "Anticipated revenue" defined

52:9H-16: Determination of amount to be credited to fund

52:9H-17: Estimate of credit to Surplus Revenue Fund

52:9H-18: Restriction on appropriation of balances in Surplus Revenue Fund

52:9H-19: Use of balances for meeting costs of emergency

52:9H-20: Revenue decline

52:9H-21: Appropriation of excess

52:9H-22: Purposes for appropriation

52:9H-23: Limitation

52:9H-24: Short title

52:9H-25: Definitions

52:9H-26: Formula for determination of maximum appropriations

52:9H-27: Transfer, assumption of functions or service; adjustment to formula

52:9H-28: Exceeding maximum appropriations; permitted

52:9H-29: Maximum appropriations not required

52:9H-30: Governor's budget message; request for appropriation

52:9H-38: "Corporation Business Tax Excess Revenue Fund."

52:9H-39: "New Jersey Tax and Fiscal Policy Study Commission"; membership.

52:9H-40: Duties of commission.

52:9H-41: Executive director, staff, availability of services.

52:9H-42: Report on tax levy caps to Governor, Legislature.